Thursday, March 5, 2015

Pamper them...

Umm...well before I actually start to write this post, let me confess this...I have had an extended session with mom today who is nothing less than a SME (Subject Matter Expert) in terms of Baby care and it's related nitty gritty. I have been a very naughty kid (as well as a cry baby- that's even more challenging) she says...and consoling me was perhaps the biggest remonstrance, but that's what serves as the driving force. She has been a pioneer in 'parenting', a glorious example.  So, let's explore her perspective..!
  • A colorful treat: An overdose of colors have always been a perennial pacifier as far as I'm concerned, it's almost like a thumb rule that a kaleidoscopic re-engineered 'cabin' has a rejuvenating impact. Kids, she says, have a thing or two for the shade 'blue'..the comfort factor is augmented to be honest. It's important for the parents to decorate their abode with light, reflective colors. Darker shades often have an overpowering impact that is perhaps undesirable specifically at the time of sleep. Infact the kiddo's night dresses would be light, soft and of relatively lambent shades. That's how 'my case was solved'...could be a case of logical bench-marking you see ;)
  • Soft Toys: The baby fists are feeble to start off with...there should be a judicious synergy between the two membranes that are in close contact with each other, specially at the time of sleep. Babies generally have a staggered sleep continuity and it's very important to bring in the bliss of coziness. Soft toys have a very positive effect in this direction...1. They are to some extent comical and kids can 'connect' to them well, 2. It's a trait that kids develop, much like a prop that is quite symbolic at times but is extremely effective in the results it fetches.
  • Make comical gestures: Oh yes, since I already talked about soft toys, let me tell you...those characteristic laughable gestures could help immensely because kids do recognize sign language. The moment they see their parents presenting those jocular expressions, they feel like replicating & more often than not it's a very happy feeling. When I talk of replicating, some kids are amazing listeners...they listen to each and every word that their parents utter and extract solace out of them. Bed time stories could also be a good idea but you to gauge the reactions as well. Some of the kids can relate to fictitious characters (like Gogo and Juju in my case) and the parents could try and stitch drolleries around them.
  • Ward off the mosquito's: Ermm, mosquitoes are very annoying especially for kids because technically speaking, they are easier targets. The parents have to take utmost care that their baby is protected from these eerie flying insects who have 'no mercy' at all. A soothing anti-mosquito repellent could be helpful because mosquito nets are pretty suffocating at times.
  • 'Pamper Them': Yes, it's very important to note that even the slightest bit of discomfort might have a prejudicial effect when it comes to sleep-habits of kids. It important to understand those gestures. I was rather a 'curbed' , she says, when it came of expression of displeasure...the primary reason being accumulation of unwanted moisture. It's a greasy feeling that no-body enjoys but then you got to gauge those 'reactions' under the fundamental algorithm that almost 60 % of the major mood fluctuations happen because of unattended diapers. However, the good people have Procter and Gamble have already applied their thought process and come up with Pampers that has been the venerated problem-solver for ages now. It's like a magic wand (gel) that soaks up all the moisture,  without you even realizing it; almost like a virtual attendant in full control. Those dry moments are indeed happy moments. We love giggling babies, don't we?

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