Friday, June 12, 2015

The 3 Strokes of Skin Care...

Well, I guess nobody's expecting a male blogger to write on this topic but then I don't really see a reason why they shouldn't. When it comes to skin care, I think everybody's driven by the common principle, "everybody wants to look good in a photograph.." and the best way to do that is to take good care of your skin. I guess everybody's going to agree on the very fact that we don't need to head out and fix an appointment with an external entity with respect to skin-care tips since we all have in-house skin-specialists-cum-consultants taking up the onus- no points for guessing this one. Right from the salad days, we are treated with utmost care; both in terms of food habits and skin care because she says that they are mutually dependent. I've been a sports person right from the early days, a sprinter to be specific...baking in the Calcutta heat and sweating profusely, I needed a personalized solution to protect my skin, to nurture it and to avoid acne scars. In a  nut-shell, these were the preventive measures as prescribed by my in-house expert, mom:-
  • Always stay hydrated: This holds good for everyone going out for work in the heat with the direct exposure of sun-rays denting hard into their skins. Holds good for people who mostly travel in the heat and then enter into the air-conditioned offices almost immediately...the result could be very hazardous. Water is undoubtedly the best available solution in this scenario when it comes to striking a balance in the fluid levels in your body and having a reciprocative cooling effect on your skin. In case you are living hot and humid conditions, adding a pinch of lemon and salt adds a lot of value to your intake. Infact having a cold-water shower post office could be immensely helpful; frequent splashes of water on-to your face (mostly for people working in on-site locations / field visits) can eradicate the possibility of acne dents.
  • Application of milk: After water, milk is perhaps the most easily liquid that could pamper your skin efficiently. This holds good for toned milk as well, the only factor that one needs to cater to is that the milk should preferably be un-boiled so that it retains the all the possible nutrients in it. Milk has been quite the popular choice since the inception because it seeps through, blends well, cleanses and softens your skin in a relatively shorter period of time. You need to wash your face and apply milk in droplets until it covers the entire skin and slowly remove it with cotton after 15-20 mins of settling in. I have heard my grand-mom talking about "doodh-er shwar" (the settled semi-fluid portion of milk) being a wonderful cleanser...however if yogurt is used, it should not be applied more than once in  a day.
  • Salad Power: Since I mentioned salad days to begin with, the role of cucumber, that comes as a major fascinating. I have seen mom applying skin packs with cucumber juice (and sometimes slices) on her face and honestly speaking, the effect has been axiomatic. Apart from acting as a coolant, cucumber aids in skin tightening that adds glow and enhances "skin-health"...that, my friend, speaks for itself. We have plenty of in-house ingredients that can actually do wonders to our skin if applied judiciously. The other common one being orange and it's extracts; orange though being seasonal adds a refreshing zest to the skin cells and turns it soft after multiple, recurring usage. I'm sure that if you use any of the above 3 procedures diligently, you will reap long term benefits...that's what mom says. You can also apply the all new Vicco Turmeric Ayurvedic cream with Foam Base that eradicates the possibility of oily skin, pimples, blackheads and adds a natural glow to your skin; it's tailor-made to suit your skin. Here's a look at the TVC.

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