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The Stains.....

This post has been written as a part of Blogadda's #CelebrateBlogging. My team is "Tandem Tensome" & this is the seventeenth chapter in the series. You can read the previous chapter (Chapter XVI) here : Well, folks ! let's proceed then....

Chapter XVII: "The Stains...."
“Jenny…what’s your bloody problem?” - Cyrus poked her quietly. She was sitting right opposite to him, struggling with the enfeebled jar of lemon pickle. Cyrus had softly jabbed at her with his allusive sneakers. Not very sure whether he was ‘seasoned’ with the principles of ‘under-table activity’, per say, but he managed. And why not? His (envisaged) girl-friend was sitting right in-front without even looking at him even for a second. Yes, there was a time when they used to “poke” each other on ‘Face’-book…times have changed, those virtual bonds have perhaps been flimsy enough…it was time to “let those emotions loose”…time to ‘face’ the quintessence of tangibility.

“Yikes!” – She screeched, as if in percussion and “CRASH”….the unsettling twang resonated through the semi-furnished apartment. The diners were taken aback at this sudden turn of events; Roohie had just left the room, accompanied by the makeshift-guardian-cum-pup-mentor Mr. Ahuja and Shekhar was just about to extend the conversation. It was as if somebody had thrown a piece of iron ore in the midst a gang of hoggish magnets….rather a sudden spike of impulse in an otherwise smoothly progressive sine curve.

“Ahhhh….Gawwwd!!!”- She shrieked. The intensity was even louder this time…the cutting remonstrance were perhaps as abrupt as a fulmination, it was rather onerous to make way through the impenetrable mess. Her hollers had transformed into desperate wails by then…it was such an unexpected hank that the Cyrus almost lost his balance even while sitting on the chair.

A ‘vexing’ pool of blood had almost sheathed the marble cover by then…the cadaverous sight had literally sloshed them in a matter of seconds. Nobody could gauge the rationale behind the entire series of events…there was no time to react as well, it was more of a jolt this, that clawed hard into the so-called-opulence of the moment. It was difficult to ‘rise up’, sense and perhaps retort in riposte.

“How did it happen?”- Shekhar yelled and understandably so. The host had been extremely congenial to say the least, the slightest of lapse on his part was highly inexplicable. He was perhaps trying to help himself through the convivial mode of reciprocation…those instilled mnemonics of kinship that he extended was perhaps a prejudiced call, it did have a hidden agenda as well. The ruinous reversal of amelioration had shaken his core.

“What have you done….”- He pointed frantically towards Cyrus as Jennifer dropped off from the chair on to the blood-stained mezzanine, abandoned…crippled under the impact of severe discomfort. The injury was fatal…the broken piece of glass had gashed through the prudish veins, the massive cleft that was symbolic to some extent…but no one was in a poetic mood then. Jennifer was still searching for her camera…it was almost like a dope, she couldn’t let go at any point of time.

Where is the first aid kit?”- Cyrus shouted, almost disregarding the causal factor…shrugging off the responsibility…”And you, stop hunting for that piece of shit…the DSLR or whatever…”- He commanded. Shekhar, in the meanwhile had recovered from the state of impulsive shock and was trying to soothe her wounded ‘psyche’ …his platform of propitious correspondence had dramatically turned out to be a grisly affair. He was still recovering.

“Are you listening? This is serious…PLEASE, for God’s sake get an antiseptic. NOW NOW NOW!”- Cyrus tried to convince the appalled moderator. He looked in complete mess…the flow of blood had jabbed a dagger of impasse right in his gusto; he was literally shivering on his feet...trying to “match steps”, it’s been quite a devil’s feast so far. Thank God, Roohie wasn’t around…the visuals were disturbing enough, the ‘Lucifer in crimson cloak’.

“…yes...let me find out”- Shekhar’s stammering voice faded away as he rushed into the bedroom in search of the ointment. He had wasted a few good 5 minutes in taking this fundamental call…happens to a lot of people in a state of crisis. Jennifer had almost succumbed to the overpowering sting that had incapacitated her moves, the flow of blood was unremitting, ceaseless. She has been quite a brave-heart, fighting through the rugged terrains in search of the “perfect frame”…she has literally shoved those atrocities aside. But this was different…the laceration was abysmal, the fervent hemorrhage was absolutely deplorable.

“Jenny…look at me, you have to….”- Cyrus vacillated. He knew that this was perhaps his last chance….his final raffle.

