Saturday, March 14, 2015

Stitching those crumbs....

"Life, as we call it about those fragmented series of events that can be clubbed together to form a memorable assortment"- Dad professed. Oh yes, that made complete sense considering the array of events that had happened in due course of the day. 
"Life, is a lesson...if you see through the view-finder called perspective, you will know that with more people filling into the space, the picture looks complete"- He continued. He himself has been an avid wildlife photographer but here he was sounding absolutely 'domestic'. It was rather awkward because we have never experienced such an in-house fervid articulation, and this coming from dad was perhaps even more surprising. But then, yes...there's always a first time, it had to be an eventful one.

It all started with the dreaded letter that con-notated doom, the letter that had sent goosebumps for sure...or perhaps "the shocker of the year" as grandpa had aptly revealed. That letter, by now, was lying in the dustbin...torn, ripped and tattered. Yes, it has been quite a turn around right from the morning...he had almost lost hope before something miraculous happened. Did I just use the term "miracle"- oh yes I did...the bond of unanimity and integrity in the family can often stitch miracles. You just have to sit there and admire the beauty of solidarity and consensus. Memorable? Well..unequivocally so!

"Don't try to find me...I am going with him"- The letter was shot and precise, but it's implication esoteric. Didi had taken the biggest decision of her was an very impulsive call though. I could already see my mom developing those 'shades of paleness' just by the look of it. And understandably so...nobody, in their wildest of dreams could have thought of such an adverse outcome; it was not even accounted for.
"Calm down, they are adults now...mature enough to take their own decision"- Dad seemed to be surprisingly indifferent right from the onset. It was as if he had been gauging the fallout...but then why didn't he warn us?
I had to drop the idea of going to college on that particular had been calling almost all the relatives, friends and acquaintances in utter distress, she has always been very protective with her children, guarding them all the while. Her efforts went in vain...didi seemed to have disappeared into thin air.! 

Oh wait! Did I sound too decisive in there? The resounding ring-tone of our 'vintage telephone' on the center table broke our trance. By then the entire family had come together in a huddle trying to console my mom who had almost lost the 'reason to survive' back then. In this context let me apprise you of the present debilitated shape of our once-upon-a-time-closely-knit-family-bond; the bond that was strong and durable in the early 90's had been imploded because of a hellish proprietary conflict...the roots had been rattled for sure. Having said that, the prospect of a calamity had brought everybody together under a single roof. My uncle, my grandpa, my cousins...everyone had 'risen up to the occasion'; in-spite of the growing rancor, they came rushing in at this heartbreaking news. It was indeed symbolic, it did mean that "blood-relations" never betray...they might puzzle you at times, but when needed..they'll not let you down. My uncle had good connections in the CBI, and he was quick to react, his efforts were subtly cut short though!

I (perhaps) shouldn't have been too affirmative with this one, but then I was enjoying the entire scheme of things...I knew that didi won't let us down under any circumstances what-so-ever. I had a measure of things for was a well executed plan.

"Dad, open the door...she said. We waiting at the lawn. I wanted to see the family together so that I could announce 'it' in-front of everybody"- She affirmed. The layer hush-silence was dismissed by the cacophony of hysteric laughter that followed soon after.
"Our little kid has grown up...." - Dad struggled through the words as he put the receiver down. For the first time in the last decade have we seen him laugh...he was a proud man father then...a very proud one. Her daughter had stitched those crumbs.

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