Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Tropicana Slice Alfonso- The Bottle of Oozing Delight

"I looked beyond the horizon...
And I climbed up the 'setting rays'...
I followed the paling glint....
And rolled back languidly, but in phase.

The glaze of impish charm...

That wobbled through the dirt...
And grabbed as much as it could...
Ahoy! The lust of devour surfaced! 

I stood there and wondered...

I shambled and I stumbled...
But the incense stemmed and retreaded....
And it led me to the den of imperial beauty.

There...there...there they huddled,

The grandiose,
And the prodigal manifestation.
The plate of proliferating servings...."

Gosh! I presume this is going to a very nostalgic account for sure, I don't mind because that would be a refreshing break from the customary food blogging etiquette-s. Of course, food bloggers ain't restricted or restrained by any stretch of imagination but then this post should be exceptional because somewhere down the line, it touches those hidden chords...it sends in a sachhariferous vibe with a hallowed dip of nostalgia; it is, in effect, a phenomenal account. I guess the bongs could connect to this story better...but then before I begin, let me tell you, the 'central character' of this fable is a universally extolled. This very 'personality' is a charmer in true sense of the term and doesn't need any introduction what-so-ever when it comes to dainty bewitchery, the entity that has made a smooth entry into the households and mesmerized them to the core. 
Oh yes, no points for guessing...it's the monarch of piquant natural delights, the very alluring mangoHonestly speaking, you might come across people who love to eat, but then how many of them actually know the 'story that has gone into the dish'? As a part of the core Bong community, the love for mangoes is almost like a default and then when you get to know, touch and taste those rarest of breeds like the Kohitoor, Ranipasand, Saranga, Bimli, Kalapahar, Ananas, Bira, Molamjam right from childhood, you know that you are certainly on the right platform. Honestly speaking, the term "Mango-gasm" is certainly not an exaggeration by any stretch of imagination; when you get to taste signature blends like "Kachhe Aam ki Kheer" or the palatable "Kachhe Aam ki Launji"; you are absolutely overwhelmed. You feel privileged to be a part of a State that has abundant reserve of mangoes coming mostly from Murshidabad that also presents the unique diversity of the "Gems" to our liking. Under the able patronage of "mango-ism" called the Sheherwali's, the popularity of this fruit increased manifold right from the dawn and it never looked back from then on. Glad that I know some of their descendants owing to my recent engagement with the social-sector of Bengal...I have, to some extent, inherited this unscripted loyalty towards mangoes and the related grubs. So many of those 'mushy', 'syrupy' memories are flooding in as I turn those pages yet again...so many of those adorable memories crowding in!!

The Bottles of Oozing Delight..as you can see, I have finished off with 3 bottles already...
© Sammya Brata Photography
Honestly speaking, I'm not ashamed of the fact that we never had mangoes to serve to our guests because of the simple fact that I never even spared a slice...rather a drop. Even during the periodic Laxmi Puja at home, both mom and granny had a tough time in ensuring that the "savory" offerings to the Almighty remained intact before the Puja. As far as I remember, I had a soft corner towards the Alphonso breed because of it's emblematic flavor, sweetness and the addictive fragrance. I even remember my mom predicating that there should be a kid-lock system in the refrigerator to prevent me from intruding in there. Never-mind, the situation hasn't changed much over the years...I can still migrate to an all-mango diet chart irrespective of all the extant enticements. The obsession has reached a whole new level at this point of time; and believe it or not...the good people at Tropicana have decided to add fuel to this prospective catastrophe. When I got to know that Tropicana Slice has responded to our inner call and tamed the superior Alphonso mangoes in a classy bottle...I couldn't resist myself...I rushed to the nearest store and grabbed a month's stock of this elusive beauty. And why not...Alphonso being arguably the most delectable of all the breeds, deserves this form of fidelity. As a kid, I always used to wonder whether at any stage of my life could I own the Uncle Scrooge's vault of mangoes...or prayed for a period when drinking water would be replaced by Mango juice; I felt rich at heart. If you could measure wealth in terms of the number of Alphonso mangoes that you have consumed in your life, I would surely storm the Forbes list and feature among-st the Top 10 in the World. By the way, have ever heard of people carrying chilled mango juice to office in thermos-flasks? Well...now you have. With the all new Tropicana Slice Alfonso, you have the license to be wild- that's 'mango-gasm' for you!

