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A Dip into the Evolution of Indian Advertisements.....

Boy! You know what, this topic absolutely gone viral in my family since I have been running around, interviewing each one of the family members and getting their valuable inputs in terms of streamlining my thoughts because the domain of advertisements is diverse and incommensurable. Believe me, the task wasn't easy because the general reaction that's triggered when we start to talk about advertising is largely exacerbated because these "Creations" are rather considered as disturbances, disruptions or interruptions. 
"These advertisements are disgusting...they intrude in the midst of an intense scene during a thriller, they destroy the essence of a passionate outburst following an intensely emotional daily soap scene; and disrupts a cricket match at exactly the wrong time. God knows who designed them, God knows who invented the concept of AD's to begin with."- Well well...grandpa certainly isn't impressed with the "flow of advertisements" on television. "Oh ho, these Vicco Turmeric AD's before every Bollywood movie in a multiplex are repugnant, I mean we have paid for the movie, not for these old-school AD's."- Didi had a different perspective and I, to some extent agree with her. These Vicco Turmeric AD's are too mainstream I reckon, they haven't evolved over the last decade or so...unlike the other brands who have found newer ways to incorporate the 4 P's of marketing through their resourceful depiction.
"I don't mind as long as I get to see my favorite personalities in the various advertisements, I don't mind watching them again and again. Consider the charming Aamir Khan for the new snapdeal AD, Katrina Kaif in the beautiful Lux AD or our favorite Ranbir and Virat in Pepsi's new AD. I love how they cast the celebrities"- My bubbly cousin elucidated. She has been a perennial celebrity-hunter and these commercials have done a world of good in this respect. Yep, popular movie stars or sports personnel have certainly added their own charm in some of  the otherwise "Drab" advertisements. But that is only a small angle of analysis.
"Advertisements that do not capture the common sentiments well, can never appeal to the masses"- My neighbor, who's incidentally a student of marketing at IIMC explained..."Look at the marketing strategies of Titan, Gillette, Vodafone, Parle G, Nescafe, Fevikwik or even the latest Mauka Mauka series launched by Star Sports during the Cricket World Cup 2o15 etc. ..they have just nailed it with the ideas that they have managed to portray through the 20 second commercials. There are fantastic minds behind these AD's...I wish that we get to see more of these in the future."- He aforesaid.
"I think they should make more animated AD's...I would love to see more cartoons in the AD's too"- My innocent little niece voiced. Oh yes, she has a valid point out here...we hardly get to see some fantastic animated commercials these days despite all the technological advancements, sparkling upgradations in lens-work & the layer of creativity to form a legendary constitution.

Honestly speaking, animated characters have a visual impact on people of all age-groups; they can put forward their message without any preconditions, the epistle resounds loud and distinctly among all the viewers. Also, I guess there's very little confluence the Eastern and Western Culture in the Indian AD's and if budget is a constraint, creating hypothetical characters for the purpose of promotion won't be a bad idea either.
Furthermore, strangely, the incorporation of popular gaming characters into advertisements hasn't worked out in the Indian scenario in comparison to that abroad, especially when it comes to depicting "vengeance" or "fearlessness" as depicted by brands like Mountain Dew, you can perhaps think of having such a basic template. That, of course, comes with the idea of addressing the target audience, with the brands like Pepsi or Mountain Dew who are mostly directed towards the youth. Strategy is the key.

Also, I believe hockey, being the National sport has been grossly ignored in the sports advertising scenario. We could have sports brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma taking up the onus of promoting hockey because advertisements have a key social responsibility as well.
Talking of evolution of advertisements, well it is pretty natural that they might be influenced with respect to the recent trends, inclination, drift and preferences. Take the good old Pepsi AD for example where we saw the young Shahid Kapoor making an on-screen entry with the superhit Kuch Kuch Hota Hai triplet Shahrukh-Rani-Kajol...those moves certainly made our childhood.

The perfect example of this evolution could be dug out with the most expressive brand ever in the marketing, advertising and promotion scenario- Pepsi again, who introduced the two superstars Shahrukh and Sachin in their same commercial with a bend of humor. What it also did was to establish Pepsi as a bridge between cricket and Bollywood- the two heartthrobs of this country, the two focal points of attention. Even the content of the AD was fabricated pretty much on those lines. A big move indeed.

