Monday, November 3, 2014

Technology and Love...

Hmmm, interesting. Very very interesting. I wanted to take up this topic primarily because of the simple fact that we generally tend to possess a lot of disapprobation for technology when it comes to it's role in corroborating human relationships; but then I would beg to differ. The other day I was actually writing about the contribution of technology and social media in 'establishing' our relationship, nurturing it and it in-fact ended up developing it with a decisive mold. Hmm, sounds interesting isn't it? Even if tend to believe in the statement "Technology has ended creating a bunch of unsocial stooges', it goes without saying that it's perhaps just another form of technology (read mobile phone) that keeps you connected to your closest one. Think about it...your phone perhaps knows more or your secrets that perhaps your girl-friend or your wife; that is inevitable because you send most of your time during the day (or perhaps night) with that miniature and apparently inanimate piece of technology. Well, although I have used (or rather been compelled to use) the term 'inanimate', I would perhaps refer to that beautiful saying by Jose Mujica - "When you have a lot of solitude, any living thing becomes a companion"; yes it says a lot about those unsaid, uncalled conjunctions that would perhaps make no sense to the rational mind. Haha, well, love isn't rational always...isn't it?

Well, coming back to the point, the good people at ASUS are perhaps in sync with what I said in the last paragraph; let's take a look at the video that perfect personifies the essence of "Unconditional Love"; unconditional is indeed quite the key-word. 

Alright. I can totally read the state of your mind ladies and must be inching to know more. And guess what, as always, I won't disappoint you, yes I know that you are expecting the 5 C's in this post as well. Here you go :
  • Commitment: You know what exactly I mean by commitment? Oh well you do. You would always like your Valentine to be with you without any pre-conditions; you would always like to see your beloved person right beside you in-case of an emotional turmoil. And there you said it, with a strong 1600 mAh lithium battery which offers up to 12 hours of 3G talk time and 295 hours of 3G standby time, the all new ASUS Zenfone knows you well. The Intel powered core that optimizes on the battery usage does seem to be a chivalrous patron of love; it keeps you going in the toughest of times my friend.
  • Courtship: Well, by courtship, I do imply that the expression of love or rather "love-making" should ideally be "indubitable". That brings me to the very idea that having a powerful HD camera or a dazzling TFT multi-touch display that perhaps amplifies the feeling of unconditional expression of love, of course "No strings attached". Vibrancy in articulation, in any form backs the whole idea of an enamored association, it does bring out the best in you. ASUS's ingrained Pixel-master is technically a love-guru in this direction. The sleek, smooth, delectable touch is brings in the quintessence of sensuous, epicurean manacle...a treasured one of course :)
  • Compliance: When I come to compliance, I would perhaps talk about how easily we gel with each other and how promptly we understand each others' needs. Well, the term "need" perhaps doesn't even bring out half the level of compassion that's associated with appositeness. The fact that all the brand new ASUS phones are judicious multi-taskers, it works perfectly for me at least. I could perhaps listen to songs, indulge in retail-therapy, share news and updates on the go and perhaps tweet out loud during an India Vs Pakistan game...that too all at once. If this is not compliance, nothing is.
  • Cognition: Oh yes. Cognition. I remember my parents reminiscing over a good old video of their marriage and in-fact some of those blurred images of their relationship prior to that. It's such a happy feeling tell you...old memories are golden memories in true sense of the term and the good fellows in ASUS have modeled their patron of love as if in true cognizance. With an internal memory of 8 GB, that is expandable upto 64 GB (along with a n additional web storage benefit of 5 GB)...there won't be any shortage of "space" for sure. Those best moments spent with my beloved one would be treasured in it's original form, not ageing, no wear or tear...these are perfect beacons of a Glorious Epiphany in the making, boss.
  • Connection: Well, well...last but not the least, there should be an underlying connection between me and my prospective date; believe me...if my Valentine allows me that bit of leverage and prerogative, I'm in for a long term commitment. Boy! The Dual Sim support is precisely what the doctor ordered...1. I do not have to carry multiple devices now (one for office and one for my love) 2. I can perhaps look around for other prospective Valentines (Gah, kidding). The bottom-line, I won't feel claustrophobic in 'maintaining' this relationship since it allows me the breathing space...the connection, however, is corroborating with every passing second. The lightning fast browser speed that it offers is a perfect cherry on the cake. Yes, 'perfect' is perhaps the word, it's a mutual admiration. Amen!
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Disclaimer: This post has been written as a part of the "Experience #Unconditional Love with the Zenfone. Pamper yourself!" activity, in association with Indiblogger for the#IndiHappyHours campaign. The all new ASUS Products are also available on Flipkart now. Do not hesitate to visit their website for any product related information & specs.

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