Awesome Threesome- The Treasure Troves 
© Sammya Brata Photography
Is it just about the mango drink that I'm talking about but? Even the elders would concur with this when I say that mango features in some of the best ever mock-tails and cocktails that have been conceptualized and executed. And when I talk about the all new Tropicana Slice Alphonso, it is an all-rounder in true sense of the term as it mingles perfectly with orange and lime juices to form a wonderful mock-tail; you might just consider adding a tinge of club soda to 'spice it up'...but it has this amazing trait of "setting things right". To talk about that one specific incident that turned my on...the post-appraisal crisis period was absolutely washed off by a generous dose of Slice Alphonso. It makes a fabulous mango milk shake too...Alphonso has it's own idiosyncratic conjuration; the aroma is nothing less than magnetic when it comes to inveigling the dilettantes. The taste is nothing less than gratifying, its smoothly coats on-to our taste buds and creates a long lasting impression. It is very very different in innervation when it comes to comparison with other popular fruit juice brands because it contains the added aura of originality, it's deep, it's 'thick' and it's delish.
The best part is that the aficionados at Tropicana has managed to keep the essence of Alphonso intact; full credit to them in this respect....the original nucleus hasn't been disturbed. Also, flipping through the pages of history, it is also evident that Alphonso qualifies as one of the most expensive varieties of mangoes ever produced and is primarily grown mainly in the western part of India including Sindhudurg, Ratnagiri and Raigad districts and in the Konkan region of India. As kids, we have been hearing magical stories of these gems being cultivated in Ratnagiri, one of the biggest breeding zones in India...but then most of the produce is either exported or doesn't feature in the reach of commoners. In-fact, we have heard eerie stories about mangoes disappearing from the Ratnagiri Alphonso farms in the early 1990's...there were growing concerns (rather rumors) regarding the availability of the above mentioned breed going forward in the 21st century. The soaring mango-prices have also been distressing..

Awesome Threesome- The Generous Dose of Mango-gasm for my readers 
© Sammya Brata Photography
Tropicana, my friend, has served as the bridge in this direction, much like a pacifier, disentangling this very impending maze. It has brought to our reach the hand-picked, very premium range of mangoes that too at a very affordable price...you can now grab a handful of these 600 ml limited edition bottles online at a mere price of INR 50/- only and to add to that, you get free delivery on bulk orders of over INR 499/- only. I'm absolutely glad that the marketers at Amazon have decided to offer their buyers an unprecedented "slice of euphoria" through their diligent online offers. WOW, this is indeed the age of digital mango-gasm...boss why would you even step out in the heat to buy your favorite pack of Slice Alfonso when they are being delivered at your doorstep at such modest rates? BOY! Calcutta is boiling right now as I'm writing this post, the humidity level has crossed the "tolerance" level...the bliss called Tropicana Slice Alfonso is nothing less than a pre-requisite. And the best part is, you can store it for a fairly long period of time without experiencing any form of degradation in quality or taste, it's tried and personally tested. Let's look at the brand new TVC of the venerated Tropicana Slice Alphonso; it's short, crisp, luscious and has a close congruence with the product-postulate. It takes you on a sweet, succulent ride into the hub of classic Alfonso's, Ratnagiri and makes you fall in love with the offerings. The presence of Katrina in the video adds to the charisma. Dude, what are you waiting for...grab your bottle now!!

Friday, May 15, 2015

My Airtel App- The Appetizing Genesis...

