Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Quikr NXT Elevate!

"Dude, are you eligible for the car loan already?"- Dad catechized. 
"Why? I mean we already have a car, don't we?"- I was rather flummoxed. 
"Oh come on, I thought that you'll come up with this idea before I could conjure it up...are you like totally satisfied with the old gaddi that we have? It's dreadfully outdated to my knowledge"- He elucidated. 
"Oh hello! That doesn't mean that we are in for a brand new car...we have recently invested in a property as you already know."- I was slightly annoyed at this abstracted proclamation.
"Didn't expect such a reply from you young man...I am certainly not talking about buying a new one but then you can go for a pecuniary upgrade my leveraging the online classifieds sites; that too with amicable guarantee"- Amazing. Dad seemed to have done a thorough back-ground research and market survey before launching his verbal assault on me. And I knew what his implication was.
"Are you referring to what Ramesh uncle did last week? What's his feedback?"- I was quick to regain lost footing. I could actually back-track through those 'words of wisdom' and as they say - 'Go back to the roots'.
"Oh yes. Ramesh has just texted me a couple of hours back...he has had a great experience with Quikr and specially Quikr NXT with all the required information being furnished without expending a drop of sweat"- His statement seemed to be reassuring. Has to be, because a 'car' is not just a temporary buy but quite an asset to eulogize.
"The best part's not at all misleading. You get a first hand view of the vehicle that you are actually going to acquire"- And he continued. 
Alright then, let me summarize the key focal points from the discussion, as consultants we have been mostly accustomed with drafting "Minutes of the Meeting" and this is no exception. I'm sure of the fact that this is convincing enough for any buyer.
  • Quikr NXT provides comprehensive car info: There's no scope of 'hiding' or 'masking' truth from your prospective customer. You have to be transparent enough to share all the possible information including model, date and year of purchase, current condition, car insurance (if any), miles on the run, current mileage, any major records of accident centric damage etc with your purchaser. Quikr NXT makes the task easier because more often than not, the information that you require might not be fully available in the free AD posted by the seller. Quikr NXT is a good way to get hold of all the possible details by leveraging the chat window including real time pictures to be shared to request.
  • Quikr NXT refurbishes the essentiality of privacy: It has to be remembered that once you have made up your mind to 'upgrade' your existing vehicle, you have to consider the prospect and principles of a judicious barter system. If you are looking for a fair price or fair product, you must set the tone by being righteous and coherent at the same time. I bet that the mobile number privacy functionality is the biggest boon in this direction. Once you get hold of all the necessary information with respect to the automobile, you have leverage of contacting the seller at your convenience; there's technically no impending deadline or price negotiation calls to raise the irritation levels. This works extremely well for corporates who doesn't appreciate distraction mostly in the first half of a working day. You can reply to the seller / buyer's message at your discretion...the filter is in your hands.
  • Quikr NXT serves as your advocate: With plenty of negotiations happening over the telephonic interaction, it's easy to get bamboozled out there. Infact, as far as my experience goes, my friend has undergone multiple price reiterations even on the Test Drive. This is absolutely unprofessional especially in case of car upgrades because it's a substantial investment and you need to be completely sure of the proceedings before you move into the price finalization model. The best part with Quikr NXT is that you can refer to the archived chat history whenever needed and negate those false attempts at increasing profitability. And when there's proof in hand, nobody can counter your claim- it's always better to "write", rather to "say" in case of financial transactions. These are doctrines of safe buying!

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Friday, February 27, 2015

The ASUS Endowment....

The other day I was actually writing about the contribution of technology and social media in 'establishing' our relationship, nurturing it and it in-fact ended up developing it with a decisive mold. Hmm, sounds interesting isn't it? Even if tend to believe in the statement "Technology has ended creating a bunch of unsocial stooges', it goes without saying that it's perhaps just another form of technology (read mobile phone) that keeps you connected to your closest one. Think about it...your phone perhaps knows more or your secrets that perhaps your girl-friend or your wife; that is inevitable because you send most of your time during the day (or perhaps night) with that miniature and apparently inanimate piece of technology. Well, although I have used (or rather been compelled to use) the term 'inanimate', I would perhaps refer to that beautiful saying by Jose Mujica - "When you have a lot of solitude, any living thing becomes a companion"; yes it says a lot about those unsaid, uncalled conjunctions that would perhaps make no sense to the rational mind. 

