Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Market Place - Watch out for "SHARAN"!

Suppose you’re clocking a Ferrari at about 200 Km/Hr in the Buddh International Circuit and suddenly a bump or a pothole comes in the middle of your path, the result is fatal. Right?
So is smoking larger a bump or a deeper pothole in your journey called life. The contemporary lifestyle and our uncontrolled eating habits do pose a great threat to our lifeline. The condition is called “atherosclerosis”, the evil cholesterol (LDL) builds up layers on the inner lining of the arteries which ultimately result in increase in pressure when the blood flows, thus resulting in severe health conditions like hypertension and might even lead to stroke.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one out of every four Indians above the age of thirty, runs a high risk of death caused due to lifestyle induced diseases.

We all love food, don’t we? But still some lucky souls manage to stay lean and clean and some of us just get showered with fat. Don’t you get jealous while you see your friend stuffing in that sumptuous ‘cheese chicken parantha’ and you tend to gain weight with that ‘rosogolla’ you had the other day. Some people tend to be obese naturally, but some might gain it gradually with their food habits and lifestyle. But one can always fight it out to stay healthy and fit. A balanced diet and a bit of exercise is all you need to be in shape, and to be healthy.

Beating obesity is no mere task, we who constitute the ‘league of extraordinarily hungry”, must know where to punctuate when it comes to food. Gorging only on the burger patty won’t do, you also need to chew and gulp down the lettuce too. A balanced diet is very essential for the well being of the body and mind, by a balanced diet, I mean the food that we take in everyday should have the right amount of nutrients as required by the body along with roughage and fibers. The water intake is also a very important aspect when we talk about ‘balanced diet’, our body which is made up of 70% water needs to kept hydrated so that the metabolism works efficiently.
Western style breakfasts  has been my thing and I get head over heels when any  English breakfast is served. Tried out the innovative western style healthy tofu French toast and couldn’t get over it in no time. The delicious taste and aroma with the extremely healthy breakfast platter is one everyone should go for.
Sanctuary for Health and Re-connection to Animals and Nature (SHARAN) is a non-profit organization with the goal of spreading awareness about holistic health and an ecologically sustainable compassionate lifestyle. With the amount of pollution and junk intake around us even a person who doesn't smoke can have bronchitis ,a person with a healthy eating habit will have gastroenteritis .Health is such a major issue nowadays and SHARAN has come out with exclusive ways of restricting the natural aura and living a healthy life. The mission is to help regain optimal quality of life by guiding you to engage actively with your own help. SHARAN empowers to make lifestyle changes that will make you healthy for the rest of your life. SHARAN consists of  group of doctors and professionals connected by the same vision and has impacted the lives of over 20000 people in India and abroad. Workshops are held all around the globe and it's a delight to have SHARAN coming here to the city of joy with their workshop and it's one of its kind. And of course, a host of informative events to go alongside....this sure is going to be quite a learning exercise I believe. 
- Where? - The Market Place, Vedic Village Kolkata
- When?- 10-11th December 2016. Are you coming?

Keep watching this space for some exciting updates from "The Market Place"
"From a Consultant's Notepad" is a Blogging Partner for this engaging event scheduled to happen this weekend.

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