Thursday, March 5, 2015

En-light-en yourself....

Rumored to be the next big hit in the energy industry, LED bulbs are making quite a stir in the market. From on air advertisements to word of mouth endorsements, people nowadays swear by the LED bulbs. But does it really work the way they say it does?
While scanning across the net, I came across the newly launch scheme by EESL. Upon registering your CA number that is located at the top right corner of your electricity bill you get to purchase two LED bulbs at a nominal rate of Rs. 104/- each instead of Rs. 500. With LED bulbs the energy consumption is reduced by about 88% while you save up-to Rs. 162 on your annual bill. If paying Rs. 104 upfront seems a little steep for you then you also have the option of paying just Rs. 10 initially and they rest of the Rs. 94 can be divided over the next 10 months.
This scheme benefits all the domestic consumers across New Delhi and comes with a warranty of up-to 3 years. Click on this link and register today!

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