Thursday, December 18, 2014

Those Tiny Footsteps....

“Dad, dad..come here, I think I saw a giant dragon in there”- And the child dragged his father along as if in exuberance…as if with beaming buoyancy. And he followed the tiny footsteps.. in reverberation, there’s manacle in there for sure.

I observed their “moves” very closely and sipped along in grace…it’s amazing how a toddler, through his mere presence, can boost up your dripping spirits in a matter a seconds. I could sense the “voluntary unrest” harrowing into their consanguinity before the air of frivolous freshness dulcified them. We've been on a number of solo-trips during the engineering days, those are intriguing times nevertheless …but with a kid and a family around, it’s a different experience altogether.
Honestly speaking, I’ve reached such a stage of my life when these more-than-frequent wedding updates on Facebook or photographs of my friends’ first child draw quite a bit of attention…of course because I’m getting old with every passing day. And when those embarrassing questions like “When are you getting married” or “Bachhe ka naam socha?” comes into the picture, I don’t really get annoyed anymore, those are ‘signs of maturity’ I believe.
Anyway, coming back to the point….we, as consultants always refer to the “Best Practices Study” as the baseline for any assignment, be it Government or be it private…and that is not a bad option to employ in the other aspects of life, especially when you have such in-house experts. I heard one of friends mentioning that sometimes “managing a child” could be difficult on a tour, especially for the first-timers while the others begged to differ; they said that taking a child along adds an all new dimension to the entire cruise. “Yes, I perhaps can’t head out on my own and explore those ridges; but I've certainly got an extraordinary frame with giggling baby in focus and the Himalayas in the back-drop”- Oh yes; my photographer friend has made a strong statement in here….if you look for it, you'd perhaps find more reasons than this. Having an impish and chortling kid in the “team”, is in itself a felicity.
But then, how do I ensure that they find the course “worthy enough”, how do I ‘insure’ for their exultancy?…Hmm…let me reiterate, let me draw conclusions based on real life experiences…yes, allow me the privilege of narrating my “parents’ praxis” when I was a toddler myself, the invaluable dissuasion.
  • Carry a lot of colorful story books, jigsaw puzzles and interactive games along...especially if it's a long train journey just to shove away the monotony.
  • Never carry their video-games along…it grossly diverts their attention on a joyous trip. Try not to hand over your gadgets including the tablets or smartphones, divert their attention to the natural beauty instead.
  • Allow them full leverage of packing their bags...let them play around with the clothes; that could be an amazing learning curve.
  • Try not to monitor (read spoon-feed) them at every stage, they need to develop self-confidence in alien conditions. Be tolerant and flexible.
  • Allow them the clout of choosing from the might have been following "strict diet charts" at home; try not to impose them this time around.
  • Tried and "totally" love to get clicked, do take frequent shots and yes (you read it right), do allow them to click pictures at will, even if it's a digital camera. It works wonders.
  • Do not undertake a conscious 'venture' to "Stop them" if they make an attempt to befriend another kid from the other touring team. They love to mingle with 'like-minded people'.
  • Pack your medicines well in advance, just in case. 'Heal them before they get bogged down.'
  • It's perfectly alright to take your kid up the hill for a mini-trek, they're frisky and full of energy; they'll enjoy the experience.
  • Do not keep reminding them of the pending truck-load of unattended home-work on the home-ward trail. That keeps a check on their mood-swings.
  • Allow them to take the window seat (train or flight) always. That opens up a lot of forbidden avenues in their mind.

Disclaimer: This post has been written as a part of the Teddy Travelogues activity, in association with Indiblogger as a part of the #IndiHappyHours campaign. Please head over to Club Mahindra's official campaign page for more details & availing membership. You can use the hashtag #TravelWithKids to join in the twitter conversation.

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