And of course, when it comes to gifting on this very special occasion called the "Valentines Day", I'm sure that you would like to gift something unique, something adored, something that's inestimable in words or 'value'...but then it certainly going to be a 'valued endowment'. Perhaps it's fair enough to assume that in an age of growing competition, conflict or rather 'duel', you'd rather conjure up jives to justify your case; mate...believe me, you are bound to find time for love and there is no substitution to that. By the way, it goes without saying that I have been stressing on the essence of kinship between the two & I wouldn't certainly mind if there's a bride of ardor that facilitates in this glorious amalgamation. I have been mostly away from her because of my outstation work but then I always had the 'felicity' of technology to banish the geographical boundaries. The idea behind ASUS's venerated Valentines' Day offer is nothing but a tribute to the essence of love that transcends all the frontiers. Let's raise a toast to them !

Oh yes and the ingrained glimmer of cognition. I remember my parents reminiscing over a good old video of their marriage and in-fact some of those blurred images of their relationship prior to that. It's such a happy feeling tell you...old memories are golden memories in true sense of the term and the good fellows in ASUS have modeled their patron of love as if in true cognizance. With an internal memory of 8 GB, that is expandable upto 64 GB (along with a n additional web storage benefit of 5 GB)...there won't be any shortage of "space" for sure. Those best moments spent with my beloved one would be treasured in it's original form, not ageing, no wear or tear...these are perfect beacons of a Glorious Epiphany in the making, boss. And of course, with a strong 1600 mAh lithium battery which offers up to 12 hours of 3G talk time and 295 hours of 3G standby time, the makers of the all new ASUS Zenfone series know you and your emotions really well; the extended battery backup guarantees unhindered articulation for hours. What's stopping you then my friend? Looks like the good people at ASUS have already created the baseline for an everlasting relationship on the occasion of Valentines' Day. This is nothing but 'Unconditional Love' and it's true manifestation. Let's look at the lovely little video as embedded below. Let's melt into the saga.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Wings of Ambition....

Oh well. I can't believe that I got a chance to write on this topic that could perhaps turn out to be quite a cliffhanger because of the simple fact that we have perhaps stopped fantasizing these days. Yes, it goes without saying that we have been pegged back by the oligarchy of 'concreteness'...we have perhaps analyzed every possibility with the blend of verisimilitude, oh wait..should I use the term possibility because it has a slight tinge of antagonism attached to it. Things were much better in our 'salad days' when those free-minded thoughts warded off even the glimmer of adversity; it was perhaps the exuberance of youth that made me run on to the stage and snatch the micro-phone in front of a jam-packed audience. The graph has never taken an upward leap after that...I have been more judicious, more conservative with my ambition (and it's dissemination) over the last 20 years or so. But then this prompt gives me the wings to flutter, to swoop & let loose. I feel privileged to be honest. Alright, let's explore.
  • Constitute a self-sustainable MSME finance clinic- Well, I have mentioned this over the last couple of posts and let me reiterate because more I talk about it, the dogmatism increases exponentially. I have been working in close proximity with the spirited entrepreneurs belonging to the Micro, Medium and Small Scale enterprises over the last couple of years or so; the most impending issue that I have managed to identify in terms of overall growth and development, is perhaps the missing essence of financial linkage. At the grass-root level, people thrive for funds in order to make real-time investments directed towards creation of a sustainable business ecology but the balance was never there. Yes, only a handful of the stakeholders in this sector have managed to secure loans, but then the number is infinitesimal. Given a chance, I would like to step up the gas and proactively work towards their betterment by creating newer networks, revamping the financial linkages with Government or Private banks and create an imperishable pecuniary model for these rising entrepreneurs. That's indeed a heart-felt desire.
  • Set Up a Free Photography School- Oh well, talking from personal experience, photography is indeed an extravagant interest to perpetuate. I have decided not to enroll in a professional photography academy in-spite of my growing interest in this art, primarily because of the exorbitant course fee. In-fact, the photography devices, kits or lens' are very costly if you are infiltrating into the professional zone. But then, owing to my field work based out of the remote locations in Bengal I have managed to extricate some staggering facts related to photography and it's evolution in the State; there have been some amazing photographers originating in the rural hubs of Bengal who have used the Kodak KB10 camera to create myriads. However, the adroitness has 'melted away' gradually because of their lack of exposure and promotion...and that is discomforting. I would like to nurture rural Bengal's ingrained dexterity, the finesse in the field of photography by setting up free-schools and demonstration-hubs across Bengal. I could even consider lending DSLR's, lens' and tripods for a day to the 'enlightened ones'. Join me in this stampede to create a picture-perfect Bengal.
  • Morning walk down the Double Decker Living Root Bridge- There's no substitute to 'staying up and being healthy'; you might find this amusing but that is indeed how I have set benchmarks for myself in the next 20 years or so. Oh boy! People of my age group have fancy ambitions of migrating to the US or the UK, settling down in there and dying as a millionaire. Dude, where's the peace of mind in this very projected life? Where's the charm of experiencing the aura of fresh air every morning? I dream of residing in a log-house in the midst of the Mawlynnong village in Meghalaya, work on my fitness and run along the slopes down to the enchanted double decker living root bridge every morning. Believe me, it's a much better prospect than spending loads of time and money at the gym that turns out to be claustrophobic at times. A round of morning yoga could be as refreshing as ever; jogging down along the forest greens, descending onto the naturally fine stream...seems like a regal epiphany this. Do I have prospective room-mates in there? Only time will say.
  • Gardening- Gardening is perhaps one of those treasured traits that has suddenly disappeared from this universe. Yes, it's like a reverse trend this...the more we are inclined towards our goals, our targets, our aspirations...the more dissociated we tend to become with respect to the 'Natural yearning'. The comforting touch of the greens that used to serve as the poetic inspiration is down-trodden today. Even a bunch of freshly grown lavender doesn't appear to the drenched soul...shielded by the brick and mortar. I have never been like that. If you look into my photo-stream, you can find an unquestioned precedence of flora in it...whenever I get a chance, I tend to 'hibernate'...I ride along the hills straight to the charming Kalimpong, to our ancestral place that greets me with a rich-bouquet of 'alluring flora'. Yes, people often compare me with the honey-bees because in every photo-walk, I'll be the last person to return to the origin; such is the craze for snapping flowers. I wish I had a garden of my own...Err, did I just use the word "wish"? I will make it happen.
  • Set Up Laughter Academy's across Bengal- "Through humor, you can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers. And once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be, you can survive it." says the legendary Bill Cosby and that's exactly what my intention is. We do have laughter clubs in and around the city of Calcutta but I feel that the penetration is lacking...we have to extend the service into the heart of Bengal and in this case, age won't be a barrier. I have observed that there are discrete associations that work in silos but the entire intention behind launching such an extended intervention is to unite all these associations under a single-roof and spread the viral essence of elation through our expedient efforts. It's an amazing feeling when you know that you can make people laugh through your's a sense of contentment, a sense of accomplishment that is perhaps absent in fulfilling client deliverable-s. We might freelance with old-age homes and NGO's since they have been 'deprived' in true sense of the term. It might start in form of CSR's but slowly and surely, we might emerge as an independent concern thriving on the laughter quotient.
Of course that sounds fancy, I'm not even denying that. But then, it's not an impossible prospect in achieving all the above mentioned 'dreams' if you have a hospitable 'back-up'. The IDBI Federal Life Insurance is the perfect foil for you and your envisaged future...the life-long coverage is nothing but a boost, a boost that gives you wings to glide along.  Sounds good?

