Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Shades of 'Errr'.....

Errr V1.0: "Mate, I think we need to postpone this shoot by a week or so. You don't seem to be in right shape at this point of time."- The Photographer presented an abhorred look as we posed in the front row with those placards in hand.
"Oh Hello Sir! What do you mean by 'right shape'? This supposed to be our only CSR shoot"- Our Associate Director, standing in the front row catechized.
"Sir Ji, we are supposed to cheer those little, deprived kids..."- He remarked, as his dreaded eye-balls turned to me, threatening to 'melt me down'..."And certainly not to scare them off with this filth."- He proclaimed and stooped down to pick up his instruments. 
"But what's the proble....?"- I was stopped mid-way through my avowal...I heard the 'decisive blow'.
"Pack up!!. Seems like we'll have to carry a crate of Face Washes every-time we come for a shoot in this office"- He scoffed. 

The Pimple Tale V1.0 : Source
Errr V2.0: "Oye, click a nice picture, no?"- I pleaded. And he kept ignoring my requests.
This is indeed the trouble with wants to click their pictures; it's demoralizing rather...I have been angling for a "Perfect Facebook Profile Picture" for over a year now, the results haven't been encouraging at all.
"Come on man, this is almost like the tenth time that I'm requesting you...what's the problem? I never denied when you asked me to click your sister's portfolio and FYI I didn't even charge for that..."- I complained. I had every right to contravene; all my friend requests (on Facebook) are going to the social dustbin, I'm losing twitter and instagram followers at the rate of knots and this freaking guy wasn't even ready to cooperate. He didn't even bother to reply. As if all those blue ticks on my Whats-App screen were winking at me in fruition.
"Honestly Bol. Kitne Paise chahiye tereko? Man, even Avishikta isn't giving me any bhav these days"- I typed quickly; his conscious nescience was hitting me really really hard.
"Abey REPLY TO KAR!!"- I wish I could thrust my fists into the screen and grab his throat.
Raman...Typing.... (Finally)
"Mummy ko bol bazaar se tere liye accha sa Face Wash lane ke liye"- The cold, 'itching' response flashed on my screen. Sigh!

The Pimple Tale V2.0 : Source
Errr V3.0: "Sammya, I guess you should stay back and Raman should go in"- Boss declared. That was perhaps the weirdest thing that I have ever heard in my professional life so far. I mean seriously? Someone who hasn't even worked for this project is being sent in for the speech in-front of the CM? Doesn't he care about the company's reputation? We have had no client escalations till date, but one mistake could ruin the entire impression.
"Sir, I mean...I don't think Raman is the right person in this scenario...please try and...."- I tried to explain, but as expected, my 'enunciation' was cut short.
"Who's the boss? You or me?"- He flouted "We are supposed to click a picture with the CM and the Bengal Chamber of Commerce associates after the speech and that is going to be published in tomorrow's Economic Times. Are you aware of this? Of course not." - There was an air of unendurable sarcasm in his words. He was certainly exacerbated and the degree of severity was harrowing. But the big question was, why is this "camera" posing a treat every-time? I espouses when I'm behind the lens...but one thing is pretty evident, the number of 'favorable outcomes' drastically reduces when I'm in-front.
"Sir, where did I go wrong?"- I had asked him later, but the response that I got was almost like a scrunch, nothing less than a shattering blow.
"Try using a good quality Face Wash, might help in your future client interactions and successful business development ventures"- He silently articulated while flipping through the pages of 'The Economic Times'. His eyes lit up in the very next second.

The Pimple Tale V3.0 : Source
Oh hello, before you decide to close this window, let me churn out the obvious disclaimer!! This account is purely based on true events & doesn't have any added flavors; any resemblance to real persons living or dead is purely coincidental. If you have ever experienced humiliations of this order, please un-wind your 'conscience settings' & embrace the all new Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash with the ingrained bliss of real Neem Leaf and Tree Tea Oil extracts. It works wonders boss !!!

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Toughie...

Oh this is indeed a toughie; giving a choice (to spoil) to someone who relishes on technology is an absolutely bad idea for sure. But then, there are those KPI's hidden in our subconscious tech-blended-mind that always redefines the course; there are those unique key approbation parameters that operate "at the back-end" while we proceed towards freezing our preferred selection. And the parameters would ideally vary from one person to another depending on their applicability, congruity and utility; if you ask me to define my choice, I would prefer to choose the expression "completeness" because at the end of the day, you don't want a trade-off for sure.
I have been working with the MSME Sector, Government of West Bengal for over a year now and in course of my work, I have to visit the interiors of Bengal since our target critical mass belongs mostly to the grass-root level. The last thing I want, on the run, is to face a technology glitch while playing an enterprising video or demonstrating online marketing through various live examples. In-fact, with the spirit of multi-tasking taking over, I guess our gadgets should be capable enough to support multiple operations seamlessly. Honestly speaking, in terms of gauging the quality of portable gadgets (Laptops or tablets to be specific) I haven't been totally appeased with the performance of all the "Big Brands" as we know them, it's effectively an adjustment of sorts; but then that is the very reason why I switched to ASUS in the year 2014. I've been using the ASUS X551CA-SX075D since then; it's been an efficient, potent and cost effective solution...a combination that is almost hypothetical.
Yes, I pretty much feel 'at home' while writing this post; it's almost filling up a "360 degree feedback form" for a couple of colleague's who have been working with me throughout the year...and of course, this time I'm handed over the privilege to explore more about them. Yes, it's a tough choice I know...and I genuinely feel for the managers who have to face this tricky situation of rating two employee's who have performed equally well during the last financial year; the system doesn't allow him to draw a parity. It's a toughie my friend; anyway when two brothers of the same mother ASUS EeeBook X205TA and the ASUS All In One PC ET2040 are being judged on a scale of utility, serviceability and performance, I guess the former gets a nod over the latter. That, my friend, comes with the caveat that on paper, there's almost nothing to choose between the two. Oh well, since ASUS has made me do the unfair 'election', let me justify the choice.

