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In search of the incredible- The Neuro-Phone....

Before I start off with my fancy cognition, let me share a couple of beguiling incidents with the readers. The excerpts have been directly lifted from my diary, well, I have this uncanny knack of scripting down those minor bit of details…those dinky everyday accounts in my notebook; it’s like a routine entry-work that has become an intrinsic aspect of my day to day life. Nothing gaudy, nothing illustrious…it’s like a token memorandum; those informal, un-formatted scribbles that form a part of my life- sometimes frivolous but sporadically eventful. It took me a while to get into the flow, but then, it’s my daily dose of wine, intoxicating to say the least….come, let’s quickly turn a few pages.

- Incident 1 -
Entry date and time: 3:00 AM, 12th February 2012

As a part of the business development activity, I was instructed to attend a crucial financial bid opening today, crucial because the competition in terms of the ‘rival quotes’ was pretty stiff. Our whole team had brainstormed over a period of 3 days and decided to optimize the ‘team effort’ as much as possible, but the concerns still remained. The quotation had been reviewed almost 10 times before it was signed and sealed, it was a must-win proposal for us. There was a last minute modification as well; utter panic that is. I did mention in the earlier entry that the team lead is travelling for the last couple of weeks, I was (probably) the obvious choice. Never-mind, I battled through the congested mid-day roads of Kolkata and the deadline was met. The anticipation level was sky-high, the other bidders, at the look of it, seemed pretty relaxed…I prayed hard, I adjured, I looked around for inspiration…I failed to ‘mitigate’ the trepidation, panic took over the charge. ‘Helpless’ is the word.
“Hey, where the hell is your quote?” – The middle-aged hard-nosed brown haired bid-evaluation committee member squalled. My trance was broken and I looked up in dysphoria; yes his dreaded finger was pointing straight towards me.
“Excuse me, Sir…any problem?”- I tried my best to hide my misery, but the series of events that followed, ripped me apart.
The weird look creature had *cleaved* through the envelope and taken out the blank sheet of A4 sized paper that lay inside. What a blunder it was from our side, sheer nonchalance.
But!!! Hey! Wait there…didn’t I know this already? Just give me a moment to reconcile. It’s happening again. Oh Lord.

This is not the first time, not AT ALL the first time, these outlandish flashes keep coming back.…as if everything’s pre-decided, everything’s so obvious…everything’s so familiar. Am I diseased? Or am I empowered? I remember this very distinctly…I saw the glimpses of the same episode last night…ah…was it last night or the day before? I had already witnessed our ‘glorious blooper’ even before the event had actually taken place…but then I don’t seem to remember anything distinctly. The entire series of events, starting from the traffic jam to the ‘barren envelope content’ was actually known….or was it? Is this a form of premonition? Why do these flashes conjure up exactly when the event transpires? Why not before that? I’m stuck bro…I’m stuck.
I’m literally palpitating right now….nobody’s going to believe me I know. Even my parents won't...I'm screwed. I bloody know!!

Haunted by the eerie premonitions- Of course, not the happiest feeling in the world
It’s coming back….its coming back to haunt me. I seriously don’t know how to react to this, but this is certainly troubling me. I distinctly remember the financial bid opening debacle and its impact, this was perhaps one step ahead. I don’t know what to write, but then it’s equally important for me to record this ‘phenomenon’ that has disturbed the course of my life. It sure has...

- Incident 2 -
Entry date and time: 1:30 AM, 17th June 2012

It’s been a gloomy day today, overcast and somber to say the least…no sign of romance or amour to be honest; but of course, that opened the flood gates for an unplanned photo-walk- Yes, it’s been quite a while since we had one. North Calcutta, being a popular ‘hunting ground’ for all photographers, was almost the indisputable choice…the ‘milestones’ to be covered were essentially Kumortuli, Mullik Ghat, Pathuria Ghata and Bagbazar. The plan was to start off early so that we could cover the ‘streets of North Calcutta” in daylight and come back to shoot the ‘divine’ Ganga Aarti at the Bagbazar Ghat by 5 o’ clock in the evening. The plan worked out perfectly, in-fact, the shoot transpired out to be better than expected…the team of 5 shutterbugs literally creamed through the narrow lanes and by-lanes of the Calcutta…capturing every bit of those details through the lens. Rahul was the most animated of the lot, almost bumping into a street side vendor in pursuit of his critically acclaimed macro-shots…his newly acquired 18-200 mm was in action right from the word go. At around 4:30 PM, we instructed our chauffeur to take us to the depths of Bagbazar, and yes, you got it right…the level of excitement had reached its threshold.