Well, let me be very honest with this one, I am not very 'application-frenzy' when it comes to leveraging mobile technology; that's a bane when you consider the fact that I'm basically an IT consultant working towards fostering technological development in the country. I don't know why, but I don't find solace in terms of ordering food or booking a radio taxi through the mobile apps...something doesn't sound very right about these advocates of prompt accessibility. Oh wait...why am I using the present tense already? Whatever I wrote in the first half of this account is now a part of history because what I got to try today completely changed my perspective. Oh yes, the software engineers do have a thinking bent of mine for sure...they have apparently observed the pain and anguish of customers in their attempt to get in touch with the customer care executives to address their concerns. They have, thus, thought of and implemented a robust hassle-free solution that could actually end up saving a lot of time from the customer point of view; furthermore it does bring into the picture the concept of utility services that could be availed by the end user sitting at home. And of course, the best part of this enterprising m-service is that it is a dynamic one built in to suit the user-centric requirements- no points for guessing, I am talking about the 'revitalized" My Airtel App that has a new look and a whole lot of refreshing new features that fits well into your scheme of things perfectly- that's the beauty. To summarize my key takeaways from this app (and hands on experience as well)...well, it's a very difficult task to trim down the list, but then let's make an attempt.

It's all about "YOU"- The best part about this App is that it's all about "you"- the end user. The moment someone gets to see the segment "I Want to", one thing is for sure...he can relate to himself and his preferred picks. This is indeed the backbone of this application because it, in effect, is what we call a 360 degree profiling of the user based on the historic records of choosing/availing a particular service. We do remember the concept of 'sticky notes' affixed on our desks as a worthy "bookmark", My Airtel App is a logical extension of the same. 1. It is indeed your m-bookmark 2. It effectively saves you from the seasoned atrocity called "late payment charges" for defaulting on the payment due date - You are now shielded and facilitated to the level called "Pro". It's of manifold advantage to travelers and mobile bloggers because now My Airtel opens the gateway for multiple utilities like DTH recharges and even online purchasing solutions. The fact that your data consumption tracker /talk-time tracker in present in your pocket, you do have the wings of exemption. All these utilities will be present right on your app home-screen when you log in. Super stuff, it does just enough to eradicate our app-rehension with respect to bill-payment due dates & other related services.

Gratifying Deals on mobile phone: Dude, tell me honestly...have you actually come across a bong who doesn't talk about availing offers and allowances? Don't even try because we have a strong sense of attachment with the term "discount" ; I guess a bong is ready to stall their shopping plans for an inordinate length of time when they get to "smell" the very prospect of a discount. My Airtel, again hits the bulls-eye in this direction....and adds more zing to it by introducing the "Shake" (Not your bootiya on the floor but your phone) feature that opens up a world of amazing deals and offers on your phone. Just think about it; a mere mobile network provider centric application is now allowing you to avail exclusive deals tailor-made to suit your retail-therapy centric mentality. That is indeed a great addition. I'm sure that from the perspective of one-stop service central, this particular feature can take utility to a whole new level altogether. It might even integrate with shopping websites with interchangeable credit /cash-back facilities to aid the consumers. Fantastic is the word for this enhanced mobile app-titude fabricated by Airtel- 'Airtel Surprises'.

Seamless Payment Functionality: Well, we live in an age when the digital wallet has replaced the physical counterpart...that is indeed the defining statement since we are slowly but surely moving into the cashless band of engagement. It is vitally important for any service provider to incorporate a seamless payment functionality into their application and Airtel does exactly that. The payment gateway, certified by the PCI DSS standards, is super-fast & super secure with the added advantage of "Save your card" facility that eases the payment process. That completes the 3-tier architecture alright; the best part being the user-friendly application interface...you would never back-off after using it for the first time. Reason enough to switch to the Airtel network...?

So, what are you waiting for? Download the My Airtel App now and unleash the world of portable receptiveness. Period.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Whacky Waffles: The Indulgence Central...