The Laptop On Diet: Oh well, if there's a scale that puts the humans and the machines together on the same scale, the Eeebook might give that Bollywood actresses a good run for their money. With a 17.55 mm thickness with the neat finishing, the Eeebook series certainly deserves the tag "Dieting Laptops". By the way, the performance is no way affected in achieving this Ultra-thin form. The fact that it can fit in even in a shoulder bar, excites me the most since it's difficult to carry large accessories into remote village where there is no motor-able road.

Recommended for the spondylosis patients: As a logical extension of the virtue "super-sleekness" , the natural question that would arise is "How heavy is it?" And the answer that's readily served on the platter is "1 Kg". Boy oh Boy, that's almost like a feather, it's actually an outlandish prospect considering the level of ingrained sophistication; that is perhaps the bliss of technology and it's evolution. Talking about my first impression? Well, I already like you.

Longevity Factor: The next obvious question that might come up is "How long does it last?" Well, talking from a non-technical point of view, there could be two interpretations of the question:- 1. The Insurance aspect 2. The battery life. The answers are fairly simple...1. It depends on how you use it, the general impression with ASUS is that they make fairly tough and durable product and this is no exception. The battery life, my friend, is remarkable; equipped with a 2-cell battery that can provide up to 12 hour of back-up in case of emergency long-term power failure, this series is certainly a "Level Up" in many aspects.

Seamless Multitasking: Let me be slightly critical in analyzing the technical specification; being an IT Consultant does help in a number of respects because you get to know the best players in this field as well as their relative felicity in terms of offering the best of services and products to the consumers. And I'm glad to announce that slowly but surely ASUS is moving up the ladder in terms of Government procurement because of it's superb performance and affordable price. Even the Eeebook series that's blessed with a 1.33 GHz Intel Atom quad-core processor with Intel Burst Technology up to 1.83 GHz, is a worthy possession if you are a serial multitask-er. The 2 GB DDR3 system memory ensures Uber-cool silky performance, even on the move. Seems like this in indeed a gadget freak's treasured possession.

Visual Impact: Another very very important aspect is the display, because we, the consultants totally en-cash on "eye-contact". Kidding. The point is, the ASUS Eeebook series presents a crystal clear and crisp visual impression..the 11.6 inch display is indeed a treat to the eye; I'm dying to watch AVATAR in HD just to corroborate with the stats. Seems like a delicious prospect this. 

The All Rounder- ASUS EeeBook X205TA
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Tame Your Crush- A Hilarious Take....

Haha. Amazing!! This topic really makes me nostalgic not because I have successful executed the 'strategy' but because 99% of my attempts have resulted in disastrous outcomes; but then I have been a 'trier' in real sense of the term. Ladies and gentlemen, I hope that you'll concur when I say that "you learn the hard way" and those bitter experiences have a sweeter impact in the long run...well I'm the living example for sure.
Umm, before I start off with my rather "awkward post", one must understand that there's perhaps a very thin line of difference between the terms "crush" and "love"; it's always better to 'convince' yourself before you head out for the "mission impossible"...yes 90% of the cases turn out to be misadventures for sure, the risk is worth taking. The key aspects that I'm going to touch in this post (ahem focus of the word "touch") is almost a 21st century version of the 'good old maxims' because of the obvious reason called "evolution in the mode of reciprocation"; I sure of the fact that it's perfectly safe to use the term "crush" even in front of your parents because it's almost as 'hieroglyphic as Hebrew'..that's the beauty. Anyway, let's try and figure out the innovative contemporary ways to 'turn her on' .

  • Give her a huge shout-out of Twitter: Let's socialize love on one of the most popular social networking sites of recent times- Twitter. Believe me, it works wonders. Let's face it, we all love that extra bit of attention and perhaps secretly "Favoriting" her tweets doesn't help every-time; you need to stretch yourself a bit. Yes, of course, you need to ignore a couple of stray replies coming it (it always happens on twitter with those troll and parody accounts around); I would say, oblivion (in this context) helps immensely. You might even consider 'protecting your tweets' for a day if it becomes that difficult to handle stray remarks. Besides this, you can of course 'set it up' or rather improvise by tweeting emo-quotes on the eve of Valentines Day (even if that's TOTALLY not your type), there's lot of such quotes freely available on the internet, but try to quote the source as well; ladies hate the word "plagiarism". Try this for sure ;) 
    Pro Tip:
    You reap the best results out of this exercise when your own follower count is greater than that of your crush. Oh come on, thora to risk lena parega, Hai na?