“Cyrus…just…freaking stay away from me….”- Jennifer pronounced…she was not ready to cooperate in any way what-so-ever. She lumbered through her words, and despite the portending pain, managed to nudge him away. Exasperation personified. Cyrus wasn’t a quitter though.

He regained his bearings and did the unthinkable. He latched on-to Jennifer’s blood-stained trousers, locked her fists, took control of her enervated limbs and smooched her forcefully. She initially struggled involuntarily, slapping and rasping Cyrus with all her bent…but she was literally overpowered. It was a poignant feeling to begin with, and the pain was excruciating at the same time…but surprisingly it slowly faded away. She was no longer being humiliated or abashed…it was almost like a genial feeling after a while. The grip strengthened and with a mutually spiffy dandle, the evening had suddenly transformed into a pulchritudinous one. And when the lips entwined, Cyrus whispered….”Dude, you’re quite a sport”. “So are you….”- She responded celestially…”Oh Hello…not now, ok?” – She snapped as Cyrus started to unbutton his dark pull-over. He was totally in the mood.

“WHAAAT..!! Girl you are incorrigible..” – He couldn’t finish though…his words were cut short; interrupted by a cacophonous bawl. Jennifer lunged in despite the misery, Cyrus followed. It was Mr. Shekhar….his abhorrent holler broke the trance....

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The Perspective....

This post has been written as a part of Blogadda's #CelebrateBlogging. My team is "Tandem Tensome" & this is the fifth chapter in the series. You can read the previous chapters here : Part-I , Part-II , Part-III , Part-IV.  Ah! let's proceed then..

Chapter V: "The Perspective"

"Honey, whassup!! The evening plan is on…” – a free-flow of elation spouted out of the WhatsApp chat window. Jennifer was taken aback; the “perfectly imperfect” timing it was.

“Not sure”- She impetuously typed.

“What the hell do you mean? We talked about this….right? ”- the exultant flow was abortively disrupted; the first signs of a sinking canoe on a perfectly bright and sunny day.

“Listen……forget it. TTYL”- Jennifer’s impulsive reply followed. She was not in a mood to squabble; every passing minute was unbearable, every drop of sweat was being guzzled….it was literally acrid, tortuous. She clinged on-to the most precious entity of her life, the swanky Canon 5D Mark III, almost unflinchingly; the ‘second in line’ was of course getting impatient at the other end of the mobile chat window.

“GIRL!! Are you kidding me? You know what this means to me…you do right?!! Okay tell me where the hell are you??”- a series of spasmodic wringers followed. He was certainly getting antsy out there, they were planning for this meet for over 2 years now.

No response.....

“Jesus Christ lady!! Why don’t you understand…we haven’t met each other yet, I have been fantasizing this…...” – The vestige of ferment echoed through his words; the edginess had given way to a downer. He had never imagined this, it was almost like a trance this….not a likeable one though.

“God is too busy…he can’t help. So am I! ”- Jennifer finally broke the trance.

“Listen, this is not funny. You know that I have already talked to the travel agent. We had planned to surprise mom with this….”- He sounded sanguine on this one, he had indeed outlined a prospective roadmap for this not-so-theatrical hook-up. It was rather a bizarre one.

“Oh hello Mr. Cyrus! It’s a retweet-steered-liaison if you remember…don’t be so ambitious”- Jennifer sounded flustered for the first time in this broken conversation. It was turning into a melodramatic one – “Yes, I owe you for that gyan on intellectual property rights when I needed it badly. That doesn’t mean you can go on…” – She continued. The brewing nervous tension was slowly overpowering her instincts, she was almost numb, uncomfortably so.

Well, this has been their story…yes, you heard it right; Jennifer, the classy photographer and ‘acclaimed twitter celebrity’ and the not-so-social-network-savvy law-scholar Cyrus got introduced to each other as a trail to an unlikely retweet. Jennifer had sent across a tweet stating her exasperation over the case of a stolen photograph, it got retweeted 30 times and eventually reached the twitter-newbie Cyrus. And they got started…Cyrus had extended his whole-hearted (virtual) support in terms of sensitizing the lady with the intricate details related to intellectual property rights (IPR), investigated and they did manage to start the process. It was a beautiful photograph that Jennifer had shot on her last biking-expedition to Ladakh, that too in the cutting cold; yes…she is quite a fanatic. It goes without saying that this particular shot taken at the Likir village was very close to her heart, the fact that her treasured snap-shot was stolen- downloaded, processed, de-watermarked and reproduced without permission had turned those screws-of-defiance. And ladies and gentlemen, wait for it…because the tampered image was published in one of the leading newspapers, just below the editorial column…that too with an in-house copyright, the name of the “photographer” was deliberately omitted. Jennifer had put forward her best efforts, trying to reach out to the head-quarters, but in vain. Nobody had responded to her unremitting strife, her raving calls went unanswered. She had even shared the original Flickr link of the image on all the possible social networking sites demonstrating the original EXIF info for the shot, aperture: f/8.0, exposure: 1/250, ISO: 100 etc. just to prove the authenticity of her claim; she wanted to get hold of the “criminal” ASAP and file legal charges against him...who cares? All she managed to garner through her posts was an array of pragmatic recommendations, nothing of substance though. She had spent sleepless nights imagining her cherished work being featured to someone else’s credit; it’s a terrible feeling. It’s almost as if you have landed into a stinking trench in-spite of knowing the coordinates, the sinking feeling. She had almost resigned…. Until….

