Friday, May 15, 2015

My Airtel App- The Appetizing Genesis...

Well, let me be very honest with this one, I am not very 'application-frenzy' when it comes to leveraging mobile technology; that's a bane when you consider the fact that I'm basically an IT consultant working towards fostering technological development in the country. I don't know why, but I don't find solace in terms of ordering food or booking a radio taxi through the mobile apps...something doesn't sound very right about these advocates of prompt accessibility. Oh wait...why am I using the present tense already? Whatever I wrote in the first half of this account is now a part of history because what I got to try today completely changed my perspective. Oh yes, the software engineers do have a thinking bent of mine for sure...they have apparently observed the pain and anguish of customers in their attempt to get in touch with the customer care executives to address their concerns. They have, thus, thought of and implemented a robust hassle-free solution that could actually end up saving a lot of time from the customer point of view; furthermore it does bring into the picture the concept of utility services that could be availed by the end user sitting at home. And of course, the best part of this enterprising m-service is that it is a dynamic one built in to suit the user-centric requirements- no points for guessing, I am talking about the 'revitalized" My Airtel App that has a new look and a whole lot of refreshing new features that fits well into your scheme of things perfectly- that's the beauty. To summarize my key takeaways from this app (and hands on experience as well)...well, it's a very difficult task to trim down the list, but then let's make an attempt.

It's all about "YOU"- The best part about this App is that it's all about "you"- the end user. The moment someone gets to see the segment "I Want to", one thing is for sure...he can relate to himself and his preferred picks. This is indeed the backbone of this application because it, in effect, is what we call a 360 degree profiling of the user based on the historic records of choosing/availing a particular service. We do remember the concept of 'sticky notes' affixed on our desks as a worthy "bookmark", My Airtel App is a logical extension of the same. 1. It is indeed your m-bookmark 2. It effectively saves you from the seasoned atrocity called "late payment charges" for defaulting on the payment due date - You are now shielded and facilitated to the level called "Pro". It's of manifold advantage to travelers and mobile bloggers because now My Airtel opens the gateway for multiple utilities like DTH recharges and even online purchasing solutions. The fact that your data consumption tracker /talk-time tracker in present in your pocket, you do have the wings of exemption. All these utilities will be present right on your app home-screen when you log in. Super stuff, it does just enough to eradicate our app-rehension with respect to bill-payment due dates & other related services.

Gratifying Deals on mobile phone: Dude, tell me honestly...have you actually come across a bong who doesn't talk about availing offers and allowances? Don't even try because we have a strong sense of attachment with the term "discount" ; I guess a bong is ready to stall their shopping plans for an inordinate length of time when they get to "smell" the very prospect of a discount. My Airtel, again hits the bulls-eye in this direction....and adds more zing to it by introducing the "Shake" (Not your bootiya on the floor but your phone) feature that opens up a world of amazing deals and offers on your phone. Just think about it; a mere mobile network provider centric application is now allowing you to avail exclusive deals tailor-made to suit your retail-therapy centric mentality. That is indeed a great addition. I'm sure that from the perspective of one-stop service central, this particular feature can take utility to a whole new level altogether. It might even integrate with shopping websites with interchangeable credit /cash-back facilities to aid the consumers. Fantastic is the word for this enhanced mobile app-titude fabricated by Airtel- 'Airtel Surprises'.

Seamless Payment Functionality: Well, we live in an age when the digital wallet has replaced the physical counterpart...that is indeed the defining statement since we are slowly but surely moving into the cashless band of engagement. It is vitally important for any service provider to incorporate a seamless payment functionality into their application and Airtel does exactly that. The payment gateway, certified by the PCI DSS standards, is super-fast & super secure with the added advantage of "Save your card" facility that eases the payment process. That completes the 3-tier architecture alright; the best part being the user-friendly application would never back-off after using it for the first time. Reason enough to switch to the Airtel network...?

So, what are you waiting for? Download the My Airtel App now and unleash the world of portable receptiveness. Period.

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