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The Glorious Paradox...

Well, well…I wrote on the forum when I first came across this topic and I’m writing this again; in-fact before I start off, let me summon two of my best buddies Sushant and Avirup who were there with me on that very particular day, perhaps for different reasons…but still we landed up fighting (read verbally fighting) for the same cause.... I know that the obvious question that might arise out of this account.."Did it come on air?", "Did I make it to the PI round?", "Did I meet Raghu?" - well obviously, because I'm talking about the Roadies audition; this is almost an uncut-behind-the-scenes narrative. No, unfortunately, it didn't come on TV.

Date: 20th September 2011
Venue: Rang Manch, Swabhumi, Salt Lake
Time: 1:30 PM
Event: Kolkata Auditions, MTV Roadies IX

I was almost done with filling my audition form, there were very tricky questions in there, and as you know you have to be absolutely sure before you answer them, come on it’s “The” Roadies interview…and of course, my first. I think “engrossed” would be an understatement, so I resort to “submerged”…my word, I haven’t ‘concentrated’ so much even before my board or semester exams; it goes without saying that my passion, my indignation for the show has been immense, it still is. I know that perhaps all the contestants on the show claim to be “real”, but it’s a different ball-game altogether when it comes to a corporate slave…where you’re paid to “pretend”; you’re taught how to mask the truth because the clients love to hear laudatory derivations and favorable recommendations…it does take veracity out of the picture, it annihilates you from inside because you do not have the license to say the truth. You are compelled to follow a certain set of whimsical principles and solution architectures that deliberately derive a misleading picture…yes, what we are paid for. Do you see a striking resemblance with the social allegories? Oh well, the questions in the form had certainly made me think differently…or perhaps I thinking too much?

A gentle, familiar tap on my back broke my trance…“Abey Sammy…Tu bhi yahan?”- I was astonished to hear the prosaic tone, I was quick to react!
“Sushant??!! How did you land up here? I never knew that we had a common interest!!”- I was still recovering, never expected the Microsoft head-honcho to appear for the Roadies audition; that too in Calcutta.
“Yes buddy, life is full of surprises…I appeared for the Chandigarh interview, udhar nahi huwa, so aa gaya Kalkatta...”- He giggled..."But I knew that you were coming for sure…know how passionate you have been for the show." No surprises there, we have attended school and college together…he knew my interests well but the fact that he still remembered them was pleasing enough.
“Surprised?”- Never knew that he was so gifted in terms of mind-reading, he was ready with a bigger surprise…”Hold on! I want you to meet somebody, come along….”- He chortled as we struggled through the jam-packed arena, the first round of group discussions had just begun and you would have read my state of mind by now…yes, I was already feeling the heat.

We stopped near the Hall no.2 of arena 1 where the Hero Pass winners had collocated by then... but then we had no intention to mingle; we slowly ambled down to the remote corner of the makeshift node where VJ Bani was interviewing one of the enthusiastic candidate. I tried to push through the crowd and move ahead when Sushant clinched my wrists and dragged me aside. “Look there!”- He exclaimed as I spotted a small “round-table-conference” right at the edge of the gallery, something seemed to be very familiar in there….something extremely recognizable.
“Avirup?!”- I shrieked as the tall, dark and lanky fellow sitting right in the middle, waved at us as if in a swindling gesture…that’s how he rolls, it was an open invitation. I could see Sushant smile as we “walked in to trouble”, that was the long-drawn-myth from college days... Avirup has always been the central character for any heated debate…be it social, economic, political or sports, he always had the upper hand…his analytic, discerning point of view did bamboozle us at times…but mostly, he was on the mark.
Alright…as we approached, we could hear a cumulative ‘hustle’, in-fact a hubbub…the ‘mock GD session’ chaired by our great debater Avirup had turned out into a battle-ground of words. I do remember distinctly that the audition form had an inquest on the sensitive topic “Pre-marital sex” and that was precisely the motif of the mock GD. It promised to be a TRP-soaring activity ;)
“There’s an aspect of commitment attached to marriage…and sex before a legal bond has no devoir….”- the blimp cavalier in the front row announced.
“This is precisely the reason why Christianity does not approve of Pre-marital sex; the younger generation has been erratic and spontaneous in many aspects….they resort to casual sex that is remonstrated by Christianity”- I could sense theory in the middle-aged lady’s voice…lots of facts but perhaps little sense.
“Yes I second that”- The nerd in the second row raise his hand, and he continued…. “According to the Ephesians 5:3, ‘Among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity...because these are improper for God's holy people.’…even the hint shouldn't develop. It's analogous to an unpardonable sin. Infact, it presumably denounces the 10 divine Commandments!” I was rather expecting this; in-fact a synergy with Kunti-and-Suryadev's-Pre-Marital-Bond seemed predictable.
“Arey yaar ratta mar ke aya hai kya? Take it easy bro!”- The sharp Delhi dude made a subtle remark from behind…he made a conscious attempt to streamline the discussion that was going haywire… ”The point is, what’s your point for view, yes we know that pre-marital sex is broadly proscribed…it’s an uncalled myth to say the least…but WE want to know YOUR take on this!!"