And of course, with the fantastic "Yeh dil maange more" AD, Pepsi, with it's gifted marketing  policy, touched the entire nation with the beautiful depiction. But then there have been advertising bloopers as well that has instigated criticism like our very own Hero Honda TVC that involved Sourav Ganguly and Hrithik Roshan. The TVC, after it's release, was greeted with a surge of negative feedback since the audience couldn't accept the fact that an International Cricketer could actually be hit out of the park by a Bollywood hero, that too with a baseball stick...that in effect, doesn't portray the true essence of "Desh Ki Dhadkan". This AD could however have been structured differently by portraying personalities from different sporting backgrounds demonstrating their skills in their respective fields of interest, and Hero Honda supporting the cause. Not to be. Some AD's however, have hit those right chords and tickled our funny bones with amicable level of proficiency. Let's take a look at those splendid creations in the compilation below. Let's stand up and applaud the behind-the-scenes creators who have taken this "art" to a whole new level!

*I am joining in on all the Pepsi IPL action in my own style with the #CrashThePepsiIPL activity at BlogAdda. This Pepsi IPL, it’s not just about cricket. It’s time to crash with your own created ad! Make your own Pepsi ad & if it’s chosen, it could play on TV during Pepsi IPL! And hey, it doesn't end here… Even if you're chosen as a finalist, you stand a chance of winning a prize amount of Rs.1 lakh! So what are you waiting for guys? Make the most of this opportunity. Because music is the driving force.....

Talking of underground artists, the most prominent memory that floats in my mind is that of a young Punk Rock chorister who literally set the OAT (Jadavpur University, Calcutta) on fire during our legendary musical fest in 2010. We had absolutely no clue with respect to this new talent, but we certainly had no option left with the perennial crisis scenario created by shortage of funds & a few key sponsors backing out at the last moment. But then this very adept and endowed artist didn't let us down. His stage-presence was brilliant and his consonance was prodigious; shows the potential of the underground artists.
To sight another example, even St. Xaviers had a couple of fantastic East Coast Hip Hop artists who performed on stage during their acclaimed music fest called Xavotsav...the ones who were there on that particular night would definitely acknowledge the fact that the performance by "EC Rappers" was just out of the world. And the instances are countless, these underground artists have been treating us with complete allegiance since the inception...but then their worth has not been consummated. Yet, the level of talent and felicity in this genre is boundless, what is it that has cloaked their acquiescence? Why is it that artists who pursue these forms of music aren't getting promoted at all? Are we staunch purists or are we ready to accept newer, rather fresh perspectives?

Behold! All these questions have definitely resounded across the canvas of Global music and the response that it has managed to extricate, has been pretty encouraging. We have the pioneers of music industry stepping forward and supporting this cause whole-heartedly through their Music Awards programme that brings the talented underground artists under a single platform and promotes them. The musicians are divided into four categories on the basis of their genre of expertize viz. Pop, Rock, Global and Fusion; the audience can cast their vote for their favorite personality by visiting the following link before 22nd April 2015. The top voted artists will then move forward into Phase II of the competition which is again adjudged by the listeners- the final winners in the categories "Best Song", "Best Male", "Best Female", "Best Group" will thus be derived and amply rewarded. It is great to find out that the legendary rock performers like The Circus, Metal Massacre, Silvia Fernandes, Oliver Sean and a host of talented musicians are in the line-up. I have been a huge fan of Metal Massacre from college days...they have gone a long way since then...their popularity might just be propelled through Astistaloud's historic initiative. My sincere request to all of you music enthusiasts would be to visit the voting link and cast your precious vote for your favorite musician, that, my friend could make a difference for sure. An artist seeks encouragement to prosper - you, yes YOU can them help in this direction. Amen.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I wish I could frame that moment....