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Bed Time Sacraments...

Well, the reason I like this topic is because it's actually different from the ones that I have been attempting over the last couple of months. Yes, of course...another reason is, it gives me a chance to recollect those 'moments' from the salad days that have been an essential aspect in establishing a "Rokto Mangsher Manush" (A human studded with blood and flesh- as we call it Bengali)..ah, let's not be dramatic with this one.
The truth is, I hardly remember anything about my childhood...forget the aspect called "details"; I had to run to my mom when I saw this topic and let me be utterly virtuous, this account is nothing but a blunt dictation - the dictator, being my venerated super-hero...Mom! 
I have heard her saying this very often- "Dude, you're still such a kiddo and you're supposed to get married in the next couple of will you handle your own child?"; yes..she is concerned for the very right reasons.
"Aap ho na..."- My instinctive response follows. Yes, I blindly gamble on her when it comes to supervising an infant...there's no substitution to 'experienced treatment' I believe. 
And talking of superstitions, well...let me say this, my mom wasn't conservative or 'dictative ' in terms of the sleep-timing but she was smart enough to read me & my hunch.
"You always had inclination towards soft music, even as a 6 month used to stop crying when I played the "Doe a Deer" on our good old cassette player"- She smirked. I could see a tinge of moisture in her eyes...she was slowly sinking in those memories.
Yes, I got to know that I was perhaps not one of those 'fairy-tale-loving-infants' but melody was my reprise; my mom made use of this derivation while feeding me before I dozed off.
"You burped on music and nothing else...."- She giggled. It's an amazing provenance you see.
I guess if the legacy is carried forward, I might resort to the legendary Aashiqui 2 songs just to make him feel better, doesn't sound right, does it? Honestly speaking, if that works, nothing like it.
Also, the expert opinion says that babies (that did hold good for me as well) generally have a shorter-span-of-sleep, and it goes without saying, that if there's nobody to attend him/her at that point of time, you are calling for trouble.
"There's a remedy to everything"- And mom seems to have a solution to every possible problem on this planet, "The toddlers generally have a predilection towards colors and what we used to do, was pretty hilarious yet effective. We used to create a Chakravyuh of colorful cushions all around the 'little' you to serve the dual purpose- 1. to virtually protect you 2. to allure you with the colors in case of a sleep distraction...believe me, it worked wonders."  - Oh Boy! That's some superstition. I used to be a giggling child and my parents made me giggle with their animated 'performances' right in-front of my 'swinging cradle. Not to forget, dressing up in my comfortable, colorful night dress to add that essence of contentment; these rituals bed-time rituals were followed with utmost transcendence. "Oh and yes, since you are writing a post on Pampers, please convey to them that they have been instrumental in helping me on course...they have been quite like the invisible guardian, as a friend philosopher and guide escorting me all the way through...I'm truly grateful. Thanks for being our pacifier, our beacon." - She smiled.