I did a random experiment by posting this status on Facebook...
Here's the first part of the response...
"Are you aware of the very fact that in-spite of the growing 'acceptance' of pre-marital sex among st the youngsters, almost 65-68% of them prefer to marry virgins...and this figure has remained almost intact in the last 10-15 years or so? Isn't this a glorious paradox?"- For the first time I heard the moderator a.k.a Arup speak and he was bang on the's almost idiosyncratic this, it's quite a mental blockage as Raghu had rightly pointed out in a number of previous auditions...the mix of bourgeois & contemporary mindset has not only discombobulated us, but jeopardized our progress in real sense of the term. If I remember correctly, somebody had associated "virginity" with "purity", rather "divine" ; sounds absolutely hilarious, right? Somebody had even 'labeled' a lady in a living relationship with the obnoxious term "prostitute" this remotely associated with progress? Is this a glowing epitome of quote unquote open-mindedness? We have mugged up the inert theory alright. And when you get to hear retarded gambols like "Whats the difference between a girlfriend, a call girl and a wife? -Prepaid, Post-paid and Unlimited access" , you do feel like slapping yourself. It's a funny world this, people are driven by the impulse rather than rationale.
“By the way, are you aware of the fact that the Madras High Court has passed a critical verdict in 2013 that certifies a couple of legal age, purposely satiating in sexual gratification, as legally married? And that doesn’t require a pompous, imperious ceremony to ‘certify’ the same….if you judge on the moral grounds, I guess you’ll find plenty of logic in there and now, even the court ratifies the same. This is another big step post legalization of gay marriage and I’m backing it, come on…they are grownups and they have the right to choose their way. Why judge them anyway?”- The apparently harmless looking teen catechized. There was a 're-assuring glow' in his eyes and resistance in his voice...the spark that was pretty much missing so far.

I did a random experiment by posting this status on Facebook...
Here's the second part of the response...
"That brings me to the very popular commitment an inherent component of love or association..and you should know where this is coming from."- And Sushant made his contribution, and his statement was not out of the context. He had touched upon that mercurial corner...the hidden link between "like", "love", "intimacy", "acquaintance", "bonding", "sex" and their sequential flow. But honestly speaking, there's's perhaps just about "the moment". I believe, there's logic associated with every phenomenon and when there's rationale...there's a conclusion. Honestly speaking, I've reached such a stage of my life when these more-than-frequent wedding updates on Facebook or photographs of my friends’ first child draw quite a bit of attention…of course because I’m getting old with every passing day. And when those embarrassing questions like “When are you getting married” or “Bachhe ka naam socha?” comes into the picture, I don’t really get annoyed anymore, those are ‘signs of maturity’ I believe. But then, if somebody asks me whether I have had sex with my girl-friend already, I might be tad annoyed. And the problem starts right there...and as they say that "We are born with a pre-loaded hard-disk and there's plenty of bullshit in there...". Please! For God's sake let's not be un-necessarily judgmental...let us talk logic!
"Anybody who wants to add something?"- Avirup coolly circulated...his obvious intention was to get me involved in the drive.
But I decided to stay silent...not because of the fact that I have had enough, but I wanted to maintain my composure before the group discussion; this topic had hit those foot-marks and made it's impact already. 
"Silence is a passive approval my friend"- Avirup pronounced as I turned back.
"I have lived my life in the last couple of years, Avirup...."- I responded..."And although my parents didn't approve....we ARE getting married this year and there's no paradox in there. All of you are cordially invited..". Pin drop silence followed (that's absolutely impertinent to the 'Roadies spirit) ; and surprising nobody protested as I walked away almost nonchalantly..! Miracle!

They look beautiful, don't they? Pre-marital sex doesn't make somebody look sure doesn't!
Disclaimer: This post has been written as a part of the YES or No to Pre-Marital Sex activity, in association with Indiblogger. You can also read Poonam Uppal's touching story on the same prompt, make sure you grab your copy before it gets sold out. Order here. 

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