Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Tablets CAN uplift a society...

Goodness gracious me. I can’t believe that I’m writing this…in-fact, I guess I should disable the automatic “Out of office” response for the time being because what I plan to reciprocate through this blog-post, might just please those otherwise dissuaded souls back in office. But before I begin, I would also like to clarify that this post is not meant to “create an impression” just because the appraisal cycle is approaching fast or simply because of the fact the CEO might read this blog-post as he follows me on twitter….but because I really want to “make things happen” and happen really fast.
Just to give you a small background, we are technology consultants who intend to “frame” a new e-enabled network that is directed towards creating a fast, accurate and seamless service delivery gateway for all the citizens; our vision is to create a paperless India. That sounded very insightful…rather discerning, right? The reality is…our target critical mass, mostly belongs to the grass-root level and computer literacy is regarded as a luxury to say the least. Understandably so... a Government official who’s working with the age-old manual system of application processing over a decade, might not be very confident in terms of handling the computer. The same logic holds good for the “deprived” unit holders of the Micro and Small Scale household enterprises who mostly operate on job-works; they would skeptical once you introduce them to the world of “direct marketing linkage”. That brings me to the “question of the hour” - How do we bridge this gap then? What should be the likely solution to wave off this impending challenge?
Well, let’s go back to the basics then…let’s touch the roots, “show them” the desired contrivance, bring in knowledge from the best practices study and make them feel “at home”. I remember this random kid drawing a close synergy with a fly saucer when he saw my tablet, the idea is to guide them…and help them co-relate with the bigger perspective. And there my friend…I invite leading brands like Micromax and Intel to extend their passive support and make lives simpler for these “fortune-less” yet skilled entrepreneurs. Ahan!! The point to note out here is that I'm fortunate enough to land up in a job that mixes my passion with profession...the love for technology & exploring it's new ways of application. Honestly speaking, life has become much, much simpler with the introduction of revolutionary automation...but the question is, is this an uniform phenomenon? You might beg to differ, but as far as my understanding goes..there's a gulch in there.

The Resolution: Government of West Bengal has undertaken a number of skill up gradation soft intervention schemes for these entrepreneurs & I would like to improvise on that. I did discover that online buffering comes seamlessly with the all new Micromax Canvas Tab P666; it has lightning fast browser speed and voila…there goes my big plan. Let’s start each and every presentation with an interactive “motivating” movie streamed from YouTube; it is almost like a myth that the audio-visual mode appeals more to stakeholders over plain, lifeless running scripts. In-fact, I remember this very video on "Strength in Unity"  did create a buzz in the otherwise buttoned-up audience. That is purely because they could relate to the importance creating a strong unified network among a logical extension of what they saw in the video. I would like to mention that the data-card connectivity in the remote rural hubs of Bengal are often deplorable...I had to wait for at least an hour to buffer this entire video; with the Micromax tab, I could make full use of the uninterrupted 3G connection on the move. I remember distinctly that I had to fill up my time-sheet on a Friday, sitting in the remotest hub of Bengal...Jujusha..and invariably the data-card won't work. I wish I had the bliss of swanky, sleek little piece of 'technology' at my disposal so that I could at least adhere to the customary and timely compliance's. And when I say this, let me tell you...having a well functioning 3G connection while demonstrating "possible market linkages" is almost obligatory. Come on, let's face it..when approximately 70% of the rural population in India is unaware of the term called "internet", talking about online shopping without the visual demonstration is inconceivable. In-fact, my hidden agenda for 2015 (of course beyond those personal goals), is to include one tablet (preferably Micromax powered by the Intel processor- because of it's wonderful performance at a relatively reasonable price) apart from the customary desktops that are installed in every Government as well as line offices by the Government of West Bengal. That makes life even simpler for the "approving authorities" when the e-Governance schemes are completely rolled out across the State- they can approve or reject citizen applications (related to specific services) by logging into the application through their 'potent' tablets even while travelling. Infact making presentations on the moves, drafting letters, sanctioning petitions, responding to appeal files online could be the added advantages of having a "portable device" at your disposal. Yes, I'm talking about the future...and I am pretty much hopeful to say the least. Yes, we would require extensive sensitization programs before implementing the same, but analyzing from the perspective of "benefit" and "seamless-ness", I guess technology has a pivotal role to play. All eyes on you Micromax, I am vouching on you to help me fulfill my New Year Resolution (perhaps for the very first time in 25 years :D) ! Yes you CAN!

Disclaimer: This post has been written as a part of the Can Discover A New You activity, in association with Indiblogger as a part of the #IndiHappyHours campaign. Please head over to the official Micromax website for more product related details. Just FYI, the swanky and sleek Micromax Canvas Tab P666 is also available on Flipkart. Cheers!

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