"Calcutta has almost everything to offer when it comes to food. Isn't it?"- A reputed fashion blogger from Delhi catechized. To set the context, the first half of the venerated Indiblogger meet (organized at the Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon) was over and were having lunch at the courtyard. It was nothing less than a gala lunch to be honest, and bringing in the Calcutta reference did send in a strong message. Evidently, she was pretty much impressed with the 'food-in-the-city'...dude, let me tell you, a fashion blogger talking about food is something phenomenal. BOY! Interesting stuff indeed...the fact that she has visited Calcutta only a couple times, made the discussion all the more compelling. I guess the statement was perhaps not as "cosmetic" or sketchy as it apparently sounds but having said that, it did insinuate a number of related wringers. Let us contemplate those 6 key pointers:
  • Calcutta serves variety food,
  • Calcutta serves healthy food,
  • Calcutta serves innovative food,
  • Calcutta serves fashionable food,
  • Calcutta serves reasonably priced food,
  • Calcutta food caters to all the pointers above.
I'm absolutely sure of the fact that given a chance, you would end up choosing the last option almost instinctively. But then to complete this survey, I'd rather choose a sample size of 50 out of which at least 80% would be tourists (desi/videsi) visiting Calcutta for the first time at staying here for an approximate stretch of 5 days- that would definitely present a clearer picture. Anyway, since I had already spotted a prospective respondent, grabbing hold of some worthy primary data was pretty much on the cards. I wanted to dig deep but.
"Dude, you guys have so much of variety even when it comes to street food...I guess it's a pity that you don't have a dedicated waffle store yet. The likes are Ricos, Big Yellow Door, Wengers and even the Monkey Bar in Delhi attract a lot of footprints."- She articulated. There was a moment's silence that followed...yes, she was pretty much on the money...in-spite of a limited exposure, she has actually managed to identify a key arroyo in the otherwise laudable profile of Calcutta Cuisines. That pretty much abrogates the first pointer "variety" and as a result, dents into the virtue called "first impression." Sadly, I couldn't contest that very statement...dude, even I was unsure; I didn't have facts to support my argument. I won't claim that I'm a waffle junkie but then that might be attributable to the fact that we don't get to taste authentic waffles in Calcutta, forget the "variety" aspect.

I certainly needed an inspiration to write about waffles, and fortunately it did come pretty soon. A gratifying invitation to "Whacky Waffles", the first ever dedicated Waffle kiosk (yes, you read it right..."dedicated" is the word) in Calcutta, did turn out to be a genial sojourn. As a food blogger, I guess I'm expected to pen down a rather uninteresting, customary account of my overall experience of dining/snacking at a particular food joint....well really? I refuse to follow the so-called food blogging etiquette's in this post because frankly speaking, I have been blown away. The good people at Whacky Waffles have already made a sparkling entry into the 'gastronomic history' of the city, the first mover advantage as they say in technical terms. And when you add a certain glint called "quality" into your platter, the aftermath is revitalizing. Furthermore, you get to add a personal touch to your waffles as well...that's certainly quite a gourmand up in the foodie profile I reckon. The journey of Whacky Waffles started in 2014 when it made a strong debut during the Christmas Carnival in the city; people loved the waffles and encouraged them to take it to the next level- thanks folks responding to the 'call', this has been a very beguiling & successful venture indeed. Much appreciated.

Hallelujah!...The replenishing appetite of Calcutta-wasi certainly needed a luscious, rather ambrosial solution, and guess what they get to taste 17 sweet and 3 savory (I have been told that there will be a discernible number of additions to the list...real soon) variants at the Waffle kiosk located right in-front of the Brand Factory, just behind Forum Mall, Elgin Road. And as I mentioned already, you can customize your own waffle by adding additional toppings/syrup to your liking. I really appreciate the fact that they have included Fresh Juices (including orange, pomegranate etc.), Floats (including Coke and Fanta), Coolers (including lemonades, Blue Lagoon etc.) and Shakes (including Oreo, Vanilla, Mango etc.) to add that 'sense of completeness' to entire tabulation; this could also be a super-hit considering the ghastly humidity of Calcutta. Well done guys. The menu card, is itself pretty alluring as well as detailed to present an exhaustive account of their benefaction (Ha-ha! I am absolutely sure of this when I say benefaction). Honestly speaking, this waffle-joint has potential of becoming extremely popular with the kids...I can already visualize the spark in their eyes when they get to see the menu- You guys are pretty much in line to make a social impact ;)

