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Goosebumps fulminated as the previously distributed indemnity bond was thoroughly inspected before the access to the rider’s den was granted- the glistening pit-stop where the likes of Vettel, Webber, Schumi and Karthikeyan have scripted a saga of unprecedented momentum.
Oh wait…did I go too far? Maybe not. And since they say that fear is just a state of mind, we’d actually do well just to migrate from that “taken for granted” psyche to the “do the wild” ethos…yes, believe me…it does wonders. People might express their skepticism on the authenticity of the popular television reality show, MTV Roadies…but believe me, they have done a world of good by including the question “What is the craziest or wildest thing that you have done in your life” in the application form. What it did, was to propel me in true sense of the term…you often need that “kick” to go against the discernible…but the aftermath, in effect, sends in a vibe of wondrous joy!
I frisked the adrenaline rush when I dived into the Dhakuria Lake for the first time in my life without knowing how to float; I could have been dead on that very particular day…but the very fact that I dared to challenge my thresholds, did the trick in the end. I did gulp in a lot of marshy water in the process, but I then I surprised myself by craving my way back to the shore…incredible indeed. I did overcome my fear of water just by taking it on and I have never looked back after that. Right from undertaking solo trips to risky treks, I have never backed out in-spite of the growing concerns with my pre-mature spondylitis; believe it or not…even my family doctor is astonished of the fact that I have successfully undertaken such treacherous jaunts, it’s mere will-power my friend.!

Survey analytics focused upon identifying the challenge-taking intent of a group of individuals...
I have always commemorated legends who have perhaps gone out of their easy-cozy-elementary-lives to create an epiphany, we call them legends just because of that. The excerpts “I’m more than my scars” or “to escape fear, you have to go through it, and not round it” are mere precedents of the fact that you need to awaken the wilder side in you and drives you towards the bigger goal; it’s indeed a refurbishing spur. The only concern is that you might be 'shaken up' as a repercussion, sometimes you need that jounce.

That's how our journey began...into the "lap" of BIC, taking on the on-road atrocities and overcoming them
Alright, coming back to where I left, ladies and gentlemen, the stretch where we recorded a whopping 240 Km/hour indeed turned on the screws…we realized that perhaps it wasn’t the best of ideas to take on a hot pursuit on our first lap itself; but we never pulled back. It was a smooth and creamy beginning to be honest yet the directional deviations did prove to be quite a challenge in itself. It was almost a “Drift” to start off with, as the racing vehicle pursued an approximately right-angled trajectory to evade those “abrupt road blocks”. It was almost a snake-ladder run; those curved paths had “danger” written all over them. The first HOT LAP, as they say was testing to the core since the body took a while to adapt to the “Whirl-wind” ride, yet the nascent anxiety was slowly erased off in contemplation of those “on-the-drive-banters" shared by the esteemed veteran in control of the proceedings. 

Yes, it's an out of the world feeling when you complete your first lap...that too without restraining on the speed...
It was almost like a fight against the "thrust”, but as they say, “always maintain a smile on the face”. But the fact that we haven’t been driving for long, didn’t really send in cold waves…it was our own personal battle against our conservative, rather protective upbringing. Half way through the HOT lap..I was almost tranquilized by the spell of alacrity & breezy endeavor coupled with the exuberance of youth, those laps seemed to be scripting memories on the run. A groovy association had set in during the latter half of the race when the nerves settled in and the body movements synchronized with the bends. The weather was un-characteristically pleasant; the waves of the lulling zephyr complimented us. The last 1o turns seemed to be a cake-“walk” indeed.

That's our esteemed vehicle for the hot lap at the BIC, it was such a freaking ride for sure...
I could sense the level of excitement in the air as I stepped out of the car, people around were applauding us and our performance on debut, on the speedy track. I was almost a star by then and guess what, I didn’t even bother to reveal that I didn’t have a valid driving license back then…glad they took my word of mouth for assurance! If I remember correctly, I had driven for a maximum of 10 Kilometers before coming in for an impromptu drive at the BIC…I was scared of the Calcutta roads, traffic and congestion before this game-changing experience, it is indeed rightly said – “Darr ke Aage Jeet Hai”.

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