Sunday, August 9, 2015

Nerolac Impressions: The HD Canvas.

"Well, are you sure you want to select such a design? This is supposed to be our drawing room, will it work out well?"- Mom seemed to be rather uncertain about this prospect of adding new patterns to the canvas of our spanking new drawing room.
"Mom, these are textures and they are pretty much 'the new cool' would certainly bring in an air of freshness and would transform the overall look and feel of our drawing"- I was already spawning a virtual simulation in my mind and needless to say, it was quite a vivacious picture. Needless to say that the project facsimile sent across by Team Nerolac after surveying the site was very very comprehensive and efficacious; hence I decided to show it to mom- the reassuring touch...oh well, the reaction that it brought out was absolutely wondrous.
"Don't you think that we should have gone for a retouch instead? I mean this looks fab"- She insinuated. Whoa! Sudden transformation I see.
"Mom, we have already decided on this one and lets go ahead I reckon, we can perhaps get these guys to add zing to our old walls as well"- I sensed the 'mind-wave' desperately tried to console her. We have been deliberating on this for a while now; mom wanted to get our new house painted while I wanted to spruce up our endeared abode. Infact, we had kept both these options wide open till the very moment; it was dad who closed the debate with a firm statement- "Let's make a fresh start with a high definition treatment". And there you go, a couple of 'consultation meets' with the regional team of Nerolac Paints helped up in terms of designing the kaleidoscopic road-map. Needless to say that they come up with the best-suited personalized recommendations..!

"Okay! But this room should be bright enough, the reflective index should be prudent enough right across the year....I hope that adding textures won't affect this"- Mom was still unsure about this. She liked the visual impact for sure, but wanted to double check on its pertinency in close congruence with the present set-up. This came with the caveat that our new flat isn't fully furnished yet, an accurate visualization was a challenge for sure.
"Ma'am, don't worry about it...I'll help you out with the shades"- Radhika, the endowed colour-consultant, Nerolac Paints came to the rescue-"As per the vision of Nerolac Paints, the HD colour treatment is a glorious upgradation for your abode that touches the zenith of pulchritude, makes it look premium and lively. The richness of the colors and quality of paint embellishes the overall ambiance of your house to such an extent and even the denizens are awestruck by its resplendent awesomeness. Nerolac and its creations have evolved more than we could have ever imagined; it's our responsibility to add life to your walls. Count on us."- Those words were reassuring enough. It was time for us to browse through the wide-range of styles and colors instituted by Nerolac, that could turn out to be the WOW factor of our recent acquisition. 
"How about choosing 'The Colour of the Year 2015'- Wild Berries?"- Radhika hit the nail on the coffin right away.
"Well, looks very we'll park it for the dining room...goes well with the existing set-up. We'll choose something in the order of blue/violet for the drawing room, creates an everlasting impression this colour"- Mom reciprocated. Yes, we had discussed on these lines previously and wanted to stick to this range. This has been quite a traditional selection, almost like a legacy in the family that the drawing room has to have a touch of blue in it...but this one had to be slightly different from the rest.
"Okay Ma'am, I suggest you go for this combination- Top coat 4221 Khartina's secret, Base coat 2340 Sweet lavender with Spatula Texture for the wall that's exactly opposite to the window, that helps to set the tone right. Furthermore, its recommended to do a single wall texture so that it appeals to the human eye even more"- Oh yes, she was right on the mark yet again. The combination of Khartina's secret and sweet lavender did have a tender essence to it, it is comforting to eyes and regulates light temperately; but the real highlight was the Spatula Texture that appeared to be 'leafy' and equally quirky at the mere look of it. Honestly speaking, the geometric contours of all the available textures were beguiling enough; quite a number of them including the "Artistic Flora" or the "Trendy Crinkles" appealed to it. I have been a decent enough painter, though presently out of touch, but the mere prospect of adding artistic strokes in our own drawing room, was something that I was eagerly looking forward to. The master colour-matching sheet that Radhika was carrying alongside was almost like an encyclopedia, it was great fun shuffling the shades...trying to find the right amalgamation for sorts, something that I did after a span of almost 10 years. We ended up selecting the shades 2339 winkle for the 3 walls and 4221 Khartina's secret for the Beam and column...these colours that would in turn, amplify the visual wallop. I think we actually ended up with a better solution than I had envisaged. Sealed!!

And well, now that the colour and texture was freezed, all that was pending, was the implementation...and it goes without saying that this particular phase was my biggest concern primarily because of two factors- 1. I and dad, both had extended official tours in line, and we were pretty much sure that by the time we returned to Calcutta, half of the work would have been completed, 2. It was raining incessantly since last week or so...that is perhaps not the ideal setting to start painting. But believe me, both the Nerolac on-ground monitoring team and Blogadda ensured that both the two concerns are addressed with absolute impeccability; we hardly had to visit the site and monitor while the work was in progress. Special credits to the painters as well for displaying their proficiency and finesse that went hand in hand in terms of paying utmost attention to the pre-decided timelines despite the unfavorable weather. And of course, the on-site manager Rahul kept sending me regular updates on the developments since I was on tour for the major part of the activity. Such gestures effectively bridge the gap between the brand and it's consumers. Amen..!

The output, as you can see from the picture above, was just phenomenal to say the least. I have also been told that these colours are effectively "clean colours", stain resistant, fungal and bacterial resistant, low in voc and odour and also washable- the features to vouch for, it definitely proves the fact that there have been judicious, cogitative minds working in R&D section of the closely knit unit called Nerolac Paints...thanks guys for formulating such amazing solutions & treating us with vibrant medleys. I'm absolutely privileged to be a part of this exercise that has added a vivid shade on our spic-and-span bleached canvas. See for yourself

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