Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Optimist's Abode....

"Hoega, tere se hoega"- The apparently 'judicious' and resourceful creature sitting on the other end of the table professed. This had to come; almost as imperative as the swelling T.R.P level during an India-Pakistan game..the situation was perhaps slightly different. I was facing the company's partner after a rather forgetful client confrontation. I almost knew that it going to get ugly but then the sense of calmness was astonishing to say the least. I don't know whether I should actually buy that statement or should I accept it with the sting of sarcasm.
"It was a statement of reassurance, be confident about yourself...the storm is going to pass away very very soon"- Dad insured. What was this all about? I mean, there seems to be a logical disconnect between what I anticipated and what I'm actually getting to hear. Is there a delinquency somewhere down the line? 
"Sit here"- Mom solicited, she has always been a mind-reader..."I know what's going through your mind and I can tell you it's a passing phase. You have always been a champion, you have fought against the odds, survived the toughest phase of your life and still emerged with flying colors. You shouldn't be perplexed at this."- She predicated. That did make a lot of sense. I slowly walked up to the darkest corner of our beloved 'hut', perhaps the word 'dark' is allegorical because this has indeed been the source of hope...I have historically drawn inspiration out of the closet of dismal has been convincingly ennobling on me. 
Take the example of our mansion that was built in the year 1911, in the British Period and has been under a lot of threats since then. By threat, I not only mean those external threats by promoters or the corporation norms but wistfully the 'internal threats' post dadu (grandpaa)'s demise have been demoralizing to the core. The residency that was once a hub of harmony and concord, is now nothing but a pillar of divide-and-rule. It's so disappointing that in-spite of the underlying bond, the entire family is now segregated into discrete groups...but that's hasn't managed to wash away the ingrained consonance. In the year 2013, my uncle adopted a little kid from the Missionaries of Charity, yes and there I said it....the missing link was finally instituted. Amen !

The Optimist's Abode
By the way, we are talking about being "Optimistic" and perhaps not being "over-ambitious". And in this direction, I guess there no point in denying that the fact that my parents have always guided me very very a bright student, you sometimes run into the risk of getting carried away. And there you need to control the buoyancy; as a student I had enough of potential to perhaps crack both the WBJEE as well as the IITJEE but then decided to streamline the ambition and cut down on the extended possibilities. Driven by the essence of positivismI prepared only for WBJEE and despite the health related quandary I managed to secure a State rank of 88. However, the woes didn't end there...jinxed by the cutting dilemma of taking up higher studies V/s a lucrative job pegged me back big time and unfortunately I chose the wrong path. But then what should I do? Step back and shade tears of agony or look beyond those bummers and hope for a better future?- I guess the latter one makes more sense. Yes, I suffer a lot to start off with...the target-centric approach, the corporate politics did take a toll on me but then I always knew that things would slowly but surely settle in...I was rather optimistic in this scenario and why not? I have seen dad taking up the onus all by himself and supporting us in the process....if he can single-handedly ward off all the atrocities, I guess I'm no different. For more inspiring stories on euphoric optimism, check out the official website of Some say, "you made your bed, now you have to lay in it". I say, change the sheets and try again! Optimism has perpetually been the driving force of a Nation !!

There's so much of history in here...
"My life is a book, I'm the author your just the reader. It's an autobiography not a biography, I choose the characters, how it goes, and how it ends"- The anonymous optimist. #LookUp

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