Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Quikr NXT Elevate!

"Dude, are you eligible for the car loan already?"- Dad catechized. 
"Why? I mean we already have a car, don't we?"- I was rather flummoxed. 
"Oh come on, I thought that you'll come up with this idea before I could conjure it up...are you like totally satisfied with the old gaddi that we have? It's dreadfully outdated to my knowledge"- He elucidated. 
"Oh hello! That doesn't mean that we are in for a brand new car...we have recently invested in a property as you already know."- I was slightly annoyed at this abstracted proclamation.
"Didn't expect such a reply from you young man...I am certainly not talking about buying a new one but then you can go for a pecuniary upgrade my leveraging the online classifieds sites; that too with amicable guarantee"- Amazing. Dad seemed to have done a thorough back-ground research and market survey before launching his verbal assault on me. And I knew what his implication was.
"Are you referring to what Ramesh uncle did last week? What's his feedback?"- I was quick to regain lost footing. I could actually back-track through those 'words of wisdom' and as they say - 'Go back to the roots'.
"Oh yes. Ramesh has just texted me a couple of hours back...he has had a great experience with Quikr and specially Quikr NXT with all the required information being furnished without expending a drop of sweat"- His statement seemed to be reassuring. Has to be, because a 'car' is not just a temporary buy but quite an asset to eulogize.
"The best part's not at all misleading. You get a first hand view of the vehicle that you are actually going to acquire"- And he continued. 
Alright then, let me summarize the key focal points from the discussion, as consultants we have been mostly accustomed with drafting "Minutes of the Meeting" and this is no exception. I'm sure of the fact that this is convincing enough for any buyer.
  • Quikr NXT provides comprehensive car info: There's no scope of 'hiding' or 'masking' truth from your prospective customer. You have to be transparent enough to share all the possible information including model, date and year of purchase, current condition, car insurance (if any), miles on the run, current mileage, any major records of accident centric damage etc with your purchaser. Quikr NXT makes the task easier because more often than not, the information that you require might not be fully available in the free AD posted by the seller. Quikr NXT is a good way to get hold of all the possible details by leveraging the chat window including real time pictures to be shared to request.
  • Quikr NXT refurbishes the essentiality of privacy: It has to be remembered that once you have made up your mind to 'upgrade' your existing vehicle, you have to consider the prospect and principles of a judicious barter system. If you are looking for a fair price or fair product, you must set the tone by being righteous and coherent at the same time. I bet that the mobile number privacy functionality is the biggest boon in this direction. Once you get hold of all the necessary information with respect to the automobile, you have leverage of contacting the seller at your convenience; there's technically no impending deadline or price negotiation calls to raise the irritation levels. This works extremely well for corporates who doesn't appreciate distraction mostly in the first half of a working day. You can reply to the seller / buyer's message at your discretion...the filter is in your hands.
  • Quikr NXT serves as your advocate: With plenty of negotiations happening over the telephonic interaction, it's easy to get bamboozled out there. Infact, as far as my experience goes, my friend has undergone multiple price reiterations even on the Test Drive. This is absolutely unprofessional especially in case of car upgrades because it's a substantial investment and you need to be completely sure of the proceedings before you move into the price finalization model. The best part with Quikr NXT is that you can refer to the archived chat history whenever needed and negate those false attempts at increasing profitability. And when there's proof in hand, nobody can counter your claim- it's always better to "write", rather to "say" in case of financial transactions. These are doctrines of safe buying!

Disclaimer: This post has been written as a part of the "Get a better car with Quikr NXT" activity, in association with Indiblogger for the#IndiHappyHours campaign. You can visit the official website for more details on the newly launched Quikr NXT functionality

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