Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Confession...

Dear Maa,

Let me be honest with one; I know that you might not be particularly happy about some of the recent calls that I have taken...we have been fighting about it day in and day out, but then believe me, I'm ready for the consequences. I do realize that life does throw in a number of baffling challenges, the challenges that eventually dent into your self-esteem and shoves you towards the edge; mom, you are the one who has equipped me with the shield of veracity to counter the are one who has guided me in every step of life, encouraged me to follow my instincts, inspired me to respond to the inner call, to estimate and to arrive at a perspicacious decision that "convalesces" the wounds, at least temporarily. I do understand that my decision to resign from work was impulsive but then, you know the reason behind it...don't you? I know that even dad isn't happy at this hasty decision, and I also know that the wounds are bound to heal with time...that's Nature's tested hypothesis.

Yes Maa, bruises do ameliorate with do know that much better than me. Yes, I'm referring to that very unfortunate incident, dating almost 15 years back...the ill-fortune that eventually turned out to be an eye-opener for the entire family. I distinctly remember the day, when we were out on a road-trip and you decided to "speed-up" all by yourself. You had just about 'earned' your driving license a couple of weeks back and it's fair to say that the decision was a rather "rash" one especially with the family in the back-seat. Your wobbly butter-fingers did insinuate goosebumps...we had butterflies alright, but before we could react, things had gone out of hand. Our car, by then, had crashed into a banyan tree beside the road...the fallout of a desperate attempt to avoid a head-on-collision with another Alto. The outcome could have been worse had the chauffeur, sitting right beside you, not taken over the control in the dying few seconds. The Alto, if you remember, had taken a heavy blow but...those deep abyssal dents were pretty blighting to say the least. Thankfully nobody was injured, but what you did next was nothing less than enlivening. In cases of fatal accidents, the convention is to interrogate the chauffeur before taking custodian action...but you didn't let it happen. I can still visualize 'the invigorated' you stepping out of the car and advocating in your characteristic sturdy voice- "Let him go; I was driving the car. I'll furnish all the requisite details." - Those words, those cutting words are still echoing in my ears. You could have easily shrugged off the responsibility but you didn' responded to your inner call. You were definitely aware of the fact that we might be in for a heavy monetary penalty if proven guilty, but you still didn't back off. Yes mom, you did set an example right in-front of our eyes. You were my 'hero' right from that day...the 'hero' with the weapon of morality. Amen...!

And this is not the only example...I have seen this trait in you many-a-times in the past and that includes the very incident when you travelled almost 20 Kilometers in the stifling summer heat to return somebody's lost wallet. I still remember that day because of the very fact that we had our annual parent-teachers-meeting at 11 AM sharp and you were inordinately late. You could have easily called up the Principal and enumerated the entire set of events, but you decided to keep it a secret. It was only when the gentleman called up to say "Thank You" that we came to know about your "daring feat". Mom, you have been a living embodiment of impeccability. You have set a wonderful example for us to follow. And when I say that my decision to resign was a judicious call, let me tell you the exact reason. Remember I was talking about a certain high valued bid that we were targeting strategically? We had spent hours to put the proposal together, so much of effort had gone into it...but sadly, it couldn't be submitted on time. The bigger question is, who's responsible for this virulent loss- and the answer is as simple. It was me...I should have started early on a busy Monday morning, with a considerable time-buffer in hand; I guess I shouldn't have relaxed even for a bit. We had worked till 3 AM in the morning, dizziness had set in when I woke up at 10 and rushed to submit the proposal. The traffic-condition was as miserable as ever...and furthermore I had to deal with a tyre-puncture to complicate the woes. When I finally managed to reach the venue and glanced at the wrist-watch we were almost 15 mins past the scheduled deadline i.e. 12 noon. In-spite of multiple requests, the tender evaluation committee didn't accept the proposal and our bid was deemed as "non-responsive". I could have easily blamed the "blue-boy" for taking extra bit of time to bind the documents or the cab-driver for taking a rather longish route to the venue, but that doesn't exempt my case- I guess I'm solely responsible for this loss. I had no other option but to resign,'s a matter of's a matter of integrity. And as I write this letter...I'm about to surrender my access card to the admin team in office, my resignation letter hasn't been accepted as of now..the case is being discussed in the team.
I know that you are livid at me for taking this rash call, I hope that this letter would clarify things to some extent...believe me, I have followed the path that you had laid down almost 15 years back, mom. Just like you, I cannot shrug off my responsibility effortlessly...I have learnt how to face the perils of reality and counter with loyalty, fidelity and scrupulousness. I sincerely hope that you'll forgive me for this apparently impetuous settlement. See you tonight. I don't think they'll accept my resignation any way.


*I am writing a letter about how a mother teaches honesty to her child with the Max Life Insurance i-genius #YoursHonestly activity in association with BlogAdda.

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