Sunday, April 19, 2015 Because music is the driving force.....

Talking of underground artists, the most prominent memory that floats in my mind is that of a young Punk Rock chorister who literally set the OAT (Jadavpur University, Calcutta) on fire during our legendary musical fest in 2010. We had absolutely no clue with respect to this new talent, but we certainly had no option left with the perennial crisis scenario created by shortage of funds & a few key sponsors backing out at the last moment. But then this very adept and endowed artist didn't let us down. His stage-presence was brilliant and his consonance was prodigious; shows the potential of the underground artists.
To sight another example, even St. Xaviers had a couple of fantastic East Coast Hip Hop artists who performed on stage during their acclaimed music fest called Xavotsav...the ones who were there on that particular night would definitely acknowledge the fact that the performance by "EC Rappers" was just out of the world. And the instances are countless, these underground artists have been treating us with complete allegiance since the inception...but then their worth has not been consummated. Yet, the level of talent and felicity in this genre is boundless, what is it that has cloaked their acquiescence? Why is it that artists who pursue these forms of music aren't getting promoted at all? Are we staunch purists or are we ready to accept newer, rather fresh perspectives?

Behold! All these questions have definitely resounded across the canvas of Global music and the response that it has managed to extricate, has been pretty encouraging. We have the pioneers of music industry stepping forward and supporting this cause whole-heartedly through their Music Awards programme that brings the talented underground artists under a single platform and promotes them. The musicians are divided into four categories on the basis of their genre of expertize viz. Pop, Rock, Global and Fusion; the audience can cast their vote for their favorite personality by visiting the following link before 22nd April 2015. The top voted artists will then move forward into Phase II of the competition which is again adjudged by the listeners- the final winners in the categories "Best Song", "Best Male", "Best Female", "Best Group" will thus be derived and amply rewarded. It is great to find out that the legendary rock performers like The Circus, Metal Massacre, Silvia Fernandes, Oliver Sean and a host of talented musicians are in the line-up. I have been a huge fan of Metal Massacre from college days...they have gone a long way since then...their popularity might just be propelled through Astistaloud's historic initiative. My sincere request to all of you music enthusiasts would be to visit the voting link and cast your precious vote for your favorite musician, that, my friend could make a difference for sure. An artist seeks encouragement to prosper - you, yes YOU can them help in this direction. Amen.

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