Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Hereditary Curse....

Well then, let me tell you a story. It's a true's story of adversity, suffering on one hand and an inspiring one on the other.
This write-up is dedicated to the person who has faced life as a challenge in itself, who has gone against the flow and has transcended the barriers of caste and religion to establish her blissful existence. She has emerged as victorious in her battle against those physical shortcomings and those worthless principles that stem the free-flow of life.
The love of my life, my dearest cousin, has done wonders with her life: it’s amazing to see her comeback when the chips were completely down and out. Affected with juvenile diabetes (Diabetes mellitus type 1, T1DM)  right from the age of 9, she had almost lost faith in her life when there came a magical twist which completely changed her outlook. The auto antibody testing revealed that it was a type 1 disorder, that had a recursive effect. We knew that she could slowly move into an acute state of suffering that included kidney failure or massive strokes. She was suffering from chronic weakness-es right from the childhood days, including frequent illness' with very high body-temperature, cough and cold...the doctors, surprising couldn't find the right diagnosis, the symptoms were highly complex, as they had postulated. It was not merely malnutrition that the doctor's had interpreted, it was, in effect a hereditary curse. Her poor health condition brought in a disconsolate gloom; I remember my aunt not going out during the entire stretch of Durga Pujo just because of her beloved daughter's plight, it's big sacrifice considering the gravity of the was not to be. Her daughter's despondency was eating into her, her 'zeal for life' for slowly diminishing. The pessimism had spread it's roots in the family by was a nightmare to be honest, it was such a pain to see a child suffer like was perhaps no fault of her's. She couldn't go to school during the major part of the academic year, she couldn't attend those gymnastic classes...she couldn't 'live the best days of her life'. It was as if like a lost cause...a black hole of obliteration that was slowly absorbing them deep within. It was an acute state of depression, they had perhaps lost their "reason to smile". All they pleaded for, was a 'ray of hope' from somewhere, just a bit of inspiration nevertheless.
She used sit around the corner, brooding over her cursed life, her illness - when somebody made her realise that life isn't about mourning or agonising, it’s about conquering the impediments and rising above all. 
She was an extremely talented swimmer but her illness was pegging her back from going ahead with her ambition. She had almost lost it, when her trainer Majid, stepped into her life like a blessing. He inspired her to think beyond those trivial short-comings and galvanised her step towards experiencing life to the fullest. He used to spend hours with her in form of interaction, training, motivating and innovating newer avenues of life; he just wanted her to jump in with full vigour.
She finally started responding to his calls and her dedication started yielding rich dividends soon after. It was under Majid, that she won her first inter-state woman’s freestyle championship where she conquered her unbearable pain to clinch the top-spot amidst the best in business; she was unstoppable. 
And as it was destined the bond of love added a new flavour to their cherished association. She was the happiest person in the world when Majid proposed to her on her 18-th Birthday; her ‘cursed’ life was starting to smile upon her yet again.
But destiny had yet another twist in store. Our family was totally against an inter-caste marriage; in fact at one point of time, she was told to choose one: her family or Majid as the way ahead. Her illness complicated, as the toughest phase of her life had descended. She didn't give up.
She had put in her best effort in terms of establishing her views in-front of the elders in the family; but in vain. My uncle had other plans; he had already started looking for alternative career options for his daughter. But she was firm and rigid with the very fact that she won’t succumb under any sort of external pressure. 
She was locked up in a dark room for a couple days, but her spirit was insurmountable.
She rode on her blistering confidence to reach the final rounds of the Commonwealth Games held in India...and Majid was there with her. She came back with a smile and hid her intriguing pain that was killing her from inside.
There were a few shocked faces in the crowd when she kissed Majid in open air. She had found her reason to smile, she had found her true love....she had INDEED crushed all those confinements and raised the bars of her glorious ambition. Perhaps the 'ride' could have been smoother had she been medically fit right from the childhood, perhaps her family would have seen the better side of life right from the inception. She had lost some vitally important days of her life....the salad days to be honest, but she fought along in search of sunshine. A healthy child is perhaps a divine doctrine, a benediction....we can perhaps undertake those tiny bits of efficacious intervention to script a 'perfect childhood'. Who knows, we might end up extirpating those hereditary imprecations? Yes, it's pretty much possible my friend. Salute to the spirit of mortality, salute to the indomitable indignation of mankind...!
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