    Tame Your Crush on Twitter : Source
  • Spam-Like all her selfies on instagram: Oh well, I do understand that there are like-minded people who hate the "art of selfies" (ahem "ART" LOL) but then, I don't think you should mind sidelining your "glorious ego" for one-day at least. And this goes with the assumption that females, on a average, have a greater inclination towards clicking selfies and I don't blame them at all. Boss, you might HATE the angle, the focus, the light or perhaps the entire framing of the selfie....the only consideration is, you should never judge a lady's (or rather your crush's) instinctive choice.
    Pro Tip:
    try and make use of the involuntary key-words like "Awww" , "Cute", "Adorable" in the comments section, just to add a bit of icing on the unlikely rainbow cake.

      Tame Your Crush On Instagram: Source
  • Facebook Privacy: My word, make no mistake, women love scrolling through photographs (without actually liking or commenting on them); you should be very careful and judicious enough to hide your couple photographs (with your Ex or your present Girl-friend LOL) on Facebook. One mistake on this front and your slimmest of chances is gone forever. Feel free to judge on this recommendation, experience speaks.
    Pro Tip: Use the selective privacy settings option on Facebook to good effect; the Facebook ticker might be a menace as well..think again if you consider "spam-liking" her Facebook photographs well.

    Tame Your Crush on Facebook : Source
  • Flipkart First: Are you a Flipkart First customer? No, I'm not a Flipkart employee (I wish I was), nor am I promoting them, but mark my works wonders especially if you are historically late in taking decisive actions. A gift, on Valentines Day is a must and based on experience, the popular choice must be a romantic novel like the Jane Eyre or the Persuasion; NO, it doesn't sound cheesy at all. All you have to make sure is that the "message" that you scribble on the front page should be "simple" and straight from the heart. A slight grammatical mistake can close the gates in a blink.
    Pro Tip: I remember the popular joke "I sent her a surprise gift through the COD mode"; oh well...for God's sake be attentive while selecting the mode of payment, this could ravage your prospective odds.

    Tame Your Crush through Flipkart : Source
FYI: If the above mentioned ploy works and you manage to convince her for a date, DO NOT forget to brush before setting off.
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Friday, January 23, 2015

The Glorious Mistake....

"It is rightly said that love can touch just one time and last for a life-time."

Well, I cannot disagree with this, because I know what the feeling is all about.
I was passing through the toughest phase of my life, when it arrived like a bliss and liberated all my pain as if by grace.
I have been quite an introvert to begin with; and this combined with the fact that my grades were falling slowly, didn’t help the cause either. I was losing friends, my family problems were getting complicated at an exponential rate, my sister was facing the most difficult part of her love life, my dad had a few impending issues in was almost like a turmoil to say the least – it was collectively the darkest period of our lives indeed, it had laundered even the slightest tinge of green. We were just praying hard and loud so that this phase comes to a cease as soon as possible.

And then she came. As if by grace of GOD! Like a storm that liberated every inch of pain, like of wave of boundless emotions...washing away every bit of anguish of my life and made it a truly remarkable one. Well, I don't know whether the term "Crazy" or kooky does fit in correctly when I start talking about the way it began, but then it does promise to be a whimsical one. Nothing has been scripted though, it's indeed a hard core, palpable portrayal...the result had a softer bend to it of course. AMEN !

The Prelude: The Glorious Mistake that happened on Facebook, internet being the bridge (source)
It all started with an unknown friend-request on Facebook which marked the beginning of an association that can never look back! We had a lot of mutual friends owing to the fact that we belonged to the same school but the strangest fact was that we had never come across each other in those 12 long years of school life, happens since South Point is arguably Asia's second largest school in terms of the number of student studying in there. And let me very honest about's almost like a myth now and our friends have termed it as the "glorious mistake" primary because it was just by sheer 'fluke' that we were introduced to each other. And talking about the fluke, well, she had a namesake in one of my old classmates and I ended up sending a friend-request to the wrong person; haha 'wrong' person indeed. The matter certainly didn't end took her almost good 6 months to accept it because technically you are not supposed to accept friend-requests from strangers; she kept deleting the requests and I persisted in sending them.

The only matter of concern was that I had very idea that I was, in effect, approaching a very wrong entity..the fact that she had a blurred profile picture didn't help the course either. I had sent her a number of 'Reminder Facebook messages" but those supposedly didn't make an impact when I decided to take a very different route altogether. I had a crush on her name-sake (my original classmate from school) and it was obvious that I would stretch myself in my attempt to seek her attention. Desperation had taken over by had almost overpowered my faculty. Kill me for this, but I in alliance with a friend, decided to hack her account and teach her a lesson (it was his idea though, I was guilty of compliance...however all I wanted was to silently log into her account and accept my pending friend request, I had no other intention what-so-ever). The opprobrious plan was executed successfully, we finally managed to hack into her account, the request was promptly accepted and we logged out immediately. It was rather a childish exercise, but honestly speaking, I had no other choice...I had to go out of my way in trying to grab her diligence. Believe me, I had NO idea of what was waiting for me on the 'other side'. I did run into the risk of being accused of indulging in cyber crime, but then you have to undertake a couple of gambles for a 'bigger cause' isn't it? Yes, my point of interest was perhaps directed somewhere else, but it certainly yielded better results. Forgive me for that impulsive call... :)

The Glorious Mistake: This was clicked by her on our first date...I was sinking in emotions...
It didn't take me long to realize that 'she was not the one'...but her online company, to start of with, was pretty enjoyable to say the least. Yes, of course it took her some time to figure out how or why did she end up adding a complete stranger on Facebook and she reacted fiercely after the cognizance. But then, slowly and surely things started to settle down. She had slowly started to respond to my imprecations; well...the sense of delinquency showed us the path.

