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MY FIT- The New Definition of Power Dressing

Situation 1 (December 2o13): "Hey Sammya, you may stay back...I and Vishal would attend the meeting"- our 'beloved boss' announced as I was busy collecting those stray print-outs & putting them in my bag. The revelation was almost like a shocker because I was the only person who knew about the project by heart; I couldn't digest the fact that I was being actually being asked to stay back on the very important presentation day.
"But why Sir? I mean I have already completed the presen...."- I was stopped midway as he raised his dreaded finger; please don't even dare to stitch an eerie synergy with the gesture of an on-field umpire declaring a batsman OUT because this was even worse.
"You don't look 'right' for the big day, Sammya. You should have selected the right kind of attire, and of course with the right kind of fit. You are looking rather unbolted..rather loose"- His words slowly faded away as he walked away towards the lift, but then the echo would never fade in my ears. 

Situation 2 (January 2014): "Dude, what is this? You're gonna go into the reception like this?"- She looked rather perturbed. So was I..the inquisition was gawky considering the fact that I was wearing my brand new granite party shirt and slim-fit trousers, an attire that I thought would have done wonders on a casual Friday or a chaddi-buddy's reception. But I guess I was missing out on something very fundamental.
"You are not even looking remotely presentable today Sammya. Let's face it..there's something that vitally deficient in your look...I think you chose the wrong shirt size."- She catechized. This is like so utterly disgusting. I mean, I faced this in office last week and now it is starting to haunt me; I'm absolutely sure of the fact that I have chosen the correct fit (That's apparently '39' in my case) based on my previous purchases...this time around it seems like the entire size-chart has gone for a toss. I wanted to rush back and get hold of a measuring tape, just to convince myself but then I resisted...I realized that I might need to work out a new formula when it comes to power-dressing.

Situation 3 (Last week): "Hi Mr. Mullick...nice to meet you. Is this our first face to face conversation?"- The grumpy looking corporate honcho examined me and my attire thoroughly before moving into the moderation round. Oh yes, you heard it right...the moderation period, rather the appraisals. Needless to say that I had to be 'at my best' in such a scenario.
"Yes Sir...we have had a couple of telephonic discussions last year with respect to a couple of tenders. This is our first real interaction of sorts"- I responded calmly.
"By the way, you are looking pretty smart today. That's how it should be...we are consultants and we should be good enough to draw the client's attention right at the onset. That works wonders. Keep it up."- Gosh this was miraculous to say the least, I was rather skeptical with my physical appearance specially after those couple of 'adversities' but then judging from the response, I guess I have withered the storm. Thanks to the custom made fit presented by the one and only Van Heusen through their emblematic "MY FIT" intervention to suit specific requirements. Special thanks to Indiblogger for choosing me as an 'esteemed' one who got a chance to shop at the exclusive Van Heusen online store, hosted at (the name that speaks for itself); guess what it worked wonders instantaneously. I guess most of us would agree on this...a 'sublime' fit magnifies your personality. It sure does.

MY FIT- The New Definition of Power Dressing: The Beautiful packaging, as it arrived at my door-step.... 
Boss, let me sum it up for you...the corporate grill has absolutely taken a toll on our psyche and of course, in effect, our physique. We do tend to have gymming facilities in office but I hardly see 20% of my colleagues making use of it...and that has an indirect aftermath. Perhaps what I penned down in the first part of the post, is just a mere reflection of this debilitated pr-axis. Anyway, I'm perhaps not the only one who doesn't fit into the so-called groove of the standard shirt-or-trouser-sizes that are readily available in online as well as offline stores. Let me confess, I had decided not to buy shirts or trousers from any of the e-commerce websites because of the simple fact- "They don't suit me"; but the question that kept lingering in my mind- "Are you seriously trying to tell me that paying a visit to the 'tailor store' is my last resort? Who has so much time?" The answer was actually hidden in the question itself; with our characteristic 'constitution', a 'tailor-made-custom' fit is a hidden mandate. That is where MY FIT comes into the picture, it's almost as if being a 'manufacturer' the good people at Van Heusen have devised a customer-centric solution...and that my friend, works for me. If you analyse the phrase "MY FIT" carefully, you'll automatically realize the essence of this's almost like inkling the intellect-ion of 'walking in the customers shoes' (Ah...sounds right doesn't it?) as the USP; believe me...I realized all this after walking into the signature Van Heusen store at the Quest Mall, Kolkata in search of my optimal fit. The reason I use the term 'optimal' is because of the simple perception that you can never hunt down an 'impeccable' match to complement your physique (be it super slim or macho or not even close to that); if you talk in mathematical terms...perhaps we could explain this using the concept of "limits & infinity", erm let's park that discussion for the time being...!!

