Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Surf Faster.

Scenario 1:
“Sammya, are you trying to tell me that the goal settings page of the Performance Development portal was down for the last 3 hours on the last day on appraisal goals submission?”- My performance manager examined. It goes without saying that he found an incongruity out here since all his other appraisee’s have submitted their forms rather seamlessly.
“Yes Sir, I have been trying hard…..”- I tried my best to explain but the shrewd IT guy passing by, stopped me midway.
“Sir, a number of cricketing sites have been blocked in office since yesterday because of the frequent visits by the employees during the on-going World Cup. However, there were multiple attempts to bypass the proxy from machine 25”- And the astucious guy left the scene, adding fuel to a brewing wildfire.
“So this is the scenario!”- Boss murmured and gave me a dirty look there-after-“Trying to tamper with the office IT is a punishable offense. Come over to my cabin…let’s have some ‘cricketing’ discussion over a cup of tea”- He alleged.

Scenario 2:
“Dude, we are on a V-day date. And you haven't even looked me for a while….”- She sounded rather pessimistic as she took a reluctant sip from her glass of red wine.
“Huh…Err…Sorry, what?”- I replied unmindfully. I have been trying to check the Live Score for a while now the browser was not responding. It was the semi-final of the World T20 and I couldn’t afford to miss out of the action. As you already know, the office IT team had blocked all the cricketing site via web sense and even the canteen television broadcast had been limited to BBC News (just to curb the employees from spending more time at the canteen during a Live game). Also, the mobile internet connectivity in office has been rather deplorable in the last couple of months…and now that I was OUT with my girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, I couldn’t resist the temptation of making an attempt to stay connected with the game.
“See, you are so unmindful even on this very special day”- He retorted, I could sense a certain transformation in her tone…it had taken a steady ascend from being melancholy to coarse. “You did this even the last time we were here….are you sure you love me?”
Gah! I knew this was coming…in fact, almost every argument boils down to this very wringer. And let me confess, I have never loved her (or anybody for that matter of fact) more than the game. Even as a 5-year-old kid, I had this reputation of being rather ‘unsocial’ since I missed all the social gatherings and programs because of my cricket craze…I used to sit all alone in a dark room, ‘gorging’ at each and every delivery….repeating after the commentators, shadow practicing as if in replication with the greatest batsmen of our era or ‘paraphrasing’ the Jonty Rhodes dive on my bed. Now that the world was conspiring against me and my love for cricket, I had to hunt down for an efficacious solution…and thankfully I did succeed. The good people at UC Browser has managed to respond to the combined ‘inner call’ of all the distressed cricket lovers from across the country and has come with a robust and dedicated cricketing app called UC Cricket with live updates, results, upcoming match information along with an intuitive interface that allows the perfect virtual cricket-watching experience on the go. In fact, now, through this app you can chat with the like-minded (or not so like-minded set of people), sharing sentiments about the game while it is in progress….and all this at lightning browser speed. This is what I call seamlessness; UC Browser, you are an absolute savior my friend. Absolutely so..!

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