Yes, my friend… Enter Mr. ’To-Be Advocate’ Cyrus…who exactly knew which button to press and there you go, the basic foundation of a concocting chemistry had been already laid. It started off with germinating levels of interaction on the 140-character platform; it was not long before those ‘contrived praises’ started to hit the right chords. Cyrus used to “favorite” every possible image that Jennifer posted on twitter, not that he had a smooth ride with 50 others replicating the same…but as they say, you need to be consistent in every game of life. Cyrus, to be honest, had no interest in photography but then he had to go down to the roots to establish his bridle…his research did yield rich benefits in the long run. One fine morning, he got a couple of notifications on his mobile phone that read “Jennifer @Jenni_Joseph followed you on twitter” and “@Jenni_Joseph sent you a direct message”. The EUREKA moment was here….Jennifer, the “twitter-celeb” with 7000+ followers following somebody with a two-digit follower count was quite an indication; she had asked for Cyrus’ mobile number through direct messaging and as you would have prognosticated, they ‘took it forward’ from there. But believe it or not, they haven’t met each other till date…perhaps there was an implicit non-disclosure agreement between the two “lovers”, who knows...! Who said that technology can’t sew a nexus….? Butterfingers mate, it has been observed many a times that technology has proved to be the advocate, and in this case, it ‘beguiled an advocate’! Things had to change though, and it almost did…. they realized that they had to ‘break through’ into the ‘screens’; 2 years of a virtual manacle had to be outstripped. But…..

“Jenni, listen to me….what about that video chat….?”- Cyrus ‘sounded’ athirst. This is the only problem with the implicit medium…you don’t get to see each other’s expressions. Plus, there seemed to be a sudden dearth in the smiley counter from the other side. Cyrus was certainly in a soup.

“Cyrus!!! Freak…that was your plan…You persuaded me…I never wanted to undress in front of the….! Gah…Whatever!! ” – There was a sudden flow of steam from the other end of the screen. Jennifer was vehement, she never wanted to do this. Her grip tightened, she was restlessly holding on-to her hallowed National Geography-accredited DSLR bag in one hand and typing with the other. It was a double-bummer for sure…the aggravation of an ominous interview clubbed with the relationship-woes, she was literally drench in the ‘sudor of turmoil’. “Ah! He is trying to blackmail me.” – She murmured.

“Are you trying to tell me that you weren't interested? Lady, this is…” – He was interrupted in-between.

“I guess I expected a bit of sanity from a quote unquote student of law…..anyway…I guess this is it, I don’t want to talk about this anymore. And remember, you STILL haven’t managed to hunt down the plagiarist...and I have no hope! Don’t try to call me”- And she switched off her data connection in a jiffy.

There was no-way that she could have carried on with this untenable conversation, the “bigger target” was lying right in-front of her…her passion, her indignation, her zest. She had been a chain smoker right from the school days, the pre-mature loss of her mother had dented deep. Her step-mother was a kind lady, but Jenni never “synced in”…she simply couldn’t. The camera was pretty much her privy guardian…she could see the world “through her lens”…she could seek solace through the view-finder, she could find inner peace through those inscrutable macro-shots, she loved concept of ‘bokeh’ capturing those ‘esteemed imperfections’ of life. Yes, your perspective of life changes when you look through the lens, it’s elementary that one has to ‘focus’ on the positive aspects with the impugning idiosyncrasy lying in the background, blurred and indistinct.  Yes, Cyrus’ presence did fill in the void to some extent but it was not to be. She had to move on…

“Jennifer Joseph? I repeat Jennifer Joseph..please report to the VC Room” – The coarse announcement broke her daze. The dreaded call had arrived. She stood up, as if in riposte, rubbing off the slight tickle of moisture from the edge of her eye..

