Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Well, I'm not sure whether it's a mere coincidence or telepathy, but the very fact that we "boo-ed" at a benighted passer-by proved that this 'cherished oblivion' is not longer annoying but a comical parade. Yes, the fun starts right here...the fun in deciphering the mystery behind an established blunder. Oh, do I say "blunder"? Perhaps I shouldn't because obviously there's a hidden agenda behind every spurious move; well ladies and gentlemen...I'm absolutely sure of the very fact that you know the motive as well.

Alright then, let me talk about the possibilities...well, being a consultant the root-cause analysis exercise seems to be absolutely ingrained in me and why not? When we are, in effect, analyzing the rationale behind a mass-abeyance, I guess it makes all the more sense to figure out 'where it came from'. Alright, without wasting more words, let's try and explore....

  • The yearning to become a graffiti whiz: I remember a very entertaining debate that we had a couple of years back, revolving round the topic "Which city has the best wall-graffiti and why" and believe me the discussion unfurled newer dimensions. It seemed like a striking unanimous call and best argument that came to the fore-front was that of Calcutta being of the top-most cadre owing to the presence of multi-talented freestyle spittle-virtuoso's; it's almost like a competitive surge this...a spur ingenuity when it comes to creating impromptu wall-templates.  Infact, somebody in the crew suggested that the burgeoning photographers must take a quick ride across North Calcutta, just in-case they are interested in hunting down "sense or regime" in these master-pieces...they are perhaps of more 'belletristic and historical interest' than the ones at Hosier Lane in Melbourne. There's no doubt in the aesthetic faculty that is an ingrained aspect of the city. The white, 'unblemished' 'wall' (Relax Dravid) is like their wide-open canvas of expression..that is "endowment" for sure. Maybe that's what we call "Litter-ature"?
  • The Serpent Scions: Who said that the "Fire Breathing" dragons are extinct? Or rather, who dares to assert that these deadly creatures never existed? I guess we should perform a deeper, acroamatic, hermetic study on the evolution of these noxious serpents to arrive at a definite conclusion; we might be startled with the end result. Oh well, are we trying to conceal the biggest secret in the augmentation of mankind? There are clues that bring out an underlying convergence; the 'discharge' that spells doom...the 'raging catastrophe' of annihilation . It is also to be kept in mind, that the entire species under the umbrella Homo Sapiens cannot be subjugated easily.
  • Amity is mainstream, let's revolt: The twenty-first century is a golden period of "breaking the trend" and unveiling newer avenues and that again comes with the caveat that bring about "change" in any form is perhaps the USP. And buoy, who doesn't want to nurture filth when the defilement is actually in the mind? The point I'm trying to make is very simple...the Great Indian Litterbug is indeed a Superhero and he doesn't need to wear an underwear over his pants. His main intention is to create a mockery of the legendary youth icon "Captain Planet" who supposedly had great super-powers to bail the Earth from the evil trenches of smut. Dear oh dear...that's as mediocre a job as ever. The urge to do something different...the replenishing appetite of 'dismissing' the inevitable has led to such a movement; it is no less than the historic Freedom Struggle. It's corona-ted as the "Embrace the Obscene" movement and is destined to rule mankind till the next couple of centuries for sure.
Umm, the excellence in the field of Litter-ature has been phenomenal in the last few decades or so; looks like a couple of prestigious awards are on the way. The only point of concern is, have we managed to set the benchmark or do we go another step ahead? Debatable alright. We can perhaps set up grooming classes for the youth to facilitate wall/street litter-ature. No? Okay!
Disclaimer: This post has been written as a part of the "The Great Indian Litterbug" activity, in association with Indiblogger for the#IndiHappyHours campaign. You can visit the official website of Times of India for more details.

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