Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Email....

“Dear Mr. Mullick,
With reference to the Request for Proposal, Tender No. 261/7/108/TD-01 dated 26/07/2012, this is to inform you that we have decided to extend the deadline for submission of the Technical and Financial proposals by a week i.e. 27th December 2014. The Bid opening is scheduled on the same day. Thank you for participating in the tendering process. We appreciate your integrity.

Warm Regards

Project Officer,
XYZ Department.”

Unbelievable is the word! And guess what, we were already lamenting the ‘calculated loss’ that was apparently the result of my miscue…I had received email stinkers from all possible levels as a result, threatening to fire me (read screw my career) with immediate effect; that’s all they could do. And the amusing part is, my colleague who was, in true sense of the term, attributable to the forfeiture, was roaming Scot free; not that I cared much. I was pretty much convinced with my impulsive decision…at least, I did what I felt was right, that too without giving it a second thought.

A recent survey conducted by the Human Psychology Department, University of Hampshire with the focus on students belonging to the age-group 18-28 years (Under-grad and Post-Grad), revealed that on an average 68% of the respondents tend to suppress their instinctive resolution and come up with a modified response that in effect turns out to be pretty much divergent from what we refer to as “truth”. The reasons sighted for the same are disparate, but the bottom line is…there is a conscious attempt to morph, rather to distort the truth for the sake of momentary ‘favorable’ results. In-fact, if you look at competitive sports like cricket…how many times do you see a batsman “walking” on his own; more often than not, they capitalize on the unforeseen errors committed by the on-field umpires. But having said that, you’d definitely come across legends like Gilchrist or Tendulkar who won’t wait for the umpire’s call. I won’t say that I have ‘model-led’ myself in line of these iconic luminaries…but I truly believe in their veracity.

Oh hello…did I just drift away in the flow? Not really…the series of ‘closely knit events’ that I’m going to disclose has a direct alternation with “truth” and its muffed emergence. Yes, I could have done away with it, but I decided to give it a rip…the outcome was not meant to be favorable anyway. Well, as corp-orates….the basic advice given to us is “Whatever be the scenario, don’t be late for a bid submission” and guess what, my ‘esteemed’ colleague and turned a deaf ear. And the inevitable followed…the point is, you won’t like to miss out on a crucial bid…just because you are lazy enough of start a bit early? Unacceptable! Furthermore, when you arrive with an unsealed financial bid (in all such cases, the bid is deemed to be disqualified), you are already flirting with trouble. The astonishing fact, however, is that the client seemed to have overlooked the non-compliance…they went ahead to open the other sealed bids as per their schedule and our turn came soon after. Oh well…That moment..!!

I don’t know why I did it…it was as if somebody from inside drugged me into this suicidal divulgence; yes “suicidal” as corona-ted by our engagement partner (and backed by the team)…the revelation that had almost managed to get me expelled. ALMOST!!!

“Sir, we would like to withdraw from the bidding process…the envelope containing our Financial quotation is not sealed”- I boldly declared and I repeat…I don’t know why I did it. Pin drop silence followed…nobody would have expected such an announcement, that too coming from the advocate…the Devil’s advocate maybe? I knew that the competitors would pounce on to the opportunity with extended arms…I was subconsciously playing into their hands, but but but….. something seemed to be very right about the call. My colleague tried his best but kicking my foot as hard as he could…but in vain, I was possessed with the charm of infallibility; everything else seemed to be rather in-consequent. Life is whimsical at times.

“Are you sure Mr Mullick? This could preclude your bid….”- The versed professional from the Tender Evaluation Committee needled from the other side of the table.
“Yes.”- I asserted as I picked up my laptop bag and left the room without further delay. It felt was analeptic; the ‘looming danger’ on the work-front (somehow) didn’t seem to be pestering enough. I was sinking deep into the ‘swamp of gospel’…yes, it does sound fancy now. And then, the enshrined email came to the rescue….

Lets take a look at the latest TVC by brings out the touching essence of truth and it's association with "inner peace".

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