Monday, March 23, 2015

The Kelloggs Kaleidoscope...

Boy! You know what...the mere prospect of stopping over at a connoisseur's abode is nothing but beguiling. It's almost correspondent to the essence of eternal truth, the Bongs do not need a reason to pounce on-to the tiniest crumb, their sense of 'smell' is almost comparable to that of an ant & their ability to gobble touches the highest peak of the Everest without much of an effort. And why not? It has been historically proven that Bongs contribute to perhaps the most cooks from across the world; they have magic in their fingers. 
And the diversity reflects from their characteristic food-habits about breakfast, It's almost like a myth that every bong family in Calcutta would ideally resort to "Luchi and Alu-r Dam", ably supported by those delectable hot Jalebi's from the neighbourhood sweet meat shop..oh yes, there's a lot of poetry in each bite. But then, you know, the Bongs are rather tolerant when it comes to experimenting with food...they might have their own preferences, but given a choice, they don't mind digging into an 'alien platter', especially when it promises to be a healthy one with a refreshing twist. Ah, you got that right fellas...when I came across the latest Kelloggs TVC , let me confess...I was simply blown away by the charm of acquaintanceship ingrained in it. It was almost like an instant connection that this TVC had managed to stitch through it's nimble representation...Guptaji and his lively family seemed to be pretty much part of the "like-minded-category".

"A healthy family, is a happy family"- The good old saying makes perfect sense when I analyze the possible schema of staying healthy. And when I use the term "healthy" I do refer to the physical as well as mental health...eating the right kind of food and harvesting inner peace. Voila!! Guptaji and his happy family has managed to tick both the boxes with absolute fidelity. A quick glance into their kitchen...dear oh dear, they have almost 'authored' a culinary encyclopedia that spells diversity on one end and restores piquancy without compromising with the nutrition quotient. A sneak peak into their menu and I was completely taken aback by the free-flowing "artistry" in's amazing how have they have indulged into so much of experimentation with the very common, readily available ingredients and created some mind-blowing dishes of their own. If I had to pick one out these incredible recipes, I'll definitely choose the Chapatti Cornflakes Chivda that is in effect a generous mix of green chillies, curry leaves, asafetida, peanuts, daria dal, roasted chapatti, and roasted Kelloggs corn-flakes that simply tantalizes the otherwise perched taste buds that strive for 'comestible solace'. 

And the best part is, the entire family is pretty much open about their "trade secrets"..they could easily open up an in-house cooking-school with the level of expertise they possess, but they prefer in sharing happiness with the rest of the world through "public" Facebook posts. It is also to be noted that they are hard-core professionals when it comes to treating their guests; the net preparation time for this savory "Nashta" is as miserly as 10 minutes, it effectively implies that the guest is never left unattended at any point in time.
By the way, I have also been impressed with the concept behind Cornflake Popcorn Clusters because that, in effect, symbolises the inner bond between all the family members...the 'sorcery' of watching a movie with the family is just priceless and when you have a bowl-full-of-awesomeness right in front, you might just continue with the second movie at a stretch. And again, it takes around 10 mins to complete the entire exercise and refill the popcorn tub. And then, you have the likes of the classy Cabbage Corn Salad in Basil Curd Dressing or the retro Strawberry and Banana Cornflakes to soothe your replenishing hunger-quotient. Boy, sounds like a plan this. Can't wait for Guptaji's invitation to arrive.

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