Thursday, May 7, 2015

A New Role for Kapil Dev....

India is a cricket crazy nation. We, Indians, worship cricketers...they are nothing less than demi Gods when it comes to . We eat cricket, we live cricket, we drink cricket, we sleep cricket. We even love the repeat telecast of legendary cricket matches. Sir Sachin Tendulkar is our idol. He has retired from the game, but he will never retire from our memories. Cricket is our life. Cricket is in our blood. Cricket is our religion!

Heard about Bilateral series. Heard about Triangular tournaments. Heard about Champions Trophy. Heard about ICC World Cup. Heard about ICC T20 World Cup. Heard about IPL. Heard about Champions League. Heard about Ranji Trophy. Now, what is this #EkNayiLeague? This is the million dollar question.  And the legendary "World Cup" winning captain Kapil Dev in action! BOY! This has to be something which is super exciting. The name, in itself has a lot of freshness attached to it, I'm sure  that our venerated cricketing legend has definitely thought of something magnanimous. Let's explore. :)

In the first video, Kapil Paaji says: if you play this #EkNayiLeague with your heart, then you will get out via "Hit Wicket".. So, the bigger is... how should we actually play this much anticipated #EkNayiLeague?

In the second video, Kapil Paaji talks about "Captain Cool" MS Dhoni and also his own retirement. When Kapil Paaji was about to announce his retirement from all forms of cricket, he met the evergreen superstar, Dev Anand. He met him and Dev Anand asserted: "Never Kapil, Never take retirement." Stars never retire! You have created this team with your heart and passion. And, in the video, Kapil Paaji reiterates "If you try to play this #EkNayiLeague with your heart, then you have to go back to the pavilion via "Hit Wicket". Reason: Some games have to be played differently ....and this one promises to stand out for sure.

In the third video, Kapil Paaji talks about his experience. He tells about how happy he feels about Indian people. When a fan, irrespective of his/her caste, religion, creed and color says how much fun he/she had during the match, it makes Kapil Paaji feel proud. Then Kapil Paaji speaks about another important aspect: Money! He talks about other renowned sports persons who racked the moolah, but he and his teammates never made so much of money. Kapil Paaji was proud to wear his national jersey, but when he saw another legendary cricketer "Yuvraj Singh" garnering 16 crores in an IPL season, he felt bemused! No, he was not jealous, he felt happy for another great player. Yuvraj played straight from his heart, but according to Kapil Paaji, if you play from your heart in #EkNayiLeague then "you know what" :P

In the final video, Kapil Paaji talks about delivering googlies during #EkNayiLeague. 

In my opinion, #EkNayiLeague is going to be an exciting "reality show", where cricketers (young and experienced) will be given a chance to prove their mettle. This is not going to be another boring or "Yeah, I told you so" show with loads of emotion & drama, this is going to be a masterpiece! I reckon, this reality show will change the landscape of Indian entertainment, it is going to unfurl newer avenues and should be a great learning platform for young, budding cricketers. Looking forward to watching the show when it goes Live.

* Head over to to know more about #EkNayiLeague

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