Friday, January 23, 2015

The Glorious Mistake....

"It is rightly said that love can touch just one time and last for a life-time."

Well, I cannot disagree with this, because I know what the feeling is all about.
I was passing through the toughest phase of my life, when it arrived like a bliss and liberated all my pain as if by grace.
I have been quite an introvert to begin with; and this combined with the fact that my grades were falling slowly, didn’t help the cause either. I was losing friends, my family problems were getting complicated at an exponential rate, my sister was facing the most difficult part of her love life, my dad had a few impending issues in was almost like a turmoil to say the least – it was collectively the darkest period of our lives indeed, it had laundered even the slightest tinge of green. We were just praying hard and loud so that this phase comes to a cease as soon as possible.

And then she came. As if by grace of GOD! Like a storm that liberated every inch of pain, like of wave of boundless emotions...washing away every bit of anguish of my life and made it a truly remarkable one. Well, I don't know whether the term "Crazy" or kooky does fit in correctly when I start talking about the way it began, but then it does promise to be a whimsical one. Nothing has been scripted though, it's indeed a hard core, palpable portrayal...the result had a softer bend to it of course. AMEN !

The Prelude: The Glorious Mistake that happened on Facebook, internet being the bridge (source)
It all started with an unknown friend-request on Facebook which marked the beginning of an association that can never look back! We had a lot of mutual friends owing to the fact that we belonged to the same school but the strangest fact was that we had never come across each other in those 12 long years of school life, happens since South Point is arguably Asia's second largest school in terms of the number of student studying in there. And let me very honest about's almost like a myth now and our friends have termed it as the "glorious mistake" primary because it was just by sheer 'fluke' that we were introduced to each other. And talking about the fluke, well, she had a namesake in one of my old classmates and I ended up sending a friend-request to the wrong person; haha 'wrong' person indeed. The matter certainly didn't end took her almost good 6 months to accept it because technically you are not supposed to accept friend-requests from strangers; she kept deleting the requests and I persisted in sending them.

The only matter of concern was that I had very idea that I was, in effect, approaching a very wrong entity..the fact that she had a blurred profile picture didn't help the course either. I had sent her a number of 'Reminder Facebook messages" but those supposedly didn't make an impact when I decided to take a very different route altogether. I had a crush on her name-sake (my original classmate from school) and it was obvious that I would stretch myself in my attempt to seek her attention. Desperation had taken over by had almost overpowered my faculty. Kill me for this, but I in alliance with a friend, decided to hack her account and teach her a lesson (it was his idea though, I was guilty of compliance...however all I wanted was to silently log into her account and accept my pending friend request, I had no other intention what-so-ever). The opprobrious plan was executed successfully, we finally managed to hack into her account, the request was promptly accepted and we logged out immediately. It was rather a childish exercise, but honestly speaking, I had no other choice...I had to go out of my way in trying to grab her diligence. Believe me, I had NO idea of what was waiting for me on the 'other side'. I did run into the risk of being accused of indulging in cyber crime, but then you have to undertake a couple of gambles for a 'bigger cause' isn't it? Yes, my point of interest was perhaps directed somewhere else, but it certainly yielded better results. Forgive me for that impulsive call... :)

The Glorious Mistake: This was clicked by her on our first date...I was sinking in emotions...
It didn't take me long to realize that 'she was not the one'...but her online company, to start of with, was pretty enjoyable to say the least. Yes, of course it took her some time to figure out how or why did she end up adding a complete stranger on Facebook and she reacted fiercely after the cognizance. But then, slowly and surely things started to settle down. She had slowly started to respond to my imprecations; well...the sense of delinquency showed us the path.

Yes, the first couple of days of incessant chat-sessions seemed to be the ideal platform for things to come. The well-established- “It starts off with ignorance and ends in love” theory did prove to be the testimony of “Eternal Truth”....
We were SO VERY different to each other in mentality, rationality, preferences and opinion; but then there an under-lying bond which managed to drag us to the computer screens, and eventually to the mobile window. We started off with random chit-chats but slowly we migrated to the 'sensitive domain', the comfort factor was building up gradually and within the next couple of months, we had graduated from nurturing 'loathsome hatred' to literally being 'addicted to each other'.'PING' Connection.