What did we eat? - Okay guys, relax...I know that you have been dying to read this section and I like always I promise not to disappoint you. The good people at Whacky Waffles treated us royally, they are extremely warmhearted hosts I must confess...warmhearted people serving super-cool dishes...that summed it up perfectly. We started off with the classic Tropical Delight that set the tone perfectly, the strawberry flavor does have a very refreshing chrysalis...with the charm of pineapple greeting creating a fantastic chemistry with our taste buds. The follow-up variants, Nutella Monkey and Berry Merry did fairly well in the slog overs, though the latter tasted almost similar as Tropical delight. I'm slightly biased towards Nutella Monkey because anything and everything that have the remotest of association with "chocolate", triggers me to the core. The addition of banana slices adds a very different 'aroma' to the platter, and of course a very luring one...that certainly works for me. Wanna try?

Salsa-on-the-couch, from the 'Savory' sectionthat followed suit didn't disappoint either...the effect was much like smelling coffee beans after a judicious exposure to a variety of fragrances; it prepared us for the next set of delicacies that were ready to be served. Whoof !!! Such "whacky" names. Every food joint has a "chef's choice"- TADA...all eyes instinctively followed the candied 'aura' as the super delicious Belgian Alaska was being served on the table. Dude...tempting is perhaps an understatement; a magical collaboration formed by the taste of honey and essence of vanilla was certainly the oomph-factor of the afternoon. I'm not surprised to witness the serving box literally turning empty within a matter of seconds. The waffle almost melted in my mouth, the ice-cream topping added to the indulgence quotient for sure...such was the bewitchery. I was absolutely loving the experience..!!

WAIT! Even the waffle-on-stick (currently not on menu), that was served in the end, was pretty impressive...the crispy texture, topped with chocolate sauce did script the "Happy Ending"; a pretty innovative way of serving waffles I must confess. They even served us coolers to keep us "hydrated" through the waffle-tasting and clicking session. Hahaha! So sweet of you guys :)

"Can waffles be made egg-less?"- The inquisitive mind conjectured. The question was certainly triggered by the fact that one of our team-mates is a staunch veggie. 
"Why not? We'll include that in the menu soon"- The host heartily professed. I could see a comforting smile in her face...oh yes, they are cooking up some really cool recipes out there; evidently we've got some really cool entrepreneurs in this city...!!!

Mandatory Rating Time:

Location: 24, Lee Road, Near Brand Factory, Elgin, Kolkata
Genre: Quick Bites, Snacks
Timings: 12 noon- midnight
Type: Vegetarian (though waffles contain egg)
Price range: Average price per unit is INR 130/-, quite pocket-friendly
Foodie Picks: Belgian Alaska, Nutella Monkey
Food quality: Excellent- 8.5/10, Variety- 8/10, Presentation- 5/10
Service: Great- 8/10
Verdict: Highly Recommended

Disclaimer: This was an invited review and no compensation, monetary or otherwise, was involved. All views expressed in this post are my own and not influenced by the hosts in anyway. You can find Whacky Waffles on Facebook too.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Confession...

Dear Maa,

Let me be honest with one; I know that you might not be particularly happy about some of the recent calls that I have taken...we have been fighting about it day in and day out, but then believe me, I'm ready for the consequences. I do realize that life does throw in a number of baffling challenges, the challenges that eventually dent into your self-esteem and shoves you towards the edge; mom, you are the one who has equipped me with the shield of veracity to counter the atrocities....you are one who has guided me in every step of life, encouraged me to follow my instincts, inspired me to respond to the inner call, to estimate and to arrive at a perspicacious decision that "convalesces" the wounds, at least temporarily. I do understand that my decision to resign from work was impulsive but then, you know the reason behind it...don't you? I know that even dad isn't happy at this hasty decision, and I also know that the wounds are bound to heal with time...that's Nature's tested hypothesis.