Yes, the first couple of days of incessant chat-sessions seemed to be the ideal platform for things to come. The well-established- “It starts off with ignorance and ends in love” theory did prove to be the testimony of “Eternal Truth”....
We were SO VERY different to each other in mentality, rationality, preferences and opinion; but then there an under-lying bond which managed to drag us to the computer screens, and eventually to the mobile window. We started off with random chit-chats but slowly we migrated to the 'sensitive domain', the comfort factor was building up gradually and within the next couple of months, we had graduated from nurturing 'loathsome hatred' to literally being 'addicted to each other'.'PING' Connection.

The Glorious Mistake: And we stood out in the crowd. Yes, mutual compassion was the driver....
I used to wait all day, just to see the 'green button' light on my chat window...and then the 'soothing..cacophonous ping' that made my day. Oh wait, am I being too dramatic? Certainly not, if there's something called the Sound of Love, Zuckerberg has the copyright at least in my case. We laughed, we cried, we quarrel-led, we consoled each other over the bridge called 'internet' and after 6 months of pro-active conversation, we decided to meet up and explore more about ourselves. The virtual association had turned out to be an indispensable part of our was time to add the touch of reality to it. Not to be... perhaps it's an inescapable truth of Nature that 'Good things have to wait' and it did come true; incessant thunderstorms and rain intruded.

The Glorious Mistake: It was just a matter of time you know, it was almost like a bond made in heaven.
Our first date at the Victoria Memorial was epic, in many ways- it changed my entire way of looking at things, it changed my pre-conceived notions about society, principles and of course my life, it changed my body-language which had dropped to appalling heights...she seemed to have implanted her magic tonic into my veins...they were responding with grace. The touché was perfect, the touché was heavenly...the touché that united two souls...the touché that paved the way for a new horizon. Never knew that she had such a good eye for photography as well. Oh had found it’s way! The frame had started to roll out in slow motion... :)

The Glorious Mistake: Our first selfie taken in 2011, of course with the self-timer mode on...
In the mean-while, things were starting to turn around: her priceless words and support had managed to bring back my lost motivation. I was slowly restoring my synchronization with life. Yes, my treasured 'sound of love', though bathed with silence has been rather euphonious...the euphoric "Ping" on the Facebook chat window that connoted her alleviating presence...

The Glorious Mistake: This is indeed the best memory, on the reunion day at School..Profound.
I had written this small testimonial to her on our first Valentines Day- 'Do you remember the day when I first introduced you to my family? Oh GOD! That was probably the toughest day of my life. I had never been so nervous, I have appeared for an exam without preparation, I have faced the fastest of those lanky fast bowlers in the net- But have never had so many many butter-flies in a day. Boy! My heart-beat was racing at the speed of light; I was sweating like hell even in the midst of December. You did your best to console me, but I know that even you had a share of those butterflies in your tummy when mom looked at you with skepticism. And do not try to defend yourself – I had checked your pulse before entering the room; it was as high as 120 BPS . Haha! However, there's no denying the fact that you did manage to pass the “test” with flying co-lours. You were very impressive that day!' - That’s our story fellas! She has asked me to frame this one by the way.

The Blue Stone Campaign that connects people from across the country through the bond called love...
Wooh! I know that you guys are hungry for more, but I guess I should stop depicting these memories in form of letters; It’s REALLY getting into me. Yes, I'm really falling short of words here....

Thus I would like to end with a short note as the epitome of our sweetest relationship-
Thank you for being with me in my toughest of times,
These Lines are Dedicated to our cherished association-

"Entrapped in your soul is my will-
Entrapped in your heart is my desire-
Entrapped in your fits is my devotion-
Entrapped in your smile in my passion-
Entrapped in your lips is my cherished dream-
Entrapped in your vision is my ambition-
Entrapped in your touch is my rejuvenation-
Entrapped in your mind is my inner peace...
Entrapped in your breath is my zeal to survive.
Believe me when I say you are amazing, you are amazing and it’s true!!!" - These words are straight from the heart. Period. Ladies and gentlemen...look around for inspiration, take note of those elusive "sounds of love" that might be embedded in your day to day life. The sooner to familiarize yourself with the pulse, the better results it would fetch. 
P.S.- This is perhaps my last Valentines' Day as a bachelor and I would certainly like to ask for your valuable suggestion in terms of how to spend this lovely day. This comes with the obvious disclaimer that she finds me extremely un-romantic when it comes to expression of love and perhaps this mere blog-post might appear to be a fortuitous surprise. I think I could consider digging out those old Facebook chat conversations and framing them? Or perhaps take her out for an unexpected photo-shoot (she loves the way I click her)? Perhaps a lovely romantic horse ride from the Victoria Memorial or perhaps cooking Anda Maggi for her (something that I have never done even for myself in course of my existence). Looking forward to your suggestions though. Happy Valentines Day everyone and keep committing mistakes because they are in effect, teasers to a Regal Epiphany. <3>

The Glorious Mistake: And now I have a subject to click, my 'trusted' model in true sense...
P.S.- People do say that social networking sites are harmful, technology is effectively killing the charm of our lives. Is it sacrosanct?

