Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lost and Almost Found....

Looks like the great mystery might just be about to resolve. As you might know, it has been a highly tumultuous time for the beautiful Bollywood queen Katrina Kaif’s fans, since she was recently reported missing by several people. The news took the social media by a storm and gave rise to many speculations regarding her whereabouts. She was believed to be attending red carpet events in London and Paris, holidaying in Kashmir, even cruising down the Mediterranean – all simultaneously! Mysterious it is....!!!

But the grapevine reports point towards an entirely unsuspected location. According to our sources Katrina has been spotted in Ratnagiri! A group of fishermen returning from their day’s work at sea happened to walk past an orchard and saw a woman walking among the trees. One of them recognised her to be Katrina and reported the news.
This comes as a great surprise to even those who are closest to her, as there was no indication of her shooting for any film in the Konkan region. Ratnagiri is located along the coast in Maharashtra, and is well known for its delectable Alphonso mangoes. Ahan.
Her unexpected presence in Ratnagiri has sparked more speculations where every fan and self-proclaimed friend has his/her own theory to offer. Her fans feel she might be there to get away from the media for a clandestine film shoot, while her contemporaries suspect she is out on an ad shoot. Maybe it isn't about work at all; it could be that she is simply off on a road trip down the West Coast, driving from Mumbai to Kerala the old school way. And the speculations are brewing with every passing day; intriguing..!

It still doesn't add up though. The last film shoot she was expected to be doing was in the opposite end of the country – in Kashmir for her upcoming film Fitoor. But suppose the fisherman is telling the truth, the mystery here is, what is Katrina doing in Ratnagiri?

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