Yes Maa, bruises do ameliorate with time...you do know that much better than me. Yes, I'm referring to that very unfortunate incident, dating almost 15 years back...the ill-fortune that eventually turned out to be an eye-opener for the entire family. I distinctly remember the day, when we were out on a road-trip and you decided to "speed-up" all by yourself. You had just about 'earned' your driving license a couple of weeks back and it's fair to say that the decision was a rather "rash" one especially with the family in the back-seat. Your wobbly butter-fingers did insinuate goosebumps...we had butterflies alright, but before we could react, things had gone out of hand. Our car, by then, had crashed into a banyan tree beside the road...the fallout of a desperate attempt to avoid a head-on-collision with another Alto. The outcome could have been worse had the chauffeur, sitting right beside you, not taken over the control in the dying few seconds. The Alto, if you remember, had taken a heavy blow but...those deep abyssal dents were pretty blighting to say the least. Thankfully nobody was injured, but what you did next was nothing less than enlivening. In cases of fatal accidents, the convention is to interrogate the chauffeur before taking custodian action...but you didn't let it happen. I can still visualize 'the invigorated' you stepping out of the car and advocating in your characteristic sturdy voice- "Let him go; I was driving the car. I'll furnish all the requisite details." - Those words, those cutting words are still echoing in my ears. You could have easily shrugged off the responsibility but you didn't...you responded to your inner call. You were definitely aware of the fact that we might be in for a heavy monetary penalty if proven guilty, but you still didn't back off. Yes mom, you did set an example right in-front of our eyes. You were my 'hero' right from that day...the 'hero' with the weapon of morality. Amen...!

And this is not the only example...I have seen this trait in you many-a-times in the past and that includes the very incident when you travelled almost 20 Kilometers in the stifling summer heat to return somebody's lost wallet. I still remember that day because of the very fact that we had our annual parent-teachers-meeting at 11 AM sharp and you were inordinately late. You could have easily called up the Principal and enumerated the entire set of events, but you decided to keep it a secret. It was only when the gentleman called up to say "Thank You" that we came to know about your "daring feat". Mom, you have been a living embodiment of impeccability. You have set a wonderful example for us to follow. And when I say that my decision to resign was a judicious call, let me tell you the exact reason. Remember I was talking about a certain high valued bid that we were targeting strategically? We had spent hours to put the proposal together, so much of effort had gone into it...but sadly, it couldn't be submitted on time. The bigger question is, who's responsible for this virulent loss- and the answer is as simple. It was me...I should have started early on a busy Monday morning, with a considerable time-buffer in hand; I guess I shouldn't have relaxed even for a bit. We had worked till 3 AM in the morning, dizziness had set in when I woke up at 10 and rushed to submit the proposal. The traffic-condition was as miserable as ever...and furthermore I had to deal with a tyre-puncture to complicate the woes. When I finally managed to reach the venue and glanced at the wrist-watch we were almost 15 mins past the scheduled deadline i.e. 12 noon. In-spite of multiple requests, the tender evaluation committee didn't accept the proposal and our bid was deemed as "non-responsive". I could have easily blamed the "blue-boy" for taking extra bit of time to bind the documents or the cab-driver for taking a rather longish route to the venue, but that doesn't exempt my case- I guess I'm solely responsible for this loss. I had no other option but to resign, Mom...it's a matter of self-esteem...it's a matter of integrity. And as I write this letter...I'm about to surrender my access card to the admin team in office, my resignation letter hasn't been accepted as of now..the case is being discussed in the team.
I know that you are livid at me for taking this rash call, I hope that this letter would clarify things to some extent...believe me, I have followed the path that you had laid down almost 15 years back, mom. Just like you, I cannot shrug off my responsibility effortlessly...I have learnt how to face the perils of reality and counter with loyalty, fidelity and scrupulousness. I sincerely hope that you'll forgive me for this apparently impetuous settlement. See you tonight. I don't think they'll accept my resignation any way.


