Monday, November 16, 2015

To Calcutta with Love...

Before I begin with this photo-fable, let me confess that I am not a photographer, neither do I aspire to become one any point of time in the near future. When somebody asks me - "Why don't you take this up professionally?", I prefer to smile and walk away, I honestly don't have an answer to this. I'm sure that my camera smiles back at me almost's a bond that is perhaps intractable, invulnerable, unyielding; heavy words eh? As a consultant, we are known for equivocating facts and figures...perhaps predilections as well, but then there are certain things in life that are above all these. As per the general principle in our line of business, we are billed for every second that we spend on an assignment...the synopsis takes an U-turn it comes to hunting perspectives, it's nothing other than alchemy. The preferences vary, but as far as my understanding and derivation goes, nobody has ever turned away from a good photograph. Of course, the scenario changes drastically when you switch from in-front of the lens to behind it...that's when you comprehend your propensity. I am currently a part of a number of Facebook Photography Communities and I get to see so many amazing pictures everyday; that has been the defining factor as far as self-development is concerned...these posts inspire me everyday, they help me identify my lapses, my frailties. This comes with the caveat that one shouldn't be typically influenced by others' style of photography, the choice of frame, angle or perspective because art, in any form, shouldn't be replicate; the essence of creativity makes it alive. I am been mostly inclined to street photography of late, the ingrained challenge in composing a street-photograph turns me on...the prospect of scouting through the familiar streets in search of "not-so-familiar" frames- that's what makes me happy. I feel the adrenaline rush at the prospect of capturing an eloquent moment, the moment that might vanish forever in a split second...the moment that could make a historic picture, could fade in the blink of an eye. There are no retakes, no second chances in this genre of photography...that's life for you, there are no action replays. Honestly speaking, spontaneous photography has always been "my thing" a kid I used to silently pick up my dad's Kodak KB10 and head out to the bylanes. BOY! I have been caught red handed on multiple occasions and gravely punished...I don't think that made even the slightest of impact. My replenishing thirst for capturing perspectives had breached the thresholds by then....Oh wait! There must be a hidden inspiration somewhere. Yes, you guessed it right the inspiration lay in the rugged, tousled, hustling kaleidoscope that lay right in front of my eyes- The Streets of Calcutta, the apparently grungy cradle that looks like a paradise through the lens. This post is an ode to the indomitable spirit of this city, the city that has given me the reason to survive. Presenting 10 of my favorite photographs taken in this city, they might not be "technically correct" or perfectly framed in connection to the principles of photography, but they are precious to me. This city has given a lot to me..I will treasure these memories for the rest of my life...!

The Calcutta Archives:  This picture was recently shot in an instameet, on a hot and humid summer afternoon. 
A very common yet touching scene on the Streets of Calcutta.
The Calcutta Archives:  These are the perks of working with the Government, 
you get unhindered access to such amazing view-points.  The weather was equally spectacular.
The Calcutta Archives:  I had seen a number of pictures of the Nakhoda Masjid before I shot this, 
I wanted to take it "one step higher". It was a very cloudy day in Calcutta...
The Calcutta Archives: One of my most recent captures during the Amazon India's photowalk in this city. 
In the frame- 350 year old Adinath Ashram in the Shyambazar area.
The Calcutta Archives: The flavor of Calcutta expresses itself to the fullest in this image 
that portrays the love for cricket in this city. The passion for the game is absolutely unmatched.
The Calcutta Archives: This picture, shot at the Mullik Ghat is again one of my favorites 
because this image portrays the ingrained purity and euphoria in the denizens....
The Calcutta Archives: "Just a couple of minutes left for the clock to strike 4"- 
That's when she can break the shackles and rush on to the streets to join her play-mates. The jubilance...
The Calcutta Archives: This picture, also shot recently at the Mullik Ghat, 
is a stimulating depiction of the ebullience that is in an intrinsic component of the city life....
The Calcutta Archives: I used see this kid almost everyday at Park Street during Christmas, 
vending these colorful balloons...just to add those vivid strokes to his otherwise colorless life.
The Calcutta Archives: One of the very common scenes at the Mullik Ghat Flower market, 
this one is special because of the nonchalant yet intriguing expression on the man's face.
*All the pictures used in this blogpost have been self-clicked and should not be copied/reproduced in any form without my prior approval. Just to clarify, these are my personal favorite photographs only from the ones that I have clicked; if you wish to share yours, feel free to drop a comment so that I can get in touch you. 

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