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The Stains.....

This post has been written as a part of Blogadda's #CelebrateBlogging. My team is "Tandem Tensome" & this is the seventeenth chapter in the series. You can read the previous chapter (Chapter XVI) here : Well, folks ! let's proceed then....

Chapter XVII: "The Stains...."
“Jenny…what’s your bloody problem?” - Cyrus poked her quietly. She was sitting right opposite to him, struggling with the enfeebled jar of lemon pickle. Cyrus had softly jabbed at her with his allusive sneakers. Not very sure whether he was ‘seasoned’ with the principles of ‘under-table activity’, per say, but he managed. And why not? His (envisaged) girl-friend was sitting right in-front without even looking at him even for a second. Yes, there was a time when they used to “poke” each other on ‘Face’-book…times have changed, those virtual bonds have perhaps been flimsy enough…it was time to “let those emotions loose”…time to ‘face’ the quintessence of tangibility.

“Yikes!” – She screeched, as if in percussion and “CRASH”….the unsettling twang resonated through the semi-furnished apartment. The diners were taken aback at this sudden turn of events; Roohie had just left the room, accompanied by the makeshift-guardian-cum-pup-mentor Mr. Ahuja and Shekhar was just about to extend the conversation. It was as if somebody had thrown a piece of iron ore in the midst a gang of hoggish magnets….rather a sudden spike of impulse in an otherwise smoothly progressive sine curve.

“Ahhhh….Gawwwd!!!”- She shrieked. The intensity was even louder this time…the cutting remonstrance were perhaps as abrupt as a fulmination, it was rather onerous to make way through the impenetrable mess. Her hollers had transformed into desperate wails by then…it was such an unexpected hank that the Cyrus almost lost his balance even while sitting on the chair.

A ‘vexing’ pool of blood had almost sheathed the marble cover by then…the cadaverous sight had literally sloshed them in a matter of seconds. Nobody could gauge the rationale behind the entire series of events…there was no time to react as well, it was more of a jolt this, that clawed hard into the so-called-opulence of the moment. It was difficult to ‘rise up’, sense and perhaps retort in riposte.

“How did it happen?”- Shekhar yelled and understandably so. The host had been extremely congenial to say the least, the slightest of lapse on his part was highly inexplicable. He was perhaps trying to help himself through the convivial mode of reciprocation…those instilled mnemonics of kinship that he extended was perhaps a prejudiced call, it did have a hidden agenda as well. The ruinous reversal of amelioration had shaken his core.

“What have you done….”- He pointed frantically towards Cyrus as Jennifer dropped off from the chair on to the blood-stained mezzanine, abandoned…crippled under the impact of severe discomfort. The injury was fatal…the broken piece of glass had gashed through the prudish veins, the massive cleft that was symbolic to some extent…but no one was in a poetic mood then. Jennifer was still searching for her camera…it was almost like a dope, she couldn’t let go at any point of time.

Where is the first aid kit?”- Cyrus shouted, almost disregarding the causal factor…shrugging off the responsibility…”And you, stop hunting for that piece of shit…the DSLR or whatever…”- He commanded. Shekhar, in the meanwhile had recovered from the state of impulsive shock and was trying to soothe her wounded ‘psyche’ …his platform of propitious correspondence had dramatically turned out to be a grisly affair. He was still recovering.

“Are you listening? This is serious…PLEASE, for God’s sake get an antiseptic. NOW NOW NOW!”- Cyrus tried to convince the appalled moderator. He looked in complete mess…the flow of blood had jabbed a dagger of impasse right in his gusto; he was literally shivering on his feet...trying to “match steps”, it’s been quite a devil’s feast so far. Thank God, Roohie wasn’t around…the visuals were disturbing enough, the ‘Lucifer in crimson cloak’.

“…yes...let me find out”- Shekhar’s stammering voice faded away as he rushed into the bedroom in search of the ointment. He had wasted a few good 5 minutes in taking this fundamental call…happens to a lot of people in a state of crisis. Jennifer had almost succumbed to the overpowering sting that had incapacitated her moves, the flow of blood was unremitting, ceaseless. She has been quite a brave-heart, fighting through the rugged terrains in search of the “perfect frame”…she has literally shoved those atrocities aside. But this was different…the laceration was abysmal, the fervent hemorrhage was absolutely deplorable.

“Jenny…look at me, you have to….”- Cyrus vacillated. He knew that this was perhaps his last chance….his final raffle.

“Cyrus…just…freaking stay away from me….”- Jennifer pronounced…she was not ready to cooperate in any way what-so-ever. She lumbered through her words, and despite the portending pain, managed to nudge him away. Exasperation personified. Cyrus wasn’t a quitter though.

He regained his bearings and did the unthinkable. He latched on-to Jennifer’s blood-stained trousers, locked her fists, took control of her enervated limbs and smooched her forcefully. She initially struggled involuntarily, slapping and rasping Cyrus with all her bent…but she was literally overpowered. It was a poignant feeling to begin with, and the pain was excruciating at the same time…but surprisingly it slowly faded away. She was no longer being humiliated or abashed…it was almost like a genial feeling after a while. The grip strengthened and with a mutually spiffy dandle, the evening had suddenly transformed into a pulchritudinous one. And when the lips entwined, Cyrus whispered….”Dude, you’re quite a sport”. “So are you….”- She responded celestially…”Oh Hello…not now, ok?” – She snapped as Cyrus started to unbutton his dark pull-over. He was totally in the mood.

“WHAAAT..!! Girl you are incorrigible..” – He couldn’t finish though…his words were cut short; interrupted by a cacophonous bawl. Jennifer lunged in despite the misery, Cyrus followed. It was Mr. Shekhar….his abhorrent holler broke the trance....

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