Saturday, November 29, 2014

'The Bear Hug'

Well, you I believe you when you say that you are a brave-heart…you can handle failures, bankruptcy, inadequacy, escalations or rejections…but being ‘shunned’ by an infant is perhaps the worst thing that can ever happen to you. It goes without saying that I can hit a hundred likes or get a million re-tweets on a status update or a tweet that reads… “Happiness is in a child’s hug” and when I say that, I totally mean that you have wasted your life you haven’t managed to make a child smile. There’s a heavenly feeling in ‘snuggling’ a little, adorable toddler….those little fingers touching your cheeks, playing with your hair, it’s so comforting..! 

Gosh!! Do I sound perplexing when I say that I haven’t really done it right? Every morning I wave that this little kid, next-door…. peeping out into the balcony, he doesn't seem to be interested. In-fact, the harder I try, the causatum turns out to be rather unfavorable. But believe me that is absolutely not the case with every odd visitor. It seems like he seems a devil in me…a devil that might just absorb him in a wink. He hides his face the moment he hears my footsteps in the back-yard. It’s a sinking feeling you know, I have always been very popular with my batch-mates, especially with the opposite sex because of my inherent fun-loving, chirpy nature…I could easily mingle with anyone, irrespective of their age group. In-fact that is precisely the reason why I am sent across to address to those business development opportunities; it’s because of my convivial comportment…and here, impressing a little kid seemed to be an extended arm of Mission Impossible.

“It’s your horrid stubble…”- Mom explained. It was as if sensed my mind…”Kids hate that annoying, brambly feeling you know…they love it as long as it’s smooth, gooey…. and soft”, she explicated.
“But Mom….”- I tried to deliberate…I was almost flabbergasted.

“How do I know?”- She smiled…”Because you grew up right in front of my eyes….and you hated your dad’s chin curtain like anything.” – The smile had transformed into a grin by now! It could pretty much sense it now.... it's a case of 'bourgeois hatred' ;)

Disclaimer: 'This is my third post a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette'. I would like to tag 2 of my fellow bloggers Depanjan & Biswa in this post requesting them to express their views on this interesting topic in form of a blog-post.This post is a response to Biswa's tag in his post: "The Smooth Dinner". The images are self-clicked and should not be used / reproduced in any form without my permission. Cheers!!

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