Friday, November 28, 2014

I wish I could Photoshop your Ethos...

The point is…bunk it! There’s no point in discussing at all. I’m more than annoyed right now; the impact of the sequence of tribulations has been unendurable.
I don’t know how am I going to face her after this debacle; she was the one who fought with her boss and arranged for this shoot…it is more than sinking feeling, you know! After all, this shoot was supposed to be my last big break…yes, you read it right… the past tense. I had the impression that the ‘models’ appearing for a paid portfolio shoot had the leverage of choosing their outfit or for that matter, the ‘way’ they wanted to look in the frame. I had even bought a brand new Blackberry’s waistcoat for this very ‘opening’….wasn't meant to be. The point is, why do I even make an attempt to comply? I have been a fashion photographer myself in the early days of my career; I absolutely know the drill with male models…some of them prefer it clean while the others find solace in the rugged actualization. It’s their freaking choice at the end of the day! You cannot just command somebody to leave the ‘ramp’ without citing admissible reasons. Seems like the entire world is conspiring against us, the esteemed 'whiskered' ones. Sigh !!

And if you are trying to tell me that you should always pose for the camera in a portfolio shoot, I bet that’s NOT going to work…it has to be something that’s very natural, something that is beautiful in his/her characteristic & spontaneous way. Just imagine how it felt when I overheard his assistant humming away with such invidious statements like- “Boss, leave it man…don’t argue with a fool, will Photoshop it.” I mean seriously? As far as I’m concerned, using a sophisticated photo-editing software to tamper with somebody’s facial manifestation on one hand and denting into somebody’s psyche on the other are almost apposite. If the photographer has a personal problem with a ‘stub-bled look’, he should have clearly specified the same on email…I wouldn't have come for the shoot at all. Just because I left my corporate job to pursue modelling doesn't mean that I’m ‘charitable’ by any stretch of imagination; look at Abhishek Bachchan, Emraan Hashmi or Virat Kohli for that matter…do they look ugly or stinky in any way? Or is it all about your grisly perception? I’m being rejected right away just because I have that goatee or the ‘so called’ stubble? Am I not even eligible to be clicked for a change? My's a terrible, terrible feeling!!

I think I did the right job by splashing that glass-full of Mountain Dew on his ‘cleanly shaved’ face, it’s symbolic in many ways you see; well the prospect of facing my girl-friend after this melodrama does scare me off…but I’m happy that made my presence felt. Yes, you can ‘morph’ somebody appearance…you cannot distort his ‘individuality’. I think I’ll go back to candid photography after this misadventure, perhaps I could make amends.
Disclaimer: 'This is my second post a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette'. I would like to tag 2 of my fellow bloggers Depanjan & Biswa in this post requesting them to express their views on this interesting topic in form of a blog-post.This post is a response to Biswa's tag in his post: "A villain who wanted to be a hero".

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