Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Wings of Ambition....

Oh well. I can't believe that I got a chance to write on this topic that could perhaps turn out to be quite a cliffhanger because of the simple fact that we have perhaps stopped fantasizing these days. Yes, it goes without saying that we have been pegged back by the oligarchy of 'concreteness'...we have perhaps analyzed every possibility with the blend of verisimilitude, oh wait..should I use the term possibility because it has a slight tinge of antagonism attached to it. Things were much better in our 'salad days' when those free-minded thoughts warded off even the glimmer of adversity; it was perhaps the exuberance of youth that made me run on to the stage and snatch the micro-phone in front of a jam-packed audience. The graph has never taken an upward leap after that...I have been more judicious, more conservative with my ambition (and it's dissemination) over the last 20 years or so. But then this prompt gives me the wings to glide..to flutter, to swoop & let loose. I feel privileged to be honest. Alright, let's explore.
  • Constitute a self-sustainable MSME finance clinic- Well, I have mentioned this over the last couple of posts and let me reiterate because more I talk about it, the dogmatism increases exponentially. I have been working in close proximity with the spirited entrepreneurs belonging to the Micro, Medium and Small Scale enterprises over the last couple of years or so; the most impending issue that I have managed to identify in terms of overall growth and development, is perhaps the missing essence of financial linkage. At the grass-root level, people thrive for funds in order to make real-time investments directed towards creation of a sustainable business ecology but the balance was never there. Yes, only a handful of the stakeholders in this sector have managed to secure loans, but then the number is infinitesimal. Given a chance, I would like to step up the gas and proactively work towards their betterment by creating newer networks, revamping the financial linkages with Government or Private banks and create an imperishable pecuniary model for these rising entrepreneurs. That's indeed a heart-felt desire.
  • Set Up a Free Photography School- Oh well, talking from personal experience, photography is indeed an extravagant interest to perpetuate. I have decided not to enroll in a professional photography academy in-spite of my growing interest in this art, primarily because of the exorbitant course fee. In-fact, the photography devices, kits or lens' are very costly if you are infiltrating into the professional zone. But then, owing to my field work based out of the remote locations in Bengal I have managed to extricate some staggering facts related to photography and it's evolution in the State; there have been some amazing photographers originating in the rural hubs of Bengal who have used the Kodak KB10 camera to create myriads. However, the adroitness has 'melted away' gradually because of their lack of exposure and promotion...and that is discomforting. I would like to nurture rural Bengal's ingrained dexterity, the finesse in the field of photography by setting up free-schools and demonstration-hubs across Bengal. I could even consider lending DSLR's, lens' and tripods for a day to the 'enlightened ones'. Join me in this stampede to create a picture-perfect Bengal.
  • Morning walk down the Double Decker Living Root Bridge- There's no substitute to 'staying up and being healthy'; you might find this amusing but that is indeed how I have set benchmarks for myself in the next 20 years or so. Oh boy! People of my age group have fancy ambitions of migrating to the US or the UK, settling down in there and dying as a millionaire. Dude, where's the peace of mind in this very projected life? Where's the charm of experiencing the aura of fresh air every morning? I dream of residing in a log-house in the midst of the Mawlynnong village in Meghalaya, work on my fitness and run along the slopes down to the enchanted double decker living root bridge every morning. Believe me, it's a much better prospect than spending loads of time and money at the gym that turns out to be claustrophobic at times. A round of morning yoga could be as refreshing as ever; jogging down along the forest greens, descending onto the naturally fine stream...seems like a regal epiphany this. Do I have prospective room-mates in there? Only time will say.
  • Gardening- Gardening is perhaps one of those treasured traits that has suddenly disappeared from this universe. Yes, it's like a reverse trend this...the more we are inclined towards our goals, our targets, our aspirations...the more dissociated we tend to become with respect to the 'Natural yearning'. The comforting touch of the greens that used to serve as the poetic inspiration is down-trodden today. Even a bunch of freshly grown lavender doesn't appear to the drenched soul...shielded by the brick and mortar. I have never been like that. If you look into my photo-stream, you can find an unquestioned precedence of flora in it...whenever I get a chance, I tend to 'hibernate'...I ride along the hills straight to the charming Kalimpong, to our ancestral place that greets me with a rich-bouquet of 'alluring flora'. Yes, people often compare me with the honey-bees because in every photo-walk, I'll be the last person to return to the origin; such is the craze for snapping flowers. I wish I had a garden of my own...Err, did I just use the word "wish"? I will make it happen.
  • Set Up Laughter Academy's across Bengal- "Through humor, you can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers. And once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be, you can survive it." says the legendary Bill Cosby and that's exactly what my intention is. We do have laughter clubs in and around the city of Calcutta but I feel that the penetration is lacking...we have to extend the service into the heart of Bengal and in this case, age won't be a barrier. I have observed that there are discrete associations that work in silos but the entire intention behind launching such an extended intervention is to unite all these associations under a single-roof and spread the viral essence of elation through our expedient efforts. It's an amazing feeling when you know that you can make people laugh through your work...it's a sense of contentment, a sense of accomplishment that is perhaps absent in fulfilling client deliverable-s. We might freelance with old-age homes and NGO's since they have been 'deprived' in true sense of the term. It might start in form of CSR's but slowly and surely, we might emerge as an independent concern thriving on the laughter quotient.
Of course that sounds fancy, I'm not even denying that. But then, it's not an impossible prospect in achieving all the above mentioned 'dreams' if you have a hospitable 'back-up'. The IDBI Federal Life Insurance is the perfect foil for you and your envisaged future...the life-long coverage is nothing but a boost, a boost that gives you wings to glide along.  Sounds good?

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