Thursday, January 22, 2015

The 3X Insurance of Immunity....

Well, honestly speaking I sincerely wanted to write on this topic but then I was perhaps trying to gather all my thoughts together before I could actually pen them down in form of words. However, the recent couple of episodes have shaken up those hidden asseveration's; I think it's better to say that I've been shoved into this intrusive mode of elucidation. I won't complain though.

Incident 1: Well, I've been hearing those debilitated wails all day since last was almost as if she had been trying to break through those vetoed facades impending her moves, but in vain. Her agonizing squalls combined with those deadly 'cough'-ing cacophony wasn't pleasing to the ears at all. Her routine chuckles, chortles and giggles that used to be my "treasured" alarm clock, her pranks and drollery that served as the source of my mid-week rejuvenation, her smiling 'waves' on my way to office- everything seemed like a passing trace. It was as if like a hard hitting blow, the blow that had almost swept me off my life was nothing but a slow-moving black and white movie from the 60's made no sense. The void was irreparable. Every morning I used to wake up hoping to hear her 'tehee-s'; didn't happen for a week at least....the wait seemed to be a never-ending wait. The 'anxiety', by then had however inundated it's thresholds and I decided to pay her a visit.
"She's down with cough and cold since last 7 days or so, the doctor has recommended some heavy dose antibiotics...but nothing is working"- Her mom, my neighbor explained. She looked extremely perturbed; Roohi hasn't got up from bed since the last week or so...she is a very frisky and spirited kid otherwise. Those ice-creams had been enticing enough to draw her into the virulent loop. The malady has certainly got the better of her, almost analogous to a poacher making a conscious attempt to "drug down" a wild animal before enslaving her; it wasn't the best of feelings as I left 'her side' for office...her 'forlorn' eye-sight pleaded for retrieval, prayed for resurrection. 

Incident 2:  Almost a repeat of the first incident; the only difference perhaps, being the cause and the afflicted. These apparently "annoying" herd of kids who used to litter at our backyard, didn't turn up since last Friday. Technically, I should have bee relieved at this prospect but then, what happened was exactly the opposite. I started missing their greasy "footprints" on my well maintained greens, the sound of their hefty footsteps on being "chased" down and their reverberating guffaw on a successful "guava" heist. Do I really sound like a selfish giant? I know that I do.
"Prit, is down with fever...he has stomach ache as well"- His voice faded as he disappeared into the distant horizon. The whimsical kiddo had left the clue on his way...and I decided to pay him a visit.
Things didn't look promising at all as I sat down beside the otherwise impish kid who looked like a hibernating centipede; in-fact as dolorous as it gets. His body temperature seemed like touching the boiling point of any known liquid, he never looked up...the "dent" was too much to handle. The sophisticated medicines had floundered in effect and hospitalization seemed to be the only route left. Oh wait, are we missing something fundamental?

The Solution? 
Oh yes we are. And as I always keep saying, go back to the roots...go back to those well-defined, well-garnered solutions that have yielded promising results in the past. The 'iconic' Dabur Chyawanprash with the ingrained bliss of Yastimadhu, Pippali, Brahmi and Amla, offering a 3 times immunity insurance, is indeed the coveted solution. 
P.S.- Both Roohi and Prit are now up on their feet as I write this post, they have sailed through the tough times & you now know who the captain of the ship was. Yes, it has been a turbulent ride for sure, but in the end, "experience matters". Ahoy! :)
Just FYI- I have been associated with the Health Sector, Government of India and it gives me immense pleasure to assert that Dabur Chyawanprash is still the proverbial choice in many parts of rural India and they (specially the younger generation) have been shielded well from climatic changes & other recurring health hazards. Dabur has been the "Guardian" for sure.
Disclaimer: This post has been written as a part of the "A Healthy Child Makes a Healthy Home" activity, in association with Indiblogger for the#IndiHappyHours campaign. You can visit Dabur's official website for more details.

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