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Pan Asian ~ Tradition meets sapidity....

Well, honestly speaking I don’t know whether I should call it a “food review post” or a “familiarization exercise”, it’s a tricky jargon to be honest; one thing is for sure, though….it’s been a thoroughly gratifying experience. I did mention this time and time again through my blog-posts- you actually don’t need to do too much to impress a food-lover; but having said that…there’s always an analytical mind ‘hovering over the platter’….no mercy there any way. Sometimes the fragrance does the trick, sometimes the ‘look’ and sometimes we sink into the gravity of the moment; yes, the connoisseurs never do a homework...people keep asking me those weird set of questions like “What are the set of parameters that you look at?”, “What type of cuisine, you think, is more popular in this part of the country?”, “Which one is more spicy, Punjabi food or Bengali?”…well, the problem is, even I don’t know the answers because the perception changes with every possible outing. And this is exactly what happened on our ‘Saturday tryst’ at the India's finest East Asian Restaurant (period), Pan Asian- an integral part of our beloved ITC Sonar, Kolkata. Yes, I know that I’m running into a definite risk when I say “beloved”…because we, the ‘food bloggers’ are supposed to be unbiased…rather nondiscriminatory when it comes to ‘evaluating and scripting down those thoughts on the web’, but then there has to be a reservation for a consistent track record. Correct?
Hmm…I know that the eyebrows are pretty much ‘tickling’ right now, in-fact there’s an abhorred ‘upward tow’ to round it up….that, my friend, doesn’t change things does it? Almost a month back, I received a stinker from one of the readers (who’s had once claimed to be one of my avid blog followers) ….an email sent across through my “About me” profile that read “Dear Sammya, I followed your blog because I liked the way you ‘presented food’ through your words and pictures….but then there should be an aspect of criticism in all these posts, it’s an indispensable component of all review posts”. Well, yes, I agree…I simply cannot criticize food. I tend to adore every (thing and body) that is somehow associated with food, and when it comes to the signature dining experiences at the ITC Sonar…I don’t even come with a ‘critical’ mindset. Whatever they do, they deliver the ‘good-s’ in a package…the décor, the finesse, the hospitality, the regimen and of course, the fantastic signature cuisines that they effectuate- impeccable is the word.
Gah…I guess, I’m dragging this too much. Umm…I’m just not in a mood to write a conventional review post, and I’m going to make it ‘spicy’ this time. Damn… that was such a wannabe statement for sure. Yes, I must say that the best part about the review meets is the interaction-session with the chefs…the ones who actually represent their creativity on the platter; I believe the fellow food bloggers from KFB will also concur. Okay, I’ll be blunt about this, I can’t cook…yes, the idea of cooking fascinates me to the core but when it comes to execution, I’m a disaster…people call it the “Engineers’ syndrome”, I call it “lack of diversion”. My POV is, you need to “feel” food to write about food…it’s not just about knowing the ingredients or achieving expertise in the field of ‘experimentation with food”, once you ‘connect to the grains’…you can encapsulate those emotions in free flowing words. Yes, now that it’s easy to connect to like-minded people on the social networking websites, I keep checking those pictures on Instagram that are uploaded with the hashtag #ITC, #ITCHotels, #ITCSonar and of course #PanAsian because I’ve always heard encouraging reviews on the latter, never got a chance to explore the same. *Super excited*