MY FIT- The New Definition of Power Dressing: Van Heusen is the other word for elegance...
Coming back to the point, when I entered the store, it absolutely changed my entire perception linked with power-dressing...I could now, arrive at the pre-discussed 'idiosyncratic figure' through a judicious combination of some standard fits along with the (much needed) user specific customization. The best part, as far as I'm concerned, was the size specifications of the MY FIT Trousers - Snug Fit, Ultra Slim Fit, Slim Fit, Healthy Fit and the venerated Custom Fit, with the base tapering levels varying in the increasing order. Infact, the MY FIT Shirts came in with a very specific size chart that is totally based on the users' anatomy- Slim Fit, Tall Fit, Athletic, Healthy and the two unique forms Plus (with slightly elongated length/cuffs/wider X axis dimension) and the 'arresting' custom fit suited to your requirement. The fact that we could 'hybridize' the above mentioned broad 'cuts' with the specific sizes, makes the job even simpler and the enhances the rate of "convergence". I must thank the store members for helping me out in the process and finalizing the size & fabric of my choice. Not for once did they try to influence my choice...!

MY FIT- The New Definition of Power Dressing: That's what in store for you, pick as you wish ;)
It was absolutely thrilling to realize that I actually don't need to compromise on any aspect of it the length, sleeves, collars or fabric, Van Heusen has leveraged the entire constitution for the benefit of the buyers. I did try a couple of shirts and trousers just to realize that the fit (and the fabric) was much better than many of the other contemporary brands, the slim fit appeared to be slightly inflexible but with the custom amalgamation, I soon arrived at those distinctive figures that would actually be handy while ordering online using the gift vouchers sent across by Indiblogger. This was actually the first time that I did this, stitching a logical harmony between offline and online shopping; and a much needed one as well since my last couple of experiences while purchasing apparels online (independently) hasn't yielded encouraging results. Surprisingly I had to opt for a custom fit both in case of the shirt as well as for the trousers with the respective sizes being 40 and 34 respectively. The fact that I did manage to 'freeze' my trouser-length helped immensely while ordering online through, otherwise I might have been compelled to rush back to the store and get it altered post delivery. Thanks to the store-members again for pointing this out.

MY FIT- The New Definition of Power Dressing: The Trail Room selfie...Again a first for me.
Oh yes! The experience of shopping through was nothing less than the positive half of a learning curve with every piece of information being furnished to the user before you could actually ask for it. They have created a separate tab called "MY FIT" on the home-page to facilitate the new users and once you click on it, it's almost like a roller coaster ride that follows. Starting with the shirts (My Fit Shirts) section, you are taken through a 8 pointer course where you virtually fabricate the shirt of your choice. The major pointers are: Body Type, Size, Fabric, Sleeve, Sleeve Length, collar, cuff ...that goes into your shopping bag. In short, you get to designate everything that transforms your own selection into a perfectly 'tailor-made' pick..!! Let me add's very difficult to impress my mom when it comes to judging the fabric quality; Van Heusen's MY FIT collection has passed that test with flying colors as well. No surprises there...they're pretty much the Power Dressing Specialists..!

MY FIT- The New Definition of Power Dressing: And the shoot began..the MY FIT Shirt.
MY FIT- The New Definition of Power Dressing: That's the beauty of standard sleeve cuffs..
After much deliberation, I ordered a Custom Fit (Body Type), Fabric 7 (Fabric Type), Half Cut Away Collar (Collar), Chisel Cuff (Cuff type) Full Sleeves (Sleeve Type), Standard Sleeve (Sleeve Length), Multi (Shirt Color), 40 (Size) Shirt
Once you are done with the shirt selection, you can move over to the "My Fit Trouser" section, that again gives you a reassuring feeling because you are taken through a comprehensive 6-step process that ensures perfect concurrence with your envisaged (complete) corporate look. Dude, tell me something...if you get to 'design' your own trousers based on Body type, Style, Size, Fabric and Trouser Length by simple mouse clicks, I guess you can safely use the terms 'comprehensive' and 'transparent' when it comes to shopping online, of course with the added grace of 'convenience' because you can order online sitting at home and get it delivered right there. I was a tad bit concerned because I had never ordered formal trousers online, another 'first' you!!

MY FIT- The New Definition of Power Dressing: The trousers were so comfortable that I sat down.
I was spoilt for choice but then ended up ordering a Custom Fit (Body Type), Pleated (Style), Fabric 22 (Fabric Type), Trouser Length 41.5 (Length- In case you are not sure, keep this box unchecked) Black Micro Self Stripe, Color: Multi, 34 (Size) Trouser. So what are you waiting for? Choose yours now!
27th February 2015 was a happy day for me for a couple of reasons:- 1. I received my much awaited order (that was delivered at my door-step) and I wore it in office on the same day 2. I got a chance to pose in front of the camera for the first time in my life as a model. Yes, as they say, a perfectly tabbed attire opens up the gateway to a world of already did with the appraisal cycle and perhaps I might also consider fashion blogging as a cherished 'diversification' to my photo and food blog. It's a rich set of 'possibilities' as I would reckon...all thanks to Indiblogger and Van Heusen for making it happen. Cheers fellas..!!

MY FIT- The New Definition of Power Dressing: The Van Heusen Power Packed Look ;)
MY FIT- The New Definition of Power Dressing: Do we fore-see a new model on the ramp ;)
MY FIT- The New Definition of Power Dressing: Or perhaps a corporate honcho in the making.
Disclaimer: Kindly note that the pictures used in the blog-post are either self-clicked / are personal photographs and should not be copied or reproduced in any form without my permission. Please post your feedback in the comments section below.

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