To hell with the critics! The 'sound of technology (read love)' has done wonders as far as my life is concerned.

Disclaimer: I am participating in the #SoundOfLove activity at BlogAdda in association with Bluestone. The pictures used in this blog-post (unless specified) are personal.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The 3X Insurance of Immunity....

Well, honestly speaking I sincerely wanted to write on this topic but then I was perhaps trying to gather all my thoughts together before I could actually pen them down in form of words. However, the recent couple of episodes have shaken up those hidden asseveration's; I think it's better to say that I've been shoved into this intrusive mode of elucidation. I won't complain though.

Incident 1: Well, I've been hearing those debilitated wails all day since last was almost as if she had been trying to break through those vetoed facades impending her moves, but in vain. Her agonizing squalls combined with those deadly 'cough'-ing cacophony wasn't pleasing to the ears at all. Her routine chuckles, chortles and giggles that used to be my "treasured" alarm clock, her pranks and drollery that served as the source of my mid-week rejuvenation, her smiling 'waves' on my way to office- everything seemed like a passing trace. It was as if like a hard hitting blow, the blow that had almost swept me off my life was nothing but a slow-moving black and white movie from the 60's made no sense. The void was irreparable. Every morning I used to wake up hoping to hear her 'tehee-s'; didn't happen for a week at least....the wait seemed to be a never-ending wait. The 'anxiety', by then had however inundated it's thresholds and I decided to pay her a visit.
"She's down with cough and cold since last 7 days or so, the doctor has recommended some heavy dose antibiotics...but nothing is working"- Her mom, my neighbor explained. She looked extremely perturbed; Roohi hasn't got up from bed since the last week or so...she is a very frisky and spirited kid otherwise. Those ice-creams had been enticing enough to draw her into the virulent loop. The malady has certainly got the better of her, almost analogous to a poacher making a conscious attempt to "drug down" a wild animal before enslaving her; it wasn't the best of feelings as I left 'her side' for office...her 'forlorn' eye-sight pleaded for retrieval, prayed for resurrection. 

Incident 2:  Almost a repeat of the first incident; the only difference perhaps, being the cause and the afflicted. These apparently "annoying" herd of kids who used to litter at our backyard, didn't turn up since last Friday. Technically, I should have bee relieved at this prospect but then, what happened was exactly the opposite. I started missing their greasy "footprints" on my well maintained greens, the sound of their hefty footsteps on being "chased" down and their reverberating guffaw on a successful "guava" heist. Do I really sound like a selfish giant? I know that I do.
"Prit, is down with fever...he has stomach ache as well"- His voice faded as he disappeared into the distant horizon. The whimsical kiddo had left the clue on his way...and I decided to pay him a visit.
Things didn't look promising at all as I sat down beside the otherwise impish kid who looked like a hibernating centipede; in-fact as dolorous as it gets. His body temperature seemed like touching the boiling point of any known liquid, he never looked up...the "dent" was too much to handle. The sophisticated medicines had floundered in effect and hospitalization seemed to be the only route left. Oh wait, are we missing something fundamental?

The Solution? 
Oh yes we are. And as I always keep saying, go back to the roots...go back to those well-defined, well-garnered solutions that have yielded promising results in the past. The 'iconic' Dabur Chyawanprash with the ingrained bliss of Yastimadhu, Pippali, Brahmi and Amla, offering a 3 times immunity insurance, is indeed the coveted solution. 
P.S.- Both Roohi and Prit are now up on their feet as I write this post, they have sailed through the tough times & you now know who the captain of the ship was. Yes, it has been a turbulent ride for sure, but in the end, "experience matters". Ahoy! :)
Just FYI- I have been associated with the Health Sector, Government of India and it gives me immense pleasure to assert that Dabur Chyawanprash is still the proverbial choice in many parts of rural India and they (specially the younger generation) have been shielded well from climatic changes & other recurring health hazards. Dabur has been the "Guardian" for sure.
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Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Well, I'm not sure whether it's a mere coincidence or telepathy, but the very fact that we "boo-ed" at a benighted passer-by proved that this 'cherished oblivion' is not longer annoying but a comical parade. Yes, the fun starts right here...the fun in deciphering the mystery behind an established blunder. Oh, do I say "blunder"? Perhaps I shouldn't because obviously there's a hidden agenda behind every spurious move; well ladies and gentlemen...I'm absolutely sure of the very fact that you know the motive as well.

Alright then, let me talk about the possibilities...well, being a consultant the root-cause analysis exercise seems to be absolutely ingrained in me and why not? When we are, in effect, analyzing the rationale behind a mass-abeyance, I guess it makes all the more sense to figure out 'where it came from'. Alright, without wasting more words, let's try and explore....