The Pan Asian Tryst : 'Exploring the decor'...take a look at the beautiful wine glasses....
Yes, there’s always an added charm attached to the authentic style of cooking and presentation, and when I say “authentic”…I REALLY MEAN IT! I’ve been researching on the impact of the different genres of food that are presently available in Calcutta (both in ‘posh’ restaurants and street food) vis-à-vis the traditional Bengali recipes, and you’ll be astonished to know that the general public feels that there’s a predominant lack of authenticity in each of the not-so-common-genre of cuisines. I have interviewed people of different age groups at different stages of my research and those facts stating the dearth of ‘signature’ Oriental cuisines in the city has come up time and time again; the customized drive didn’t manage to impress many. People keep talking about Teratti Bazar, presumably the only hub of ‘inner peace’…not undermining its sagacity, I guess, Kolkata now has a new all-rounder in the stratum of fine dining. Yes, I’m talking about ITC Sonar and its esteemed coterie of culinary gems ranging from North West Frontier cuisines to traditional Indian fine dining, cuisines of East Asia, International Bar & Grill, gourmet shops and multi-cuisine restaurants.
Ah! Let’s not divert from the point then…I was talking about the impact of ‘Oriental cuisines’ and I’d certainly take this opportunity to assert that the palatable ones that were served to us at the Pan Asian on a fine Saturday afternoon, was of the highest order. At the same time, the responsibility was immense…we had to put forward our verdict, the verdict that revolved around Pan Asian’s new menu launch, the traditional touch with a luscious blend. And since we are essentially talking about a “shubh arambh”, the nectarous cranberry mocktail was perhaps the best opening drive. As the table-discussion hovered around Vishal’s new project to Anwesha’s overseas experiences, we got a chance to flip through the exquisite design of the new menu; it’s a colorful assortment so as to say….I must say that those sketches on the cover page are very impressive and content inside is rich and elucidative. The ‘aroma’ of the East and South East Asia was pretty much emanating from the authored descriptions; a big thumbs up to the creative team for such an edifying fabrication. Visual impact - 9.9 /10.

The Pan Asian Tryst : Cranberry and Lemon mocktail...
BAM! The ‘build-up’ has been perfect till now…the décor is sensational by the way…marked with the dark elegance and awe-inspiring wall-art, it’s pretty well lit with “natural light” gaining the denotation. Having said that, the “bhook-patrol” had already marked its impulsion…the cranberry delight had catalyzed the spirit, the “intensity” had been multiplied by then. And, they sensed the yearning….glad that they shifted gears into the T20 mode right from the onset. This is indeed one my beloved characteristic features of modern day restaurants.

The Pan Asian Tryst : The delicious and authentic Thai pork salad named Yam Moo...
The delectable starters – the ingenuous glass noodle-salad mingled with sweet chilli & chopped vegetables called Yam Woon Sen Phak and the authentic Thai pork salad named Yam Moo were served soon after; I was tasting the glass noodles for the first time ever and the experience was refreshingly different, it almost melted in my mouth, the soggy texture coated perfectly in there. The pork salad was distinctively zesty and appetizing; the perfect follow-up delicacy after the classy, transparent glass noodles from the depths of Bangkok.

The Pan Asian Tryst : The glass noodle-salad mingled with veggies Yam Woon Sen Phak...
Wait for it though, because the next ‘gem’ on the platter could infuse a tinge of inferiority complex to the globally acclaimed hub of delicious fried chicken, KFC…the reason being pretty evident. The Kushikatsu skewers, draped in the essence of Japanese piquancy… seemed to be seasoned,marinated and fried with utmost care. Let me tell you a secret…I used to ask for an additional set of tissue papers every-time I ordered for fried chicken legs at the KFC by simply visiting CupoNation, let me know if you could ‘track down’ the reason. The best part about Kushikatsu is, the judicious application of onion and pepper that accentuated the flavor; the deep fried crumbed chicken skewer stole the show baby !!! "

The Pan Asian Tryst : The Kushikatsu skewersdraped in the essence of Japanese piquancy...
The Pan Asian Tryst : Close up on the Kushikatsu skewers, you could draw a synergy ;)
The next set of starters that included a cold-wave combatant Chongqing crispy fried lotus stem (tasted okay-ish) and the Stir fried eggplant with Chinese barbeque sauce called Chao Shao qie zi (tasted decent enough) did manage to tickle the taste buds…but then, we needed the perfect power-play performance to lead the way to the main course. Yes, all we needed was an efficacious ‘half-time-kick’.

The Pan Asian Tryst:  Stir fried eggplant with Chinese barbeque sauce called Chao Shao qie zi..
The Pan Asian Tryst:  The signature dish... Chongqing (very) crispy fried lotus stem...
TADA! They are mind-readers …..aren’t they? The Lemon-grass fish was tailor-made as the half-time momentum setter; the Thai ‘tenderness’ almost reflected out of every bite…and bhetki has a charm of its own for sure. The congenial essence of lemongrass did the trick…the idiosyncratic ‘feeler’ that it generated was just extraordinary. We could have done away with the Lychee Curacao mock tail for sure…. a ‘grand’ main-course serving was waiting for us in the hut. Folks, it goes without saying that the "bar" had been already raised.