"Dada, ball wapas do na"- The impish looking kid pleaded from the other side of the boundary wall. He knew that he had little hope with this one though. 
This has been the story of our summer so much of clamor, so much of distraction to add to our perennial woes. With the Panchayat elections coming up in the next week, we have had enough with the pre-election commitments; those cacophonous, discordant enunciations on the loudspeaker had literally asphyxiated us by then. The increasing humidity coupled with the exponentially rising rate of power-cuts did enough to blow off the fuse called "resilience". The irregular water-supply and the constantly fluctuating flow-pressure had complicated our woes to a "harrowing level". And when I come back the context, I guess the phrase "Bad timing" would fit into the groove perfectly.
My word, these otherwise innocent kids could have chosen some other occasion to rage their comical debacle. Not that this was the first time, but the setting was absolutely not right. We have been seeing different groups of teenagers flocking around from the neighbourhood slums, indulging in their perennial fun and frolic at the adjacent thin strip of land connecting our two blocks. Yes, the mere sighter of these virtuous souls splashing effervescent happiness through the regular soccer-centric-chores during the rainy season, was indeed uplifting. I'm not even exaggerating a bit....their sense of euphoria had a reciprocative effect on an otherwise dizzy-corporate soul, the essence of freedom depicted through their moves had a stimulating effect for sure. In short, it does present the idea of a well-framed, well timed, well constructed...and of course perfectly photogenic picture.
But...But...But...Are we missing on something vitally important? Was it that smooth a proceeding as it looks like? No my friend...every picture-perfect scenario has a hidden layer of unforeseen glitch that does present a different picture altogether...!!

This (impish) little kid had nothing to do with the "common" gambol...the delirious beguilement...he used to sit at one corner of ground and watch his friends'-spunky-on-field-show with hours of undaunted raptness. Oh wait...did I just use the word "friend", ummm let me think twice because I have never seen anybody talking to him until and unless they needed his favor of rushing to a nearby stationary store to buy a new ping-pong ball or the "very familiar" ping-your-rowdy-neighbor-for-the-ball scenario. I seriously have no idea why he used to comply to those irrational commands every-time, perhaps the mere idea of getting chance to cling on to the 'precious sphere of hope' at least for a while, used to allure him to the core. The reason why I say this- I have observed him replicating the bowling actions of various international pace bowlers at times, when nobody's watching...i.e. when he feels that nobody's watching. He was a mysterious character for sure; I did try to talk to him a couple of times on my way to office...he never complied and ran away. It was as if the entire world was conspiring against him; life can be cruel at times. We keep complaining about our recurrent quandary, our botherations but if we look at the world beyond our limited purview, the scenario is a lot of worse. This little kid had nobody to back his case, nobody to stand by his side and fight against those ruthless creatures who never even offered him the position in the field, the ones who made fun of him when he naively chanted "Mai bhi Sachin Tendulkar banunga" while standing behind the wicket-keeper during a friendly gully-cricket match. That was the first time when I heard him speak...such a sweet, euphonious voice that was. I had to, had to do something for this little chap who dared to aspire "big" was as if like a self-cinched mission of bridging the gap between God and his devotee. The essence of 'kinship' surfaced.

Oh, and did I forget to join the dots? Yes, that's how it all started. I misbehaved with this innocent chap when his friends shoved to do the dirty job of collecting those "mishits" from the grumpy neighbor...Sigh, I was no exception. I thought about it all day, his disconcerned reaction was literally killing me from inside. He never turned back with a dirty look neither did he run away in defeat...he stood there, right in-front of my staircase for good 5 seconds as if in shock and walked away eventually. Why did he not revolt? Why didn't he point towards those bunch of miscreants and shrugged off his responsibility? Why didn't he cry even? - The questions kept lingering in my mind...something had to be done, and done real soon. The sense of remorse was nibbling into me.

The "Mauka Mauka" moment had to come, and it came real soon. I knew that the surprise I had planned for this little slum kid might appear to be rather impertinent; all I can say turned out to be just about PERFECT. I had been tracking his moves for sometime back then and it didn't take me too long to discover where he lives. However, it did take some effort (and approximately 4-5 visits to his hut) to convince his parents with respect to this "dhamakedar" plan...but I eventually succeeded. I was eagerly waiting for the day to arrive...
"Ladies and gentlemen...put your hands together for the one and only Sachiinnn Tendulkar....his 199th test at your own Eden Gardens..."- Ravi Shastri's animated voice reverberated across the entire jam-packed stadium. Little Dip (I got to know his name on the way to Eden gardens on that very particular match day), sitting right beside me, had a big smile on his face...for the first time ever. And when Sachin came out to bat, I saw a raring glow in his eyes, the sight that I can never ever forget. The entire Eden Gardens stood up to acknowledge the Little Master....I, on the other hand, acknowledged his vivacious passion for the game. That's what exactly I mean by "like-minded people"- there was an inner connection for sure, glad that I realized it at the right moment.

