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A Dip into the Evolution of Indian Advertisements.....

Boy! You know what, this topic absolutely gone viral in my family since I have been running around, interviewing each one of the family members and getting their valuable inputs in terms of streamlining my thoughts because the domain of advertisements is diverse and incommensurable. Believe me, the task wasn't easy because the general reaction that's triggered when we start to talk about advertising is largely exacerbated because these "Creations" are rather considered as disturbances, disruptions or interruptions. 
"These advertisements are disgusting...they intrude in the midst of an intense scene during a thriller, they destroy the essence of a passionate outburst following an intensely emotional daily soap scene; and disrupts a cricket match at exactly the wrong time. God knows who designed them, God knows who invented the concept of AD's to begin with."- Well well...grandpa certainly isn't impressed with the "flow of advertisements" on television. "Oh ho, these Vicco Turmeric AD's before every Bollywood movie in a multiplex are repugnant, I mean we have paid for the movie, not for these old-school AD's."- Didi had a different perspective and I, to some extent agree with her. These Vicco Turmeric AD's are too mainstream I reckon, they haven't evolved over the last decade or so...unlike the other brands who have found newer ways to incorporate the 4 P's of marketing through their resourceful depiction.
"I don't mind as long as I get to see my favorite personalities in the various advertisements, I don't mind watching them again and again. Consider the charming Aamir Khan for the new snapdeal AD, Katrina Kaif in the beautiful Lux AD or our favorite Ranbir and Virat in Pepsi's new AD. I love how they cast the celebrities"- My bubbly cousin elucidated. She has been a perennial celebrity-hunter and these commercials have done a world of good in this respect. Yep, popular movie stars or sports personnel have certainly added their own charm in some of  the otherwise "Drab" advertisements. But that is only a small angle of analysis.
"Advertisements that do not capture the common sentiments well, can never appeal to the masses"- My neighbor, who's incidentally a student of marketing at IIMC explained..."Look at the marketing strategies of Titan, Gillette, Vodafone, Parle G, Nescafe, Fevikwik or even the latest Mauka Mauka series launched by Star Sports during the Cricket World Cup 2o15 etc. ..they have just nailed it with the ideas that they have managed to portray through the 20 second commercials. There are fantastic minds behind these AD's...I wish that we get to see more of these in the future."- He aforesaid.
"I think they should make more animated AD's...I would love to see more cartoons in the AD's too"- My innocent little niece voiced. Oh yes, she has a valid point out here...we hardly get to see some fantastic animated commercials these days despite all the technological advancements, sparkling upgradations in lens-work & the layer of creativity to form a legendary constitution.

Honestly speaking, animated characters have a visual impact on people of all age-groups; they can put forward their message without any preconditions, the epistle resounds loud and distinctly among all the viewers. Also, I guess there's very little confluence the Eastern and Western Culture in the Indian AD's and if budget is a constraint, creating hypothetical characters for the purpose of promotion won't be a bad idea either.
Furthermore, strangely, the incorporation of popular gaming characters into advertisements hasn't worked out in the Indian scenario in comparison to that abroad, especially when it comes to depicting "vengeance" or "fearlessness" as depicted by brands like Mountain Dew, you can perhaps think of having such a basic template. That, of course, comes with the idea of addressing the target audience, with the brands like Pepsi or Mountain Dew who are mostly directed towards the youth. Strategy is the key.

Also, I believe hockey, being the National sport has been grossly ignored in the sports advertising scenario. We could have sports brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma taking up the onus of promoting hockey because advertisements have a key social responsibility as well.
Talking of evolution of advertisements, well it is pretty natural that they might be influenced with respect to the recent trends, inclination, drift and preferences. Take the good old Pepsi AD for example where we saw the young Shahid Kapoor making an on-screen entry with the superhit Kuch Kuch Hota Hai triplet Shahrukh-Rani-Kajol...those moves certainly made our childhood.

The perfect example of this evolution could be dug out with the most expressive brand ever in the marketing, advertising and promotion scenario- Pepsi again, who introduced the two superstars Shahrukh and Sachin in their same commercial with a bend of humor. What it also did was to establish Pepsi as a bridge between cricket and Bollywood- the two heartthrobs of this country, the two focal points of attention. Even the content of the AD was fabricated pretty much on those lines. A big move indeed.

And of course, with the fantastic "Yeh dil maange more" AD, Pepsi, with it's gifted marketing  policy, touched the entire nation with the beautiful depiction. But then there have been advertising bloopers as well that has instigated criticism like our very own Hero Honda TVC that involved Sourav Ganguly and Hrithik Roshan. The TVC, after it's release, was greeted with a surge of negative feedback since the audience couldn't accept the fact that an International Cricketer could actually be hit out of the park by a Bollywood hero, that too with a baseball stick...that in effect, doesn't portray the true essence of "Desh Ki Dhadkan". This AD could however have been structured differently by portraying personalities from different sporting backgrounds demonstrating their skills in their respective fields of interest, and Hero Honda supporting the cause. Not to be. Some AD's however, have hit those right chords and tickled our funny bones with amicable level of proficiency. Let's take a look at those splendid creations in the compilation below. Let's stand up and applaud the behind-the-scenes creators who have taken this "art" to a whole new level!

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