Disclaimer: This post has been written as a part of the "Bed Time Rituals" activity, in association with Indiblogger for the#IndiHappyHours campaign. You would love to browse through Pampers' official website wouldn't you?

Sunday, February 1, 2015

The 3 C's of Quikr NXT

Boy oh Boy! Believe me, my eye lit up when I came across this brand new topic on Indiblogger because it certainly made a lot of sense to me. Infact, I was discussing about this very feature and it's applicability with a couple of my colleagues last week; it's very relevant even in case of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises who are slowly moving into the sector of online marketing....might not be effective immediately, but it is indeed something that we can explore in the future.
Alright, let's come back to the point..but before I enumerate on the key benefits of having a dedicated one-to-one (S2B) chat window in an e-commerce website, let me talk about the level of exasperation that these couple of incidents have managed to generate in the last year.
Incident 1: "Boss thora or kam kijiye na (Trying to negotiate)" - And the messages kept flowing.
I was in a very important client presentation in the morning and I had politely asked him not to be bother me at least in the critical first half of the day but honestly speaking, I didn't even expect him to pay heed to my appeal. He didn't disappoint me either.
"Boss, girl-friend ko gift karni hai yaar, bas do hazar kam kardo (He wanted to gift a phone to girl-friend and wanted to make my suffer in return)" - He switched to text messaging when I turned off my data connection. I had to send a mandatory "In a meeting" text reply and guess what followed? - Well, nothing very concerning per say, but a series of a annoying missed calls just to "shake me up"; I was compelled to block his number as a result.

Incident 2: Let this be a crisp account. My sister was literally harassed on a call that was presumably done by an elderly person who threatened to take "obdurate action" if she didn't comply to his dictation. The person even stooped down to the level of vulgar comments & abuses; that was indeed quite an obnoxious mode of communication. Honestly speaking, such a response was never expected because of Quikr 's appreciable reputation in the segment of online classified AD's, but then we do understand that it is perhaps very difficult for the administrators to moderate each and every buyer-seller interaction with the increasing number of hits everyday. A judicious change was perhaps the need of the day and it did arrive finally with the introduction of the very effective Quikr NXT feature that establishes an indirect communication channel between the buyer and the seller without infiltrating into their "personal space". Alight then, let us dig in and analyze the 3 pillars of this revolutionary incorporation, the 3 critical success-factors - the 3 C's of Quikr NXT that has been interpreted primarily from the user point of view:-

  • Confidentiality: Why should I at all share my personal mobile number with someone who might not be my potential seller or customer? What if he/she's a terrorist (haha, you never know)? I would obviously prefer a very 'specific', need-based information sharing model that can effectively filter out those spam, unwanted calls that might not even be relevant to the actual deal. For that matter of fact, there are buyers who don't even read the description section for each of the product (and of course, the tag "Non-negotiable"- I have stopped using it in effect!) before making a call. 
  • Convenience: Why should I allow an external person or agency to bother me during the peak hours of the day? I'll respond to the chat messages only when I feel the need to do so, I might even ignore messages depending on the pertinence, materiality and 'the tone' of the sender. In-fact, the feature called 'chat history' is a fantastic incorporation because in the negotiation mood, things do turn dirty at need to have sufficient credentials in hand to contest in case adverse situations or disputes.
  • Cooperation: It's absolutely OKAY to seek cooperation from the person you are dealing with and it's a very regular practice when a buyer meets the seller to see the condition of the actual product because more often than not, googled images are used while posting the Free AD on the Quikr website. The new-flanged mode of sharing real-time pictures through the chat window does reduce human touch points; it enhances transparency and reduces the process time. "Seamless mode of transaction" is the order of the day indeed; improving the buyer-seller-interface is indeed the punch-line for me.
Hey! The 3 C's fit here quite well & when they do, it's safe to conclude that these are extremely encouraging signs. Thumbs Up!

Disclaimer: This post has been written as a part of the "Get Quikr NXT" activity, in association with Indiblogger for the#IndiHappyHours campaign. You can visit the official website for more details on the newly launched Quikr NXT functionality.

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