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Tame Your Crush- A Hilarious Take....

Haha. Amazing!! This topic really makes me nostalgic not because I have successful executed the 'strategy' but because 99% of my attempts have resulted in disastrous outcomes; but then I have been a 'trier' in real sense of the term. Ladies and gentlemen, I hope that you'll concur when I say that "you learn the hard way" and those bitter experiences have a sweeter impact in the long run...well I'm the living example for sure.
Umm, before I start off with my rather "awkward post", one must understand that there's perhaps a very thin line of difference between the terms "crush" and "love"; it's always better to 'convince' yourself before you head out for the "mission impossible"...yes 90% of the cases turn out to be misadventures for sure, the risk is worth taking. The key aspects that I'm going to touch in this post (ahem focus of the word "touch") is almost a 21st century version of the 'good old maxims' because of the obvious reason called "evolution in the mode of reciprocation"; I sure of the fact that it's perfectly safe to use the term "crush" even in front of your parents because it's almost as 'hieroglyphic as Hebrew'..that's the beauty. Anyway, let's try and figure out the innovative contemporary ways to 'turn her on' .

  • Give her a huge shout-out of Twitter: Let's socialize love on one of the most popular social networking sites of recent times- Twitter. Believe me, it works wonders. Let's face it, we all love that extra bit of attention and perhaps secretly "Favoriting" her tweets doesn't help every-time; you need to stretch yourself a bit. Yes, of course, you need to ignore a couple of stray replies coming it (it always happens on twitter with those troll and parody accounts around); I would say, oblivion (in this context) helps immensely. You might even consider 'protecting your tweets' for a day if it becomes that difficult to handle stray remarks. Besides this, you can of course 'set it up' or rather improvise by tweeting emo-quotes on the eve of Valentines Day (even if that's TOTALLY not your type), there's lot of such quotes freely available on the internet, but try to quote the source as well; ladies hate the word "plagiarism". Try this for sure ;) 
    Pro Tip:
    You reap the best results out of this exercise when your own follower count is greater than that of your crush. Oh come on, thora to risk lena parega, Hai na?

    Tame Your Crush on Twitter : Source
  • Spam-Like all her selfies on instagram: Oh well, I do understand that there are like-minded people who hate the "art of selfies" (ahem "ART" LOL) but then, I don't think you should mind sidelining your "glorious ego" for one-day at least. And this goes with the assumption that females, on a average, have a greater inclination towards clicking selfies and I don't blame them at all. Boss, you might HATE the angle, the focus, the light or perhaps the entire framing of the selfie....the only consideration is, you should never judge a lady's (or rather your crush's) instinctive choice.
    Pro Tip:
    try and make use of the involuntary key-words like "Awww" , "Cute", "Adorable" in the comments section, just to add a bit of icing on the unlikely rainbow cake.

      Tame Your Crush On Instagram: Source
  • Facebook Privacy: My word, make no mistake, women love scrolling through photographs (without actually liking or commenting on them); you should be very careful and judicious enough to hide your couple photographs (with your Ex or your present Girl-friend LOL) on Facebook. One mistake on this front and your slimmest of chances is gone forever. Feel free to judge on this recommendation, experience speaks.
    Pro Tip: Use the selective privacy settings option on Facebook to good effect; the Facebook ticker might be a menace as well..think again if you consider "spam-liking" her Facebook photographs well.

    Tame Your Crush on Facebook : Source
  • Flipkart First: Are you a Flipkart First customer? No, I'm not a Flipkart employee (I wish I was), nor am I promoting them, but mark my works wonders especially if you are historically late in taking decisive actions. A gift, on Valentines Day is a must and based on experience, the popular choice must be a romantic novel like the Jane Eyre or the Persuasion; NO, it doesn't sound cheesy at all. All you have to make sure is that the "message" that you scribble on the front page should be "simple" and straight from the heart. A slight grammatical mistake can close the gates in a blink.
    Pro Tip: I remember the popular joke "I sent her a surprise gift through the COD mode"; oh well...for God's sake be attentive while selecting the mode of payment, this could ravage your prospective odds.

    Tame Your Crush through Flipkart : Source
FYI: If the above mentioned ploy works and you manage to convince her for a date, DO NOT forget to brush before setting off.
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