Sunday, March 1, 2015

Dadu: I Adore You....

I honestly don't know whether I can justify the ingrained 'soul' behind this prompt but I can make an honest attempt for sure. The point is, we are, in effect the shadow of our patriarch's...yes, knowingly or unknowingly we have to some extent model-led ourselves in their idiosyncratic 'order'..their ways of life have perhaps influenced us in many ways, their experience, their foresight, erudition or moral values have lifted us and "placed us to where we belong". The last phrase has been scripted down in quotation marks because it has been 'his' ideology..I have truly been his disciple. 
Ah...shouldn't have been such a dramatic introduction, right? Right! But then how do I actually justify his contribution in my life..? Am I too late? Well, perhaps.
He is no more; grandpa is no more. But then, his thoughts, his maxims, his ethics...his doctrines still remain. They shine as lustrously as ever, he was a man who had managed to stitch a balance between logic and instinct and in effect, stitched a family together. He was the one who encouraged my dad to pursue teaching (In India) despite a very lucrative offer to join a corporate house and eventually move out of the country. Yes, my dad wanted to teacher, rather to 'profess' because that was his source of self-driven-inspiration but the family scenario in-terms of the economic parity was unfortunately absent. It was almost imperative that a struggling family of 14 needed somebody to step up to the task and contribute to the cumulative well-being; the stage was set but grandpa had other ideas. He was himself a very learned man and didn't want to do injustice to an exuberant young man, full of dreams and ambitions...he never posed any resistance to his path of 'scholarly salvation'. Had to be.
Err...let's come to the point now. I guess it was 2006 when I decided to be the 'rebel' and 'take the attack to the conventions of a lower middle class family'. I wanted to become a Punk Rock singer by profession (I know you might just draw a synergy with 3 Idiots or Rock On but believe me the voice came from said "there's nothing to draw out of a lifeless lot of xerox copies, one should be original" and I had to respond). It was very natural that dad would disapprove without even listening to the details and that is what exactly happened.
I was almost shoved into the best university of the state (Oh hello...I happened to be a decent student as well..) but then it was my turn to non-comply; I started bunking classes and the first semester report card was bleeding in abhorrence. There had to be a spark from somewhere and it came in form of a reassuring 'tap' on my back, one fine evening.
"I know how passionate you are for music"- He said, "And I believe in giving people a chance to prove themselves. You are absolutely like your father, lots of emotion, passion and ambition..but there's a slight deficit of conformation."- He revealed.
"What are you trying to say, Dadu"- I was rather irritated to begin with..."Am I not capable enough?" - I catechized.
"Prove it"- He smirked-"Go enroll yourself to the music school in Dover Lane...I'll pay for your initial admission charge...but then after that...."- He took a pause.
"Yes?"- I was eager, there appeared to be a slight glimmer of hope amid-st the deadly darkness.
"After that, you will have to manage it yourself...I know that you have been a decent student and now that you have some free time post college, start teaching people. It's a two-way channel- 1. It will harvest your knowledge, it is going to test you as well 2. You'll earn in effect. I hope you see a path, do you?"- He concluded. Yes, I did...I certainly did. Dadu had shown me the avenue to sustentation. I did learn how to 'balance' all ends up...I did learn to 'help myself', I did manage to develop a 'self-reliant trait' in true sense of the term. He opened my eyes, if I have to sum it up that is...he 'cultivated' my willpower & made me a better person. That is exactly the rationale behind the #MyFamilyMyPride TVC by HDFC Life. Dadu, where-ever you are, just wanted to let you know- My students haven't failed over the last 4-5 years or so, and I do sing in office pretty regularly these days. I have formed a band as well. It has been possible just because of you, your wisdom and your 'treasured guidance'. You have been my beloved path-finder in the true sense of the term. You are very very special. I adore you.

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