Friday, February 27, 2015

The ASUS Endowment....

The other day I was actually writing about the contribution of technology and social media in 'establishing' our relationship, nurturing it and it in-fact ended up developing it with a decisive mold. Hmm, sounds interesting isn't it? Even if tend to believe in the statement "Technology has ended creating a bunch of unsocial stooges', it goes without saying that it's perhaps just another form of technology (read mobile phone) that keeps you connected to your closest one. Think about it...your phone perhaps knows more or your secrets that perhaps your girl-friend or your wife; that is inevitable because you send most of your time during the day (or perhaps night) with that miniature and apparently inanimate piece of technology. Well, although I have used (or rather been compelled to use) the term 'inanimate', I would perhaps refer to that beautiful saying by Jose Mujica - "When you have a lot of solitude, any living thing becomes a companion"; yes it says a lot about those unsaid, uncalled conjunctions that would perhaps make no sense to the rational mind. 

And of course, when it comes to gifting on this very special occasion called the "Valentines Day", I'm sure that you would like to gift something unique, something adored, something that's inestimable in words or 'value'...but then it certainly going to be a 'valued endowment'. Perhaps it's fair enough to assume that in an age of growing competition, conflict or rather 'duel', you'd rather conjure up jives to justify your case; mate...believe me, you are bound to find time for love and there is no substitution to that. By the way, it goes without saying that I have been stressing on the essence of kinship between the two & I wouldn't certainly mind if there's a bride of ardor that facilitates in this glorious amalgamation. I have been mostly away from her because of my outstation work but then I always had the 'felicity' of technology to banish the geographical boundaries. The idea behind ASUS's venerated Valentines' Day offer is nothing but a tribute to the essence of love that transcends all the frontiers. Let's raise a toast to them !

Oh yes and the ingrained glimmer of cognition. I remember my parents reminiscing over a good old video of their marriage and in-fact some of those blurred images of their relationship prior to that. It's such a happy feeling tell you...old memories are golden memories in true sense of the term and the good fellows in ASUS have modeled their patron of love as if in true cognizance. With an internal memory of 8 GB, that is expandable upto 64 GB (along with a n additional web storage benefit of 5 GB)...there won't be any shortage of "space" for sure. Those best moments spent with my beloved one would be treasured in it's original form, not ageing, no wear or tear...these are perfect beacons of a Glorious Epiphany in the making, boss. And of course, with a strong 1600 mAh lithium battery which offers up to 12 hours of 3G talk time and 295 hours of 3G standby time, the makers of the all new ASUS Zenfone series know you and your emotions really well; the extended battery backup guarantees unhindered articulation for hours. What's stopping you then my friend? Looks like the good people at ASUS have already created the baseline for an everlasting relationship on the occasion of Valentines' Day. This is nothing but 'Unconditional Love' and it's true manifestation. Let's look at the lovely little video as embedded below. Let's melt into the saga.

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