Monday, February 16, 2015

Bed Time Sacraments...

Well, the reason I like this topic is because it's actually different from the ones that I have been attempting over the last couple of months. Yes, of course...another reason is, it gives me a chance to recollect those 'moments' from the salad days that have been an essential aspect in establishing a "Rokto Mangsher Manush" (A human studded with blood and flesh- as we call it Bengali)..ah, let's not be dramatic with this one.
The truth is, I hardly remember anything about my childhood...forget the aspect called "details"; I had to run to my mom when I saw this topic and let me be utterly virtuous, this account is nothing but a blunt dictation - the dictator, being my venerated super-hero...Mom! 
I have heard her saying this very often- "Dude, you're still such a kiddo and you're supposed to get married in the next couple of will you handle your own child?"; yes..she is concerned for the very right reasons.
"Aap ho na..."- My instinctive response follows. Yes, I blindly gamble on her when it comes to supervising an infant...there's no substitution to 'experienced treatment' I believe. 
And talking of superstitions, well...let me say this, my mom wasn't conservative or 'dictative ' in terms of the sleep-timing but she was smart enough to read me & my hunch.
"You always had inclination towards soft music, even as a 6 month used to stop crying when I played the "Doe a Deer" on our good old cassette player"- She smirked. I could see a tinge of moisture in her eyes...she was slowly sinking in those memories.
Yes, I got to know that I was perhaps not one of those 'fairy-tale-loving-infants' but melody was my reprise; my mom made use of this derivation while feeding me before I dozed off.
"You burped on music and nothing else...."- She giggled. It's an amazing provenance you see.
I guess if the legacy is carried forward, I might resort to the legendary Aashiqui 2 songs just to make him feel better, doesn't sound right, does it? Honestly speaking, if that works, nothing like it.
Also, the expert opinion says that babies (that did hold good for me as well) generally have a shorter-span-of-sleep, and it goes without saying, that if there's nobody to attend him/her at that point of time, you are calling for trouble.
"There's a remedy to everything"- And mom seems to have a solution to every possible problem on this planet, "The toddlers generally have a predilection towards colors and what we used to do, was pretty hilarious yet effective. We used to create a Chakravyuh of colorful cushions all around the 'little' you to serve the dual purpose- 1. to virtually protect you 2. to allure you with the colors in case of a sleep distraction...believe me, it worked wonders."  - Oh Boy! That's some superstition. I used to be a giggling child and my parents made me giggle with their animated 'performances' right in-front of my 'swinging cradle. Not to forget, dressing up in my comfortable, colorful night dress to add that essence of contentment; these rituals bed-time rituals were followed with utmost transcendence. "Oh and yes, since you are writing a post on Pampers, please convey to them that they have been instrumental in helping me on course...they have been quite like the invisible guardian, as a friend philosopher and guide escorting me all the way through...I'm truly grateful. Thanks for being our pacifier, our beacon." - She smiled.

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