  • The yearning to become a graffiti whiz: I remember a very entertaining debate that we had a couple of years back, revolving round the topic "Which city has the best wall-graffiti and why" and believe me the discussion unfurled newer dimensions. It seemed like a striking unanimous call and best argument that came to the fore-front was that of Calcutta being of the top-most cadre owing to the presence of multi-talented freestyle spittle-virtuoso's; it's almost like a competitive surge this...a spur ingenuity when it comes to creating impromptu wall-templates.  Infact, somebody in the crew suggested that the burgeoning photographers must take a quick ride across North Calcutta, just in-case they are interested in hunting down "sense or regime" in these master-pieces...they are perhaps of more 'belletristic and historical interest' than the ones at Hosier Lane in Melbourne. There's no doubt in the aesthetic faculty that is an ingrained aspect of the city. The white, 'unblemished' 'wall' (Relax Dravid) is like their wide-open canvas of expression..that is "endowment" for sure. Maybe that's what we call "Litter-ature"?
  • The Serpent Scions: Who said that the "Fire Breathing" dragons are extinct? Or rather, who dares to assert that these deadly creatures never existed? I guess we should perform a deeper, acroamatic, hermetic study on the evolution of these noxious serpents to arrive at a definite conclusion; we might be startled with the end result. Oh well, are we trying to conceal the biggest secret in the augmentation of mankind? There are clues that bring out an underlying convergence; the 'discharge' that spells doom...the 'raging catastrophe' of annihilation . It is also to be kept in mind, that the entire species under the umbrella Homo Sapiens cannot be subjugated easily.
  • Amity is mainstream, let's revolt: The twenty-first century is a golden period of "breaking the trend" and unveiling newer avenues and that again comes with the caveat that bring about "change" in any form is perhaps the USP. And buoy, who doesn't want to nurture filth when the defilement is actually in the mind? The point I'm trying to make is very simple...the Great Indian Litterbug is indeed a Superhero and he doesn't need to wear an underwear over his pants. His main intention is to create a mockery of the legendary youth icon "Captain Planet" who supposedly had great super-powers to bail the Earth from the evil trenches of smut. Dear oh dear...that's as mediocre a job as ever. The urge to do something different...the replenishing appetite of 'dismissing' the inevitable has led to such a movement; it is no less than the historic Freedom Struggle. It's corona-ted as the "Embrace the Obscene" movement and is destined to rule mankind till the next couple of centuries for sure.
Umm, the excellence in the field of Litter-ature has been phenomenal in the last few decades or so; looks like a couple of prestigious awards are on the way. The only point of concern is, have we managed to set the benchmark or do we go another step ahead? Debatable alright. We can perhaps set up grooming classes for the youth to facilitate wall/street litter-ature. No? Okay!
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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Bolt: The Zesty Level Up...

“Boy! Oh Boy”- I literally had to shove ‘them’ aside as I struggled to barge in; it was quite a ‘combat’ this….the “red riding hood” in the world of automobiles had already made a remarkable entry it seems. Ah! I’m not good at ‘building suspense” and for obvious reasons I won’t make an attempt either- yes I’m talking about the all new stunning Tata Bolt that has made its presence felt even before the official ingress; it sure promises to be a sparking debut. Even when I’m tempted to use a metaphor, it goes without saying that I, in effect, turned out to be as rhapsodic as the group of aficionado’s who had flocked in from different parts of the city with a common agenda- to grab a first-hand view of the brand new Tata Bolt even before it released in the market. “Mind-blowing” is the word because I overheard the (Avani Riverside Mall, Howrah) mall-supervisors discussing that this was perhaps the biggest crowd they have witnessed in the last 6 months or so; that too, mostly concentrated at the ground floor. Staggering indeed! “Are there any Bollywood celebrities around?” – Haha, well that random little kid standing right beside, perfectly ‘divulged’ my state of mind…such was the glitz, such was the anticipation, as if something prodigious was about to be unveiled..!

Bolt, the Zesty Level Up: The First Look at this wonderful piece of creation by Tata....
© Sammya Brata Photography
Honestly speaking, I would have never travelled so far from Calcutta, through the scuttling Dharmatala…traversing the second Hoogly Bridge, down to the Avani Mall had I not been a apart of elusive Zest Up Your Life experience at Goa, it did open the flood-gates for sure. While we were cruising through the “Goan Greens” in our Zest, I did rediscover myself; I did realize that I had ‘a thing or two’ for cars…nothing fancy or extravagant though, the ones that are gratifying both in terms of price as well as ‘contentment factor’. It goes without saying that Tata Zest scored a whopping 9/10 in both the segments and its ‘level-led up rendition’ – the Tata Bolt promised to deliver a lot more. In-fact, my dad happened to read my ‘zesty’ review post and seemed to be extremely impressed with its all-round lineaments…I bet that he is already considering the prospect of booking our first family car by the end of this month. I remember the uncharacteristic trepidation in voice when he called me right after I posted the review on my blog, something was “cooking” was sure. He sincerely wanted to come with me for the “Bolt Preview Visit” but then his colleague’s untimely call held him up for a longer period than expected; he promised to join me in course….but I knew that’s not gonna happen.  His eyes had lit at the very prospect of taking a test drive in the all new Bolt; it’s a completely new experience for him…not to be.