We could already see a crowd of meddlesome photographers waiting at the staircase; gearing up with the hulking DSLR’s, expensive lens’ and tripods…waiting for the Utopian moment, the moment to savor. We struggled through the coterie to secure a position beneath the stairs…right in-front of the pious podium, perhaps the best spot to grab a decent frame. This was going to be one of the most challenging low-light shoots that we had encountered in the last couple of years. We were eagerly waiting for the proceedings.
A sudden buzz in the crowd did send in a signal…the moment had supposedly arrived. But surprisingly, we didn't see the purohits coming out with the enshrined thali’s …nor did the illuminated beacons arrive- we exchanged probing squints but couldn't decipher the rationale behind this hasty disturbance. We didn't have to wait for long enough though…we could clearly see ‘his strife’…his ‘conflict with the raging stream’, his wrangle…his prized possession couldn’t be saved. Yes, the photographer (his name was Amit, as the reports said) survived a calamity on that particular; he lost his step in pursuit of a legendary shot that was never meant to be. We could clearly see him sinking deep into the Nature’s puzzle; the attempt to save his ‘fading soul’ was successful but his beloved DSLR disappeared in the flow.
And there it happened again. Everything seemed to fall into the groove. It was bewildering; the entire series of events seemed to be so familiar…so recognizable…it was almost as if I was watching the second round of a tragedy. It’s a deplorable feeling my friend, it’s as troublesome as ever….when you realize that your ‘vision’ could have actually prevented the scourge, not to be. I stopped for a moment, trying to gather my thoughts…it’s almost as if I’m in a no-man’s land, it’s a hostile footing…it’s a battle against your own cognition. It’s a delicate bridge of introspection, you know that there’s light on the other side…but you don’t realize it till you reach the 'penultimate log'. It's like a deep 'sinking' feeling you know, as if you are solely responsible for the mishaps! Thank God, the guy was saved, a sigh of relief...but the incident perhaps wouldn't have happened at all, I could have…

Haunted by the eerie premonitions- Perhaps there's a ray of hope right around the corner...
Yes, its true fellas...none of the facts, as stated above are exaggerations. This is indeed my story. I guess I was 12 when I realized that I could actually ‘see’ more than an average individual, the only ‘germ’ that was instilled in the entire process was the ‘recollection  bug’.­­ I have never disclosed this to anybody, I actually couldn’t have because of the simple fact that it isn't (perhaps) convincing enough. Google says that this ‘debility’ is perhaps a form of precognition or ‘second sight’…but of course, the exposition is not sanguine. The fact that those ‘flashes’ only re-appear with the actual occurrence is unsettling me deep inside; it’s like a black hole of thoughts when you tend to know the ‘face of fate’ and you’re still dragged into it. I know of very few people who’d actually remember what they saw in their dreams…perhaps a rugged outline remains but the intrinsic details are lost somewhere deep within. We simply couldn’t materialize the ‘dream-catcher’, it did remain as an abstraction but the true manifestation was never realized. And we never stop exploring! Our glorious expedition in search of the 'incredible' continues.....

Haunted by the eerie premonitions- Of course, at the end of the day...wishful thinking rules..
But then, you know, the idea struck me….yes it’s merely an idea; we do thrive on vibrant ideas, don’t we? ‘Dreams have a spur of reality in them’- Anonymous... yes, dreams have strong relevance with reality, it’s like a puzzle of disjointed events that doesn’t have an underlying order to it. It’s synchronized chaos that has a concealed enigma; there have been multiple attempts to draw a logical hypothesis that could perhaps ‘link’ together those disjointed episodes…and prove that the relevance, as experienced in the real life, is not merely a coincidence. But the mystery still remains….and it goes without saying that technology could well do a Sherlock out here. And by technology, I do mean a portable solution…the solution that has precision and deduces results that can be arrived at easily.
Yes, let’s talk of a smartphone that acts as a virtual dream-catcher. All you need to do is to put it beneath your pillow just before you ‘crash’ and let the gizmo do the rest. The virtual dream-catching device could operate out of multiple models, and the prediction could be based out of a number of parameters including “blood pressure”, “pulse rate”, “brain function”, "SGPT", “timings of your sleep”, and of course “peace of the mind”. I don’t mind even if it takes the ‘user specific’ DNA sample to start with, there’s no substitute to precision. Right? The idea is to track down the ‘transient flashes’ as and when they arrive, record them in high definition and then display them as it is in form of “live streaming”- the ‘transcript’ should be raw and uncut so that even the minutest of details are captured with impeccability. The smartphone, in effect, could extract data out of a self-generated artificial neural network and of course fetch them in real-time. The fact that the smartphone basically keeps a track of your sub-conscious mind, might just be a prophecy is the making, it won't influence the thinking process nevertheless and won't be hazardous to health in any way. The fact that it senses merely on the basis of vibration even with a medium in between the object and surface of contact, should be quite a revelation in itself. The application would be integrated 'probability filter' to prevent the recording of disjointed, impractical dreams that could restore 'sanity'; the outcome of embedded complex statistical predictive analytic's tool  that decodes motion images into mathematical figures in seconds. The correlation quotient and statistical testing of hypothesis does the rest of the activity in terms of relating the rambling 'flashes' into a concrete event with a predictive success rate of 90 percent. It goes without saying that you need a very powerful processor to 'advocate' your envisaged functionