Sunday, February 1, 2015

The 3 C's of Quikr NXT

Boy oh Boy! Believe me, my eye lit up when I came across this brand new topic on Indiblogger because it certainly made a lot of sense to me. Infact, I was discussing about this very feature and it's applicability with a couple of my colleagues last week; it's very relevant even in case of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises who are slowly moving into the sector of online marketing....might not be effective immediately, but it is indeed something that we can explore in the future.
Alright, let's come back to the point..but before I enumerate on the key benefits of having a dedicated one-to-one (S2B) chat window in an e-commerce website, let me talk about the level of exasperation that these couple of incidents have managed to generate in the last year.
Incident 1: "Boss thora or kam kijiye na (Trying to negotiate)" - And the messages kept flowing.
I was in a very important client presentation in the morning and I had politely asked him not to be bother me at least in the critical first half of the day but honestly speaking, I didn't even expect him to pay heed to my appeal. He didn't disappoint me either.
"Boss, girl-friend ko gift karni hai yaar, bas do hazar kam kardo (He wanted to gift a phone to girl-friend and wanted to make my suffer in return)" - He switched to text messaging when I turned off my data connection. I had to send a mandatory "In a meeting" text reply and guess what followed? - Well, nothing very concerning per say, but a series of a annoying missed calls just to "shake me up"; I was compelled to block his number as a result.

Incident 2: Let this be a crisp account. My sister was literally harassed on a call that was presumably done by an elderly person who threatened to take "obdurate action" if she didn't comply to his dictation. The person even stooped down to the level of vulgar comments & abuses; that was indeed quite an obnoxious mode of communication. Honestly speaking, such a response was never expected because of Quikr 's appreciable reputation in the segment of online classified AD's, but then we do understand that it is perhaps very difficult for the administrators to moderate each and every buyer-seller interaction with the increasing number of hits everyday. A judicious change was perhaps the need of the day and it did arrive finally with the introduction of the very effective Quikr NXT feature that establishes an indirect communication channel between the buyer and the seller without infiltrating into their "personal space". Alight then, let us dig in and analyze the 3 pillars of this revolutionary incorporation, the 3 critical success-factors - the 3 C's of Quikr NXT that has been interpreted primarily from the user point of view:-

  • Confidentiality: Why should I at all share my personal mobile number with someone who might not be my potential seller or customer? What if he/she's a terrorist (haha, you never know)? I would obviously prefer a very 'specific', need-based information sharing model that can effectively filter out those spam, unwanted calls that might not even be relevant to the actual deal. For that matter of fact, there are buyers who don't even read the description section for each of the product (and of course, the tag "Non-negotiable"- I have stopped using it in effect!) before making a call. 
  • Convenience: Why should I allow an external person or agency to bother me during the peak hours of the day? I'll respond to the chat messages only when I feel the need to do so, I might even ignore messages depending on the pertinence, materiality and 'the tone' of the sender. In-fact, the feature called 'chat history' is a fantastic incorporation because in the negotiation mood, things do turn dirty at need to have sufficient credentials in hand to contest in case adverse situations or disputes.
  • Cooperation: It's absolutely OKAY to seek cooperation from the person you are dealing with and it's a very regular practice when a buyer meets the seller to see the condition of the actual product because more often than not, googled images are used while posting the Free AD on the Quikr website. The new-flanged mode of sharing real-time pictures through the chat window does reduce human touch points; it enhances transparency and reduces the process time. "Seamless mode of transaction" is the order of the day indeed; improving the buyer-seller-interface is indeed the punch-line for me.
Hey! The 3 C's fit here quite well & when they do, it's safe to conclude that these are extremely encouraging signs. Thumbs Up!

Disclaimer: This post has been written as a part of the "Get Quikr NXT" activity, in association with Indiblogger for the#IndiHappyHours campaign. You can visit the official website for more details on the newly launched Quikr NXT functionality.

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