The Glorious Mistake: And we stood out in the crowd. Yes, mutual compassion was the driver....
I used to wait all day, just to see the 'green button' light on my chat window...and then the 'soothing..cacophonous ping' that made my day. Oh wait, am I being too dramatic? Certainly not, if there's something called the Sound of Love, Zuckerberg has the copyright at least in my case. We laughed, we cried, we quarrel-led, we consoled each other over the bridge called 'internet' and after 6 months of pro-active conversation, we decided to meet up and explore more about ourselves. The virtual association had turned out to be an indispensable part of our was time to add the touch of reality to it. Not to be... perhaps it's an inescapable truth of Nature that 'Good things have to wait' and it did come true; incessant thunderstorms and rain intruded.

The Glorious Mistake: It was just a matter of time you know, it was almost like a bond made in heaven.
Our first date at the Victoria Memorial was epic, in many ways- it changed my entire way of looking at things, it changed my pre-conceived notions about society, principles and of course my life, it changed my body-language which had dropped to appalling heights...she seemed to have implanted her magic tonic into my veins...they were responding with grace. The touché was perfect, the touché was heavenly...the touché that united two souls...the touché that paved the way for a new horizon. Never knew that she had such a good eye for photography as well. Oh had found it’s way! The frame had started to roll out in slow motion... :)

The Glorious Mistake: Our first selfie taken in 2011, of course with the self-timer mode on...
In the mean-while, things were starting to turn around: her priceless words and support had managed to bring back my lost motivation. I was slowly restoring my synchronization with life. Yes, my treasured 'sound of love', though bathed with silence has been rather euphonious...the euphoric "Ping" on the Facebook chat window that connoted her alleviating presence...

The Glorious Mistake: This is indeed the best memory, on the reunion day at School..Profound.
I had written this small testimonial to her on our first Valentines Day- 'Do you remember the day when I first introduced you to my family? Oh GOD! That was probably the toughest day of my life. I had never been so nervous, I have appeared for an exam without preparation, I have faced the fastest of those lanky fast bowlers in the net- But have never had so many many butter-flies in a day. Boy! My heart-beat was racing at the speed of light; I was sweating like hell even in the midst of December. You did your best to console me, but I know that even you had a share of those butterflies in your tummy when mom looked at you with skepticism. And do not try to defend yourself – I had checked your pulse before entering the room; it was as high as 120 BPS . Haha! However, there's no denying the fact that you did manage to pass the “test” with flying co-lours. You were very impressive that day!' - That’s our story fellas! She has asked me to frame this one by the way.

The Blue Stone Campaign that connects people from across the country through the bond called love...
Wooh! I know that you guys are hungry for more, but I guess I should stop depicting these memories in form of letters; It’s REALLY getting into me. Yes, I'm really falling short of words here....

Thus I would like to end with a short note as the epitome of our sweetest relationship-
Thank you for being with me in my toughest of times,
These Lines are Dedicated to our cherished association-

"Entrapped in your soul is my will-
Entrapped in your heart is my desire-
Entrapped in your fits is my devotion-
Entrapped in your smile in my passion-
Entrapped in your lips is my cherished dream-
Entrapped in your vision is my ambition-
Entrapped in your touch is my rejuvenation-
Entrapped in your mind is my inner peace...
Entrapped in your breath is my zeal to survive.
Believe me when I say you are amazing, you are amazing and it’s true!!!" - These words are straight from the heart. Period. Ladies and gentlemen...look around for inspiration, take note of those elusive "sounds of love" that might be embedded in your day to day life. The sooner to familiarize yourself with the pulse, the better results it would fetch. 
P.S.- This is perhaps my last Valentines' Day as a bachelor and I would certainly like to ask for your valuable suggestion in terms of how to spend this lovely day. This comes with the obvious disclaimer that she finds me extremely un-romantic when it comes to expression of love and perhaps this mere blog-post might appear to be a fortuitous surprise. I think I could consider digging out those old Facebook chat conversations and framing them? Or perhaps take her out for an unexpected photo-shoot (she loves the way I click her)? Perhaps a lovely romantic horse ride from the Victoria Memorial or perhaps cooking Anda Maggi for her (something that I have never done even for myself in course of my existence). Looking forward to your suggestions though. Happy Valentines Day everyone and keep committing mistakes because they are in effect, teasers to a Regal Epiphany. <3>

The Glorious Mistake: And now I have a subject to click, my 'trusted' model in true sense...
P.S.- People do say that social networking sites are harmful, technology is effectively killing the charm of our lives. Is it sacrosanct?

To hell with the critics! The 'sound of technology (read love)' has done wonders as far as my life is concerned.

Disclaimer: I am participating in the #SoundOfLove activity at BlogAdda in association with Bluestone. The pictures used in this blog-post (unless specified) are personal.

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