*I am writing a letter about how a mother teaches honesty to her child with the Max Life Insurance i-genius #YoursHonestly activity in association with BlogAdda.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

A New Role for Kapil Dev....

India is a cricket crazy nation. We, Indians, worship cricketers...they are nothing less than demi Gods when it comes to . We eat cricket, we live cricket, we drink cricket, we sleep cricket. We even love the repeat telecast of legendary cricket matches. Sir Sachin Tendulkar is our idol. He has retired from the game, but he will never retire from our memories. Cricket is our life. Cricket is in our blood. Cricket is our religion!

Heard about Bilateral series. Heard about Triangular tournaments. Heard about Champions Trophy. Heard about ICC World Cup. Heard about ICC T20 World Cup. Heard about IPL. Heard about Champions League. Heard about Ranji Trophy. Now, what is this #EkNayiLeague? This is the million dollar question.  And the legendary "World Cup" winning captain Kapil Dev in action! BOY! This has to be something which is super exciting. The name, in itself has a lot of freshness attached to it, I'm sure  that our venerated cricketing legend has definitely thought of something magnanimous. Let's explore. :)

In the first video, Kapil Paaji says: if you play this #EkNayiLeague with your heart, then you will get out via "Hit Wicket".. So, the bigger is... how should we actually play this much anticipated #EkNayiLeague?

In the second video, Kapil Paaji talks about "Captain Cool" MS Dhoni and also his own retirement. When Kapil Paaji was about to announce his retirement from all forms of cricket, he met the evergreen superstar, Dev Anand. He met him and Dev Anand asserted: "Never Kapil, Never take retirement." Stars never retire! You have created this team with your heart and passion. And, in the video, Kapil Paaji reiterates "If you try to play this #EkNayiLeague with your heart, then you have to go back to the pavilion via "Hit Wicket". Reason: Some games have to be played differently ....and this one promises to stand out for sure.

In the third video, Kapil Paaji talks about his experience. He tells about how happy he feels about Indian people. When a fan, irrespective of his/her caste, religion, creed and color says how much fun he/she had during the match, it makes Kapil Paaji feel proud. Then Kapil Paaji speaks about another important aspect: Money! He talks about other renowned sports persons who racked the moolah, but he and his teammates never made so much of money. Kapil Paaji was proud to wear his national jersey, but when he saw another legendary cricketer "Yuvraj Singh" garnering 16 crores in an IPL season, he felt bemused! No, he was not jealous, he felt happy for another great player. Yuvraj played straight from his heart, but according to Kapil Paaji, if you play from your heart in #EkNayiLeague then "you know what" :P

In the final video, Kapil Paaji talks about delivering googlies during #EkNayiLeague. 

In my opinion, #EkNayiLeague is going to be an exciting "reality show", where cricketers (young and experienced) will be given a chance to prove their mettle. This is not going to be another boring or "Yeah, I told you so" show with loads of emotion & drama, this is going to be a masterpiece! I reckon, this reality show will change the landscape of Indian entertainment, it is going to unfurl newer avenues and should be a great learning platform for young, budding cricketers. Looking forward to watching the show when it goes Live.

* Head over to  http://www.eknayileague.com/ to know more about #EkNayiLeague

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Promoting the Myntra App- The Vlogging Encounter

Establishing a personal connect between a brand and it's consumers, that perhaps the modern rationale behind marketing; that's indeed the contemporary method of thinking and much appreciated too. When a brand talks to you directly, you feel at home, the trust factor grows...and that is the sole reason why I resorted to Vlogging; that's how I feel that the readers connect to you easily. Promoting a new product has it's challenges, but then you do know that you are not deceiving your customers...you're, on the other hand, treating them well. In an age of m-Governance, visiting shopping malls / stores physically is absurd. Let's explore...!

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