Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Happiness of Clicking...

Oh well, I was having a heated up discussion with my colleague last Friday in judging the relative precedence of a promotion over good rating when the perspective called "Happiness" or "Euphoria" intruded into the frame. Such impingements are very common during the appraisal time when employees get to retrospect and resolve accordingly.
"I guess I should get promoted to a Senior Consultant this year...I have stretched myself quite a bit this year"-  My colleague asserted, he seemed to be very confident about the outcome of an extended call with the Partner.
"Hmm. But will that really make you happy? Think about it." - My instantaneous razor-sharp inquiry came in as a shocker. Well, really? For a person who aspires to be an entrepreneur five years down the line, the prospect of a consolation promotion shouldn't have been significant enough..perhaps at the end of the day, a short-term binge of happiness surfaces. I refuse to concur definition of happiness is slightly distinctive. Happiness, to me is nothing but an uncurbed license of free-spirited expression. On these lines, let's look at Coca-Cola's revolutionary advertisement, the perennial advocate of unscripted happiness.

As a little kid, colourful frames have always appealed to me...those shades have literally plunged into my senses and revitalized them. Mom says that even as a toddler, all it needed was a generous dose of colourful pictures to pacify me...she has even preserved those colorful albums & magic painting books as memoirs of those kaleidoscopic salad days. Voila! Talking of inclination, nothing has changed over the last 26 the intensity has increased manifold. Now that I have a fantastic camera at my disposal to "frame those colors" word, it's an ecstatic feeling. I would rather say that the camera is quite a conjurer, it can extract worthy perspectives out of the most mundane frames and add life to it. I have been recently doing a lot of photo-walks in and around Calcutta under the supervision of "Calcutta Walks" and the level of knowledge I'm gaining in the process is insurmountable.  Knowledge as a pathway to enlightenment is always gratifying, especially the prospect of excavating so many uncovered secrets of your own city, is a fascinating prospect....and to add to that learning, you get a chance to quench your replenishing thirst of clicking graceful ingrained shades of the city. I've been a potential late-riser over the years but astonishingly on the "Photowalk" days, I tend to wake up before the alarm clock breaks it's inertia of rest and manages to respond. Addictive..!!

The Happiness Central: Colourful Snippets from one of my recent photo-walks in North Calcutta
"How do you manage to strike a balance between such a grilling work-life and your mad photography-assignments?"  - Someone had asked me on Facebook.
"Because I'm happy"- My response was rather instinctive but I'm absolutely in sync with the mood reflected in Pharrell Williams' legendary number. You should always take out inspiration from the daily chores and I'm on my way of doing exactly that. Somewhere down the line, I plan to take up photography as a full-time profession because consulting, after a while, brings in the feeling of stagnation while the hunt for frames unveils newer avenues , unfurls newer angles with every passing day. The feeling of contentment in a perfectly timed shot is unrivaled. Yes, technically speaking a perfect low-light shot with decent composition charges me up...but then photography, in itself is salvation as far as I'm concerned. I won't cite multiple facets because I sincerely don't want to dilute the gravity of my "Top-most Happiness Driving Factor"...the mere prospect of an upcoming weekend turns me; that's when I get to spend time out in the streets of Calcutta and peep into the world through my lens. Click!

The Happiness Central: There's a lot of effervescent happiness in digging life out of mundane frames...
*Want to find out more about the Coca Cola International Day Of Happiness? Please visit the following link. All the pictures used in this blog-post are self-clicked and shouldn't be copied or represented in any form without my permission..!!

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