Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Hilarious is the word! This is one of those experiences that I always manages to ‘enkindle’ a smile on my face, but when I write about it…I’ll definitely that I include the caveat “No living being was hurt in the entire set of events”. Haha! Let’s not build up an air of conundrum because the event, in itself is ‘engaging’ enough.
I think it was a “khooni” Monday for sure, I know you’d be already conjuring up worthy adjectives like “dull”, “boring”, “drab”, “humdrum” but believe me, that very prosaic local-bus-ride turned out to be quite a campy one…of course, my perspective being that of a passive spectator gorging on the melodrama (of course without that acclaimed tub of popcorn).

Midway through the ride, a grumpy looking middle aged lady gets up from Khal-pole, struggles through the crowd and somehow fabricates a “standing space” just behind the driver’s seat. It was pretty evident from her disgruntled look, that she wasn’t a regular-local-bus-commuter; and to complicate her woes, the bus moved “super slow” owing to the customary Monday morning traffic congestion. “Yaar aaj bhi late karega”- the grouchy old man standing right beside me silently remarked. True that…that’s been our sad story over the last couple of years.

“OMG!! Where’s the purse?”- A shrill holler broke my trance…I saw the lady frantically pushing the fellow passengers aside in pursuit of her “apparently stolen” purse.
“I distinctly remember that it was inside my shopping bag when I boarded the bus….”- She murmured…”Driver…bus rook, there’s a pick-pocket in here”- and she wailed again.
The bus had to. But what followed, was more than distressing. I suddenly found myself ‘under her vigilant radar’…she found something very suspicious about me.
“This guy…!! He was standing close to the gate when I got up…he must be the one!! Aap log search karo isse”- The monster squealed and ‘it’ literally sprinted towards me as if in ‘boiling lust…”it” wanted to rip me apart. And before I could utter a word, I could hear the abhorrent sounds of "Clamping fists". It had all the ingredients of an untimely tragedy you know...and perhaps a prelude to tomorrow's Newspaper headlines; I could well sense my pre-mature demise when an ugly looking angel staring out from the crowd came to my rescue.
“Madam, take it easy…lift your foot, you are standing on it…”- He sedately commentated.

Goodness gracious me…what a relief. And TING!! Now I quickly realized the (bullshit) rationale behind her illogical guess…my unclean, bewhiskered, stubbled appearance on a grueling Monday. And that's the very reason why I used the disclaimer in the very beginning. 
Moral of the story: If you can't change their perception, try revisiting yours. For best results, try looking at the mirror & consider a customary Monday morning shave in order to kick start your week in true sense of the term. Tried & Tested..!! ;)

Disclaimer: 'This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette'. I would like to tag 2 of my fellow bloggers Depanjan and Biswa in this post and request them to express their views on this interesting topic in form of a blog-post. This post is a response to Biswa's tag in his blog post: "That potential Bride Dented My Pride".

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