Let me be very honest with you, I had received plenty of stinkers from my family and friends after this game because of the fact that I chose to take another stranger alongside when the demand for match tickets were soaring high; I don't know why I did it....I don't even want to think over it as well. I followed my gut-feeling...I followed my inner-call and that's what matters in the end. I have often debated about "charity" (if you would like to use the term though I don't approve of it), in itself is a selfish deed because the donor draws happiness through the reciprocal effect. I don't mind if you call me "selfish" considering the fact that I had misbehaved with this unblemished chap and had to make up for it. In the end, 'he' was delighted and that's what matters. That smile, to me, was more precious than anything else. I wish I could frame that moment and put it up right beside the picture of Kapil Dev and this team's resurgent 1983 triumph. The two stories are similar in many aspects, my friend. Think about it. Amen :)
N.B. - Furthermore, I have also been an active part of a number of CSR activities for my organization. Here's a specimen.

*I am participating in the #DilKiDealOnSnapdeal activity at BlogAdda in association with SnapDeal. The images used in this blog-post have been self-shot and are indicative in nature. They shouldn't be copied without my permission.

Monday, April 13, 2015

ASUS Zenfone 2: The New Era of Smartphone Experience...

Well well. They call me a smartphone-aficionado because of a couple of reasons...1. I prefer not to indulge in those specialized features to start off with 2. I tend to dig out a rationale between the lineaments as well those personal specific requirements. Honestly speaking, my parents are absolutely non-technical when it comes to "gauging a gadget" and it is indeed a daunting task to convince them in their own terms. But then, judging from the prospective potential, the all new ASUS Zenfone 2 looks like an worthy (time) investment. As a patron of mobile-governance, I had always thought of a powerful, efficacious and robust solution that could perhaps take the smart-phone experience to a whole new level, adding the charm of piquancy with every "swipe" goes without saying that this device is nothing but a judicious level up over all it's counterparts.

Palpability: "Dude, you know what...I wanted to send the images of our shafts and impellers to our client by the EOD. But the phone camera is so weak...those grains had absolutely been destroyed. Low light shots through the mobile camera seems like 2050"- Dad had begrudged. Makes perfect sense, this demur...our mobile phones (even iPhones to some extent) haven't managed to cope up with the ingrained atrocities while click pictures in low light. And that is exactly where ASUS steps in. The sophisticated pixel merging technology solves impending issue by capturing approximately 400% brighter photographs in dim or low light. Infact the bliss of a 13MP PixelMaster camera and f/2.0-aperture lens is nothing but a huge uplifter for people who can't afford to carry a DSLR to their work-place (almost all I mean) yet they are not ready to compromise with the picture quality. ASUS Zenfone 2 makes it happen for sure.

Regeneration: Oh yes. I'm sure that all of you could relate to this. Talking of a recent experience while watching an IPL match at the Eden Gardens, I did realize the absolute need of a quick charging device. My friend was carrying a sophisticated mobile phone at evidently ran out of charge midway through the match. Thankfully, he discovered a charging point inside the ground but the time it took to "regenerate" was good enough to ensure that he misses Chris Gayle's power-packed performance with the bat. Not to worry though because the good people at ASUS have taken note of these aggravations and designed the Zenfone 2 with the intrinsic ASUS BoostMaster Technology that charges your prized device at almost double the rate of it's counterparts. I'm absolutely spell-bound to learn that this esteemed device charges up at the rate of 60% in the limited time span of 39 minutes. Legendary stuff.

Multitasker: Multitasking is an obligatory trait when it comes to life in the 21st century and that is exactly what the ASUS Zenfone 2 is all about. Boy! How assuaging it is to realize that even your smartphone is a replica of your real life endeavour. I had always wondered whether I could actually work on a presentation on mobile phone and run yet another utility application in the short as dad says- "Can be mobile be a miniature high configuration laptop?". The engineers at ASUS say YES. The brave-heart equipped with a 2.3 GHz 64-bit Intel® Atom™ Z3580 processor and 4GB RAM accounts for a three times improved day to day  performance and a whopping 7 times gaming experience- it is indeed a revelation in the history of mobile technology. Also the 3D gaming experience now gives me the leverage of masking my frustration when mom snatches the remote during a live match. 

