Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Big Step...

Well, honestly speaking life hasn't been even remotely close to a bed of roses in my case..not that I'm whining or lamenting about it, but then I had to fight it out at each and every stage for sure. Yes, I do agree that it has developed me as person..it has molded me and added an extra dimension called 'encumbrance'. I knew that each and every decision that I take in course of my life could actually back-fire in some stage or the other but then I had the confidence of facing the unpropitious aftermath. Yes, it goes without saying that life has interesting bends...how you negotiate those defines you as a person; you often tend to get carried away in the flow but the ones who manage to curb their lust, survives in the end.

"Had I been in your place, I perhaps wouldn't have taken such a huge risk...you are potential role-model"- My cousin had once written to me from the States. The decision that I took was perhaps an imprudent one considering my academic or professional potential but then I had responded to the eternal call...the arbitration that touch those right chords. I never wanted to transform myself into a potential money maker...but then I wanted to reach those heights of redemption through my work, I wanted to explore my creative potential...my resourcefulness. Yes, as I have already mentioned...life has managed to amaze me at times, I have never had easy success...nothing has ever been served on my platter. As an under-graduate, I had to go out of my way to impress the recruiting committee of one of the leading MN C's in the country...yes, it was a compulsive choice. Being a ruthless corporate was never a part of my wish-list, I had vibrant..rather gallant ideas; but then at the back of my mind I knew that coming from a lower middle class family perhaps it was not the right choice to be ambitious...I had a family to support. I convinced myself and synced with the flow...not for long though. I received my third consecutive "employee of the year" award when I realized that "licking the partners' feet" was never my game. I would rather request him to visit my studio and gift him a lovely portfolio ...!!

Well..well, did I just spill out my "big plan"? Oh yes, no worries with that though, I eventually had to. The first major step that I took apart from erasing the prospect of pursuing higher studies from the under-graduate level, was to quit my respectable job in a fantastic company. Everything was "set" as my manager would say...I was supposed to visit the U.S. in 2014 as per his plan- my first on-site that is. 
"Not many people get such an opportunity, Sammya...you must realize this. You are lucky, don't waste this opportunity. You can very well buy a 5D Mark III with all the savings when you come back!"- He did try his best to convince me, but then I was in a trance...a trance to explore the world through my lens. I did have to settle for an entry level EOS 550D to start off with, but I knew that it wasn't solely about the camera...it's about the intent of the perhaps being the view-finder. I was rather optimistic, as if in sync with the apothegm of Housing.com that spells exhilaration..and that, in effect, was my first big step at "respecting myself and my prejudices". And believe me...it yielded rich benefits. I had no preconditions in mind when I headed off to solo trips in search of perspectives and frames, I shot without any fear..any bother or dismay. I was a glorious reprise indeed; yes I had to curb on my lavish "daily expenses" but then slowly and surely I had moved into the professional arena...I had started making money out of photography. My friends ridiculed me big time..I don't blame them though, it's difficult to leave behind those worldly pleasures and pursue your aspiration. I'm happy that I took this call. It was not long before I received my first 'non-corporate' pay-check as a mark of appreciation for a prestigious wedding shoot. The feeling was out-of-the-world, my friend....simply out-of-the-world!!

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