Wednesday, October 14, 2015

PepperTap makes it easy....

“Hello!! Let’s not do this in a hurry. We should wait for primary information before  proceeding…that’s my suggestion”- Mom, the statistician, professed.

“Mom, I have already taken feedback from a number of users and they have certified that this is one of most effective online grocery stores ever launched in this country…and it has expanded it’s ‘reach’ in the last 9 months or so”- I defended my case.

“Oh, that’s interesting…so you mean to say, in case we run out of essential cooking ingredients and need it ASAP, these guys can take this up on priority? Sounds rather chimerical!!”- Mom sounded rather skeptical this time around. But honestly speaking, she was right on the money; when it came to timely procurement of ingredients like staples or spices … it goes without saying that their impromptu need might arise out of nowhere. In fact, very recently we faced such a sticky scenario when a bunch of uninvited guests turned up fortuitously on our house warming ceremony. Yeah, it’s imperative that you can’t send them back unattended. Err …Wait for it, here’s a live testimony of the revered doctrine “Man proposes, God disposes”…it turned out to be a Sunday, a virulent deadlock when it comes to shopping grocery from the nearby stores. Yes, you guessed it right ... None of them are open on a Sunday. 

“Mom, hear me out. I know your plight, that’s precisely the reason why I have ‘studied’ this app rather meticulously. I have deciphered that the PepperTap guys are entitled to deliver products within 2 hours of placing an order through the app, and that comes with an additional leverage of free home delivery service if you shop for more than INR 250 for a single order. That pretty much does the trick for me, mom, saves a lot of effort especially when you are tired like hell on a dizzy summer afternoon. And you don’t feel like going out”- I rushed through my words, yes it goes without saying that I am pretty much impressed with this app. The ‘good guys’ at PepperTap helped me immensely during my short and sweet stay in Bangalore last month; I had no clue about the physical location of the local markets neither was I acquainted with the local rates, let me confess …. I was super cynical about this, and when my colleague recommended PepperTap, I was eager to try it out. The prospect of delivering key products under the broad categories “Fruits and vegetables”, “Food and drink”, “Staples & Spices”, “Breakfast & Diary”, “Bath & Body”, “Home & Hygiene”, “Baby Needs” right up to your doorstep at a normalized rate is nothing but outlandish. I have been historically spending woefully long hours, standing in queues at the retail counters for considerable lengths of time on Fridays (that’s the only permissible day to shop for office goes, just before the weekend)…down in energy and spirit, I needed an inspiration from somewhere. Guess what, the inspiration was pretty much there…dangling right in my pocket, and I was completely unaware of this.

“What about the freshness of the products, specially the vegetables?”- Mom broke my trance with another very relevant query.

“Mom, these guys deliver fresh veggies … and I can guarantee that from my personal experience. Also, I haven’t seen any dearth in stock, at least in the ‘Fruits and vegetables’ segment so far. I think they offer the cheapest rates when it comes to the ‘dry fruits’ segment. Furthermore, PepperTap gives you the leverage of returning the items that you consider unacceptable at the time of delivery; this is a much needed functionality that adds to the ‘comfort factor’ and bridges the gap between a consumer and the service provider. Let’s try it out today … I reckon, you might just get a lucrative 20% discount for your first order through the app.”- I recited. 
There was pin drop silence in the room … hasn’t happened for a while this, the entire community is absolutely abreast with our customary heated debates. This was quite an exception my friend, yes I was convincing enough I see. In fact, I hardly had to expend a drop of my sweat or raise my voice even for a second… PepperTap had ticked all those boxes with laudable efficiency.
She quietly picked up her phone and tapped on the “Play Store” icon on her home screen; I knew that she was convinced.

“How is the app interface?”- She was just confirming.
“As smooth as a fine coat of butter on hot paranthas, mom. You can also pay through your  Paytm wallet; that makes it easier. Isn’t it?”- I smirked.

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