Harmony: I belong to a family that has a rich background in mom has been a trained classical singer and dad a hawaiian guitar professional. It is almost imperative to note that when it comes to hearkening on music in any form, there's no question of compromise. Boy! The name "Golden Ear" in enticing in itself...the sonicmaster audio enrichment serves as the icing on the cake. It just doesn't compromise with the sound quality irrespective of the mode you choose- Headphones or speakers. Yes, I know that people might just be questioning the authenticity of this statement of mine because mobile phones tend to degrade the audio quality in any are forced to carry an iPod alongside. Dude, check out the True-to-Life surround feature and you'll be absolutely bowled over. This is nothing less than a revolution because it defies the general principle of m-advancements. Perhaps we are in the making of a glorious breed of musicians called the Zenfone 2 composers.

Dexterous: Every artist has it's own trademark impression. The 'artists' at ASUS have left their impression through the dexterous Zenfone 2 that quickly adjusts to the humane nature of the users through it's effective adaptiveness. Just Tap Tap, or Swipe to get things done quickly and easily. Typing the key-words like C on screen to launch Camera, W for Browser, S for Messaging, e for Email, Z for ASUS Boost, and V for Dialer- these are fantastic short-cuts indeed. Shows that ASUS pays utmost attention to the users and addressing their key pain-points. That's the avant-garde mode of addressing user-requirement; convinced...?

Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Wash Bucket Challenge: A Tribute...

"Grandpa, once you're done with your classes, let's go out for a stroll?"- I recommended, as a 15 year old kid, I was very much attached to my grandparents...especially Grandpa who taught me the way of life. I wanted to spend my entire day with them; that unfortunately couldn't happen owing to the increasing burden of studies and overload of extra-curriculars...this was my perfect opportunity indeed. Grandpa had just about finished his voluntary English coaching classes when I entered the scene; there was ardor in my eyes.
"Take Logo (our pet dog) along Dadubhai, I have to help your Dida (grandma) with some daily errands...her back pain has exacerbated over the last couple of weeks. She has been managing everything on her own right from mentoring your dad to being my primary support system in tough times, I think even you should try and help your mother in whatever way you can. She'll feel good about it."- He didn't want to disappoint me, but at the same time there was a strong message that came out of his statement; the words that still resound in my ears...the words that did throng those ingrained inhibitions that perhaps nested in my vitality without even realizing it.
Years have passed by, dadu is no more...but his principles, his beliefs, his praxis still inspires us. This actually might sound disjointed, but in course of my recent photo-walks, my camera has captured a number of frames where women (read "only women") have been spotted to have been entrusted with 'laundry work'. This observation holds good for street-photography as well as shooting indoors for candid assignments. This is absolutely heinous with respect to the modern day scenario where "equality", in every aspect of our social life, is of prime emphasis. 
To cite some vivid examples, let me take you on a ride into the greens of rural Bengal...down to South 24 Paraganas; as an integral part of the cluster development programme we were assigned the responsibility of an extensive coverage on the "Batik printing workers of Bengal" in terms of their lifestyle, mode of operation, business channel, profitability etc. In this context, let me tell you that washing, rinsing and dewaxing form a key component of the entire process of Batik printing..that is an art in itself. It might be unfair to compare the above mentioned processes with "laundry", but then even if we analyze from the perspective of "sharing the load", the fact the men equally contribute to the otherwise-female-centric-exercise is a huge boon. I was absolutely thrilled to see both the genders participating in the otherwise tedious exercise, with women extending their benefaction in the venerated 'core' batik printing process. This trend has also been observed in case of artisans who are involved in manufacturing brass and bell metal utensils in and around West Bengal where there's no gender-discrimination when it comes to execution. In course of the training programme, we have also been informally told that sometimes the husbands cook (in addition to aiding in cleansing, monitoring kids and laundry work) for their "gifted consorts" in times bulk demand; mostly seen in the households of the "Zari Embroidery" cluster where women have a better "hold" of the proceedings while men take care of all the daily chores.