“Why are you dressing up as if you are heading to party?”- Mom seemed to be quite bemused seeing my ‘illustrious’ garb. I was totally in the mood for sure.
“I’m going to see THE Bolt mom, as in…’THE Bolt’!!”- I exclaimed, as I pulled out the army jacket from the closet; it was a cold, murky Sunday in Calcutta…perhaps not the best weather to go out for a photo-walk, but certainly a good setting for indoor shoots.
“Is this a variant of what you drive in Goa? Your dad seemed to be quite interested in that one…and are you going to write about this as well?”- Oh well! Mom is always on the money, she picks up clues so well.
“Yep…exactly!! Wanna come along?”- I insisted.
“Of course, if you promise to treat me with some chocolate cupcakes thereafter….”- She grinned-“And when did you start blogging about Cars and Automobiles?”- She knew that I've been a Food Blogger for the major part of my blogging tenure…it’s natural that such a digression made her curious.
“Haha, get ready ASAP…you’ll know soon…”- I smirked. So the Bolt-expedition opened another gateway; I got an unexpected chance to spend an evening with mom...I'll be honest... it’s been quite a while since our last 'one-on-one-date'. Thanks Blogadda.

Bolt, the Zesty Level Up: The First Look at this wonderful piece of creation by Tata...
© Sammya Brata Photography
The Zesty Experience- Get.Set.Bolt.....

The 5 Zesty Attributes of Bolt that have impressed me....
The First Impression: “Oh my God, this looks so vibrant”- My trance broke as mom’s characteristic intonation reverberated across the over-crowded mall…yes, she is talented in a number of ways. LOL.
But then yes, she made perfect sense here…the initial impression that it generated was indeed very promising; the colour red does send in positive vibes for sure. The ‘machine’ looked extremely suave from the outer; and I was already comparing it with the blue hatchback counterpart in Zest that we drove in Goa. And frankly speaking, there is nothing to choose between the two, the only difference in this case was perhaps the gracious grille and the chatoyant stretched headlights that catches the attention in the very first glance; we do talk about “fog-lights” these days and with the upcoming tour to Darjeeling in prospect, the inclusion does make all the more sense. Also appreciate the fact that the customary Christmas Tree Lamps have been done away with and the contemporary fancy posterior tail lamps have been included- it’s a refreshing change for sure. The automatic wipers have also been ameliorated primarily to facilitate the ease of driving…however, in my opinion, they do contribute immensely to the overall “squint-factor” as well; Bolt is no exception. The wheel-base of 2470 mm is commendable as well; the 15-inch Bridge-stone Alloy wheels serve as the “right shoes to drive on”.. Shoes solve issues, don’t they? The fact that these alloy wheels grip better on any surface, you do know that this is quite an engineering marvel…perhaps it’s a glorious collaboration between technology and vogue; of course with Tata’s ‘idiosyncratic touch’ as the backbone. Must say, super impressed. Verdict: 8.5/10

Bolt, the Zesty Level Up: The First Look at this wonderful piece of creation by Tata
© Sammya Brata Photography
The inner anatomy: “Looks brilliant in the overall perspective…and now, let’s zoom in”- I knew that mom had that photographic bend of mind; I was expecting this. And frankly speaking, she did hit the nail hard…it’s almost imperative that the “blistering start” should transpire into a “consolidation period”; it promised to be a tough examination for sure. But again, the opening shot after the break was right out of the ‘middle of the blade’- if the Tata Zest is the perfect “Car on a road-trip”, then the Bolt can safely be termed as the “Holiday Specialist”; consider a boot space of more than 200 liters that could further be leveraged with the flexible seating contour…it's surely going to solve the issues related to “space-crunch” on a longish vacation.

Bolt, the Zesty Level Up: The Beautiful Exteriors of Tata Bolt...looks delightful indeed
© Sammya Brata Photography
“The dark interiors look very elegant, and take a look at the space inside…amazing”- She summed it all in a jiffy as the front door was opened. Yep, the interior is cavernous for sure…in-fact, as per the demonstrator, it perhaps ranks number 1 in terms of seating space among st all the hatchback counterparts…and that for me is decisive. In case of long distance travel (or perhaps long hours of travel…especially in metro cities where we spent more than 60 percent of our travel time in traffic jams) this is an attribute that makes life simpler for the chauffeur as well as the ride. Furthermore, the accommodating and flexible nature of driver’s seat (via the inclusion of an adjustable lever) that caters to the ‘person-specific-height’, is another innovation ingrained into the system. By the way, there’s a high possibility that a physician or a gym trainer might have been consulted before designing the interior because the tilt adjustable feature steering wheel is another revelation, thereby taking care of the posture and the related ergonomics while driving. The rugby seats (60:40 split and fold that increases the space inside the car) are extraordinary inclusions, keeping the coziness factor in mind. The back-seats, with an added bit of bolstering and sufficient knee space, enhance the degree of luxurious gratification; come on…we do know that historically, a lot of enchanted stories have ‘brewed up’ in the back-seat, glad to know that Tata respects the fact ;) I can sense that some of you are already contemplating the possibility of a candle light dinner in the back-seat…not a bad idea though! P.S. That, my friend, takes the average total carrying capacity to 5, which is indeed a very lucrative prospect for sure. Verdict: 8/10
There’s a lovely parity between the judiciously designed outer half and it's extremely spacious inside, that is the perfect example of a 'new flanged creation'- it's like a technological-prophecy...the confident dynamism is a proclamation in real sense....!!!