The Pan Asian Tryst: The star-performer of the day, the luscious Lemon-grass fish....
But before that let’s talk about something that truly mesmerized us…yes, something that emulated the ‘gusto of Japan’ and perhaps the ‘crux of the entire set-up’…yes, the Japanese style clear seafood soup served with sea fish, squid, mushroom, & prawn did titillate the connoisseurs. The interesting aspect of the Japanese spectacle was that the broth and the sea-food integrands were served separately…you need to mix the two in order to arrive at the final comestible. You often need a bridge ‘of sorts’ to walk from one edge to the other…the seafood soup was clearly the bridge. The legendary gobble tales have just begun….
The main course itineraries were as illustrious as ever...the Stir fried pokchoy and mushroom in soy bean sauce (slightly vivid in its ‘aftermath’…the soya bean sauce had an overwhelming effect to be honest), Babycorn with spicy tomato water chestnut and onions (did make an impact), Cantonese-style asparagus and garlic glazed bell peppers (refreshingly different and had that zing about it), the Thai steamed prawns and glass noodles (yes a +1 from side… I have developed a bias for glass noodle alright), the stir fried sliced chicken with white fungus and cucumber called Muxu Chicken (I liked it to be honest…the chicken was soft and tender and the addition of cucumber had an antithetic causatum for sure), Chinese black pepper pork spare ribs (Pretty overwhelming as well…could have been done away with) and the Malaysian dazzler- the amazing rice preparation with prawn chicken and dried shrimp paste called Nasi Goreng (this one surely stole the show…it was dainty, mellow and scripted a gratifying climax for sure, I could come back any day to taste this Malaysian ‘phenomenon’). I don’t know whether this happens to you, but I certainly relive those pageant moments while writing the detailed accounts…it’s a charade for sure and (as a result) I louve this exercise. Look at the colours folks...*delightful*.

The Pan Asian Tryst: Highlight from the main course- Chinese black pepper pork spare ribs...
The desserts section was literally the ‘one man show’ with the heavenly Kati sod pampering our “already charged up” taste buds with care, it’s soothing charm hypnotized us and we indulged in without any contingency…it stepping stone for a perfect “Never say goodbye” kind of experience. The home-made young coconut ice cream beautifully served in coconut shells topped with coconut jelly did serve as an inspiration for a ‘picture perfect’ cusp. Yes, with the growing trend of food-styling and food-presentation, as pioneers in the field of fine dining, you need to set the highest standard…and Pan Asian did exactly that. They say that there’s a story behind each and every ‘successful creation’ and every story has a punch-line. Yes, the punchline could be sweet or bitter…the denouement should carry forward the central character of the story that is marked by blissful conformity. The entire menu has the spur of assiduity, it builds up the tempo right up to the last level and ends it in a sacchariferous note; ahan! …I found a story in there alright. It's a 'romantic tale' for sure..

The Pan Asian Tryst: I'd compare "Kati sod" with our very own Indian captain M.S. Dhoni...
*The perfect finisher...*
- Mandatory Rating time:
Venue: Pan Asian, ITC Sonar, Kolkata
Location: 45/1A, JBS Haldane Ave, Gobra, Kolkata, West Bengal 700046
Genre: India’s finest Asian cuisine restaurant, Pan Asian brings an award winning repertoire of culinary traditions from across East and South East Asia to Kolkata. Savour the flavours of Japan, China, Mongolia, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Burma, Vietnam and more.
Specialty offer: Indulge in the Oriental spectacles presented through the newly launched menu.
Restaurant timings: On Weekends, Lunch: 12:30 PM - 2:45 PM; Through-the-week Dinner: 7 PM - 11:45 PM
Type: Vegetarian / Non-Vegetarian
Food quality: Excellent- 9/10, Variety- 8/10, Presentation- 8/10
Foodie Picks: Starters: 1. Yam Woon Sen Phak, 2. Kushikatsu skewers 3. Lemon-grass fish Main course: 1. Nasi Goreng, 2. Muxu ChickenDesserts: The one-man-army, Kati sod
Price range: Approximately INR 2200/- plus taxes per head.
Service and hospitality: Excellent 8.5/10
Ambiance: Fantastic...very well decorated and extremely well lit up (perhaps certain portions of the restaurant are over-exposed to the sunlight, that could be taken care of) – 8/10.'
Analysis: Enticed by the authentic taste of the East and South East Asia that Pan Asian brings on to the platter, I would assert that it is highly recommended for all the food-lovers across the country…especially for the Calcuttans, who nurture an insatiable craving for the ‘original oriental cuisines’. I'm coming back soon enough for sure, this time with my family.
Disclaimer: This was an invited review and no compensation, monetary or otherwise, was involved. All views expressed in this post are my own and not influenced by the hosts in anyway.

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