Coming back to the point, well, I come from a very traditional...rather classical (grihasta) Bengali family and honestly speaking it's almost like a convention that females are not supposed to go out and work. Of late, the decorous customs have been torn apart by the newer generation but then we have grown up seeing our mothers toiling all day with the household devoirs. As a kid, I always used to wonder...why on earth would my mother, of all people, wash clothes? I knew that she was a brilliant student, a School and University topper...she was my only tutor till the Secondary level in school...why would she be solely responsible for the trifling laundry job? I used to quietly walk up to her through the mess of filthy clothes and cling on to her saree...this drudgery was certainly not meant for her. I could never express my feelings, but those questions kept lingering in my mind. I guess dad could sense my feelings...and one fine day he woke up early and before heading out for work, he decided to give us a huge surprise. 

"Did you wash all those clothes all by yourself?"- Mom catechized. It came like a shocker to the entire family conferring round the dining table, it was around 9:30 PM and dad had just returned home from office. He was just about to drop off his drenched hand-bag and rush to the washroom when mom's incisive query struck him like a bullet.
"Whoa! Like what? you meaaan?"- He was literally stammering through his words...he couldn't swallow the fact that he had been caught "red handed".
She smiled, rather smirked at her husband's did the entire family. Dad had actually broken the so-called convention, he has always been a compassionate human being; he infact wanted mom to take up P.H.D in genetics, the subject that she loved the most. Not to be...the family restraints, the social strictures and of course "my responsibility" had taken a toll on her booming ambition, she was always pre-occupied either with me or with the daily tribulation. She really wanted to see me excel in life...!!

Now, that I'm settled...she's rather contended, and that I can see that in her expressive eyes. She never lets me indulge in house-work, she feels that I should rather concentrate on my F.P.M. post 5 years of work-experience. She shoves me out of the kitchen whenever I offer to cook for her on weekends..."You must be damn tired my boy, take rest"- that's what she says. Hmm...nevermind, I had a prudent mitigation plan at the back of my mind.
The expression on her face when I gifted her a brand new Whirlpool washing machine with my first salary, was just priceless. She is indeed a very 'strong person', never expresses her emotions but on that particular day, for the very first time in my life, I saw a moist pair of eyes. It was was esoteric. And it has been a "collaborative" effort from then on...laundry is now a jubilant affair with me and mom working together towards eradicating the putridity off our costumes; let me be honest with this one...I enjoy this mini-chit-chat-cum-gossip session with mom in-front of the washing machine. I won't say that I'm extremely good with this, but then the experience counts. Ariel Matic (fabricated for washing-machine specific application) has certainly made my job easier with it's fantastic 'fibre-centric-filth-sanitizing' trait. Ariel has been our trusted solution for years now and surprisingly we have seen a drastic improvement in it's performance every-time. It's like a protective gear for a debutant..!!

For a first timer, it was indeed a very tough job in gauging the "temperature setting" of the washing machine...but then you do learn from your mistakes. The biggest disaster that happened was that I had mixed up those brand-new fancy colored Henleys with a snow-white formal shirt just to discover that it has been absolutely gutted owing to some unanticipated colour-bleeding. I got to know that pre-treatment of 'tricky strains' in cold water is a must before putting it into the machine. The application of hot water might be a pathetic idea when it comes to grease-marks, it might add to the torment (Gosh..that's what I exactly did). Also, I must confess that overloading the washing machine was perhaps not a good idea, I could see the unattended portions of a stained Tee. Also, mom recommended that the front door should be kept open for a while, just to facilitate air-circulation and the residuum (in any form) should be removed immediately after the functionality is completed. It goes without saying that, taking up the "challenge" for the first time was indeed "challenging"..but then it was a learning curve nevertheless. The exposure has been of immense help when I was posted in the U.S. for a good 6 months and I had to take care of the laundry all by myself. Phew! I sure needed this exposure before I migrated. Operating a washing machine on my own was 'some task'.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen...I have taken the venerated #WashBucketChallenge, take my word for's absolutely worth it...!!

This post has been written as a part of the #WashBucketChallenge activity by Blogadda in association with Ariel India. I would like to nominate my fellow male bloggers BiswaDepanjanPranay, Indrajit and Rangan da to take up this challenge as a mark of tribute to women who have voluntarily taken up this very responsibility. Cheers folks!
N.B.- Thanks mom for clicking my picture inspite of the swelling ordeal at home because of shifting apartments. Hats off :)

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