Bolt, the Zesty Level Up: The Beautiful Exteriors of Tata Bolt...looks delightful indeed
© Sammya Brata Photography
The Technology interface: I wrote in my Zest review post that “Perhaps there's "life" nested in the quiescent piece of genius that almost molds as if in sync with the driver's thought-process” and my word… here’s nothing that I would like to change in there. In-fact, driving as an “experience” has taken long strides forward (as a logic way-forward with the envisaged three-tier architecture viz. DesignNext, DriveNext and ConnectNext in Tata Zest) with the addition of a 5-inch ConnectNext Touchscreen Infotainment System specially designed by the iconic brand HARMAN™ that facilitates connectivity in almost all forms including USB drives and Bluetooth integration. The sound system is fantastic as well; they were playing Pitbull’s “Give me everything tonight” at that point of time and the sound quality was amazing. Furthermore, it syncs well with all the modern smartphones, be it iPhone, Android or Windows…it paves the way for seamless navigation on the drive. I’d specifically talk about the “MapMyIndia” smartphone app that works perfectly well in this direction and eases the driver’s job in hunting down remotest of locations in the city; the voice command recognition technology is an added cherry to the cake. The only regret I had was that I didn’t get to know whether the “SMS read out” facility has been included in the Bolt as well…loved that feature in Zest. There are gadgets that send in live-on-the-drive data to the chauffeur and the display (clutter-free data) has been kept to the simplest of level. Overall, the Bolt amalgamates comfort with the bliss of technology to ‘elevate’ your ‘life on the drive’. Verdict: 8.5/10

Bolt, the Zesty Level Up: Tata Bolt, amalgamating comfort with the bliss of technology
© Sammya Brata Photography
The Impregnability Factor: “How safe is it?”- Was the lingering question in our mind and it made a lot of sense because of the regular news of on-road-debacles; it isn’t safe enough to drive freely on the Indian roads unless and until if you that “virtual insurance” in mind…and that to some extent is the maker’s responsibility as well. We had to ‘extract’ that mode of assurance before passing a final verdict….and Tata, like always, had an answer. “Ma’am, the Bolt comes with a 9th Generation Anti-Lock Braking System that is specially designed by Bosch that maintains tr-active contact with the pitch when the driver brakes suddenly…it’s an advanced mode of preventing accidents due to drift or skid.”- The demonstrator sounded re-assuring with his response. Phew!!!

Bolt, the Zesty Level Up: Tata Bolt, the 'esteemed' 15 inch Bridge-stone Alloy Wheels...
© Sammya Brata Photography
Yes, the ABS should be a proverbial inclusion in all modern day vehicles considering the deplorable condition of the roads as well as rash driving; it enhances a drivers control in true sense of the term. The Bolt has disc brakes in the front and drum brakes in the rear half. The electronic brake force distribution (preventing wheel lock up) and corner stability control (ensuring better driving experience in negotiating corners or sharp bends) are the other prime features from the safety point of view. The Dual SRS Airbags are of course the adversity restrainers that are fabricated to protect the passengers, ‘to hold them back’ in case of accidental head-on-impacts. The fact that Tata has designed a comprehensive “protection system” also proves their adherence to 'social responsibility standards'; they are genuinely concerned about the safety of their buyers…!! Verdict: 9/10

Bolt, the Zesty Level Up: The interiors...comfortable seating arrangement in the Bolt...
© Sammya Brata Photography
The Core: Oh well, that brings me to the fundamental question…”What could be the rationale behind the coronation Bolt?”
The answer is pretty much simple; a car that has been modelled on a hypersonic personality, must a have a strong, durable or rather “Athletic” core. Tada!! ‘Athletic’ is the key word… and the Revotron 1.2 Turbocharged MPFi engine, with 90PS @ 5000RPM with a 140 N-m torque (and 4 cylinders) is the ideal explanation. It puts forward a “Power packed” performance irrespective of how or where you drive; the multi-point fuel injection system is a huge boost considering a full throttled ride. It lives up to its name for sure. The fuel efficiency is presumably amicable as well. I did talk about the 3 modes of driving while reviewing the Zest and understandably they have all been included in Bolt, with more power to the Sports mode for sure; of course it meant for a smooth, charismatic, care-free driving experience on the “boulevard of broken dreams”. The Eco mode is effectively a conservative mode (helps in crisis situations when you are running low in fuel) while the City mode is, in effect, a judicious middle-class-by-default-mode-of-operation (not to be taken literally though: D)..choose as you wish, my friend. Verdict: 8.5/10

Bolt, the Zesty Level Up: The First Look at this wonderful piece of creation by Tata
© Sammya Brata Photography
Oh Hello!!!
“Hey!! Did you bring your driving license?”- Mom (yet again) broke my trance.
DAMN!!! I should have been more careful with this one, the mere prospect of ‘seeing the Bolt’ was overpowering enough. I could have taken a test drive then and there itself…that could have completed the entire exercise. Not to be.
“No worries, Sir…you can book a test drive directly by visiting our official website. At your service”- The demonstrator turned out to be a savior for sure. I wasn’t done yet, though.

“How about taking a picture with the Bolt? Here’s the camera…”- And I promptly passed on the camera. That was the plan. ;)

Bolt, the Zesty Level Up: First Look at this wonderful piece of creation, and my pose with the beauty ;)
© Sammya Brata Photography

Question for my readers- Now that you have read through my experience, it's time to test your prediction skills. Predict the price of the all new Tata Bolt before it is official released in the market. Send in your guesses in the comments section folks!
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