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Great Indian Restaurant Festival 2017- The Alfresco Tyrst

Before I begin, let me tell you that I've been dying to write this account...not just because I had a memorable dining experience at one of my favorite restaurants in the city, but I also wanted to share some instances on how a good meal can create (or at times recreate) certain indelible associations. I'm not sure whether there's an under-lying connection between the set of events but then every-time I visit the Alfresco, the Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata, I experience something very unique; it goes without saying that the experiences have been quite pleasant. I attended my first client meeting on behalf of Calcutta Instagrammers at Alfresco; we were just about a couple of months old and it needed something exceptionally special to convince a very reputed brand to get us on-board for prestigious project. Honestly speaking, the meeting could have turned out to be pretty ordinary had the discussion not diverted to "food", "good food", "great food" and "delightful Bengali food". Although we didn't manage to "win" that particular project but ended up building a great relationship with the brand....and of course worked with them for 3 subsequent campaigns. 
On my second visit to Alfresco in the first half of 2016, I over-heard a lovely little conversation that marked a new beginning; "they" were on the verge of reviving "their" broken marriage over a 'divine' Bengali platter. What a lovely moment indeed. And of course, if you are a full-time working professional, the prospect of taking your family out for a brunch on a lazy Sunday afternoon is enticing enough. And the best part is, now, you can temporarily stop worrying about the PPQ (Pocket Pinching Quotient) since the Great Indian Restaurant Festival (GIRF) by Dine-out is here to blot out your perennial concerns. 
"How much bonus are you expecting this year?"- Le Corporate 1 investigates.
"How does that concern you?"- Le Corporate 2 snaps.
"Yaar !! That would help in pre-booking your gala treat at an affordable eatery. We understand how costly it is these days...."- Now that made a lot of sense. Infact, I would compliment my colleague for being so considerate...and I guess, the idea of treating them at the Alfresco during Great Indian Restaurant Festival (GIRF) was a great idea. Availing an exclusive offer of 50% discount on Lunch buffet, that too on a weekend is indeed a pretty lucrative offer. When a Consultant certifies this, you gotta believe it :D

GIRF 2017 Offers home-page- You can view the city-specific offers by visiting
As a part of GIRF, you can avail 5 broad categories of discounts across multiple restaurants: 50% off Food, 50% off Buffets, Special Deals (specially curated menus), 50% off Alcoholic Beverages and 50% Off Valentine’s Day Packages. And of course, these are pre-paid deals and the customer doesn't need to pay any additional amount at the restaurant; this again has a two-fold advantage: i. You are not required to carry cash alongside (say "Bye" to the demonetization woes) ii. I have been experiencing issues even while resorting to Credit/Debit Card payments at restaurants because of frequent link failures. This could be a boon in such cases.

GIRF 2017 Offers Deals Page- You can view the existing offers by navigate through the website

GIRF 2017 Deals Confirmation Page- Reviewing the deal that I availed- Alfresco
The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata
Alright then, now that we have discussed about the possibilities, let's take a look at the illustrious spread on-offer at the Alfresco; I know that you guys have been waiting to see the photographs and of course, try and gauge the GQ (Gratification Quotient) in the process.
I might sound biased, but I love the interiors of Lalit, Kolkata primarily because of unadulterated love for heritage; Lalit, however is a fantastic juxtaposition of the "Past" and the "Present". It's almost like a Vintage property (it is effectively, one of the very oldest hotels in the city) that has been revamped and "synthesized" to "symphonize" with the present. Also, very importantly, as a photographer, I love the light inside Alfresco- the bright white-walls in day-light helps food photography immensely.

Alfresco, The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata- A sneak peak into the ambiance 
Alfresco, The Lalit Great Eastern KolkataA sneak peak into the ambiance 
Full-marks to the food as always, I'm hereby presenting by favorite Starters served at Alfresco that I've tasted in course of frequent visits, they'd include Mochar chop, Aamada aloor chop, Murgir piayazi, Bhekti Patishapta- the idiosyncratic Bong selections, the classics with a contemporary touch.

Alfresco, The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata- Oh damn, the fish looks absolutely luscious.
Alfresco, The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata- The entire platter on offer, this is a delightful combination
The main courses spread is of course very illustrious, let me pick up some mouth-watering ones. As a bong, I believe Parser Aam kasundi is the best thing that has happened to mankind, you must taste it to believe it. The Bhekti dhokar Dalna and Goalondo steamer mangsho jhol would be very gratifying as a Sunday meal after a week-long corporate grill. The Murshidabadi Morog biryani is also a personal favorite because of the twist in the signature recipe, this is a must try if you are visiting Lalit any time in the'll realize how Calcutta made biryani can surprise you at times. Last but not the least, Nolengurer baked yoghurt and Narkel narur millefeuille made my day; I have always believed that you can judge any eatery on the quality of the desserts on offer- Boy oh boy! Alfresco passes the acid test with flying colors.

Alfresco, The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata- I made someone pose with this delightful dish....
It deserved some attention ;)
By the way, before I forget, I just about figured out that during GIRF, you can actually end up earning a 100% cashback up to Rs 1000 in your Dineout Earnings on the app. Damn it! That's awesomeness redefined. So have you pre-booked your GRIF deal already? Hurry up because the Great Indian Restaurant Festival lasts only till 10th February 2017.

Alfresco, The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata- Bangali and Mishti are intrinsically related to each other :D
Alfresco, The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata- Bangali and Mishti are intrinsically related to each other :D

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