Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Gift from Adidas: Shoes do solve Issues....

A camera, an appropriate lens and original perspective is what sets you apart as a photographer. The first two components can be gathered by anyone but the "original" style is what one can't procure, it naturally comes to oneself. The brand which completely makes the cut and support the above mentioned notion is adidas Originals, the unique feel of the brand makes it THE choice for the youth of today. It very smartly converts the worldwide street style into colorful and vibrant apparels. I have had hots for brand since my school days and was head over heels for the swag looks one inherits the moment Originals apparel is adorned. However, you know what, there's always an inclination to choose something that's typically out of the box. Ahan!

I experienced a similar thrill few days back, when a close friend gifted me a pair of the iconic shell toe adidas Originals Superstar. If you see some of the clicks, this shoe looks perfectly dipped in oddles of vogue and class. I fell in love with the design the moment I got hold of them. I have already done a few product shoots for shoes but this was a different one. The finish and cut of the shoe is so great that each click came out to be perfect. You don't need a photographer's eye "to judge "!

The same friend told me about this real cool contest #AllSuperstarsUnite. We have four celebrities Nucleya, Daku, Nida and Ronny for each genre EDM, graffiti, fashion and photography, respectively. If you are passionate about any of the genre, click on the website and submit your inspiration which can make you a superstar. Isn't that such an uber-cool proposition? Plenty of drama is in store for sure. But before that you need to make up your mind..not to com-'promise' with your fashion-centric-urge!

Well, let me make your job slightly easier, here is the address to awesomeness, CLICK away:  www.allsuperstarsunite.in

The fact that your choice of footwear definitely syncs with your personality, I find this campaign all the more apt and profound. In-fact, we tend to relate our favorite sports personalities with the brand of shoes they wear. It's more of a "guiding by foot-steps" centric practice. Of late, people have gone one step ahead and adopted "shoe-collection" as their cherished hobby; I did overhear an acclaimed video jockey professing this unique trait of his; yes my friend...there is an intrinsic connection for sure. I guess it's time to nurture the "shoe-lover" in you...my word...what an amazing platform have you got!

And of course, there's a bourgeois myth that "collecting shoes" has been a 'female forte' right from the inception but then, we have done quite a bit to set the trend. I remember my Dad bringing a pair of classic chappals from Bangladesh on his first international trip and we have continued the trend since then. It's hilarious to note that the average number of shoes (and chappals) stolen from a temple is increasing steadily with every passing day; in fact that, my friend, is symbolic in many respects....it shows the resplendence in espousal. And the mortals, we know, are born fashionable...they have invented newer ways to look good.. those new-flanged designs have set up new bench-marks. 

They say that 'fashion' is a luxury...I say it's an endowment and since Adidas has brought in such an amazing collection to serve you and your feet...be rest assured, you won't be greeted by a frumpy defeat. Dude, have a look at the Superstar Bling XL for example...I bet you'll be bowled over....yes, it's cranky, it's quirky, it's idiosyncratic, out-of-the-box...and it 'deserves attention'. You are the best judge afterall...be my guest. Come join me in this epic ride, we will explore fashion like never before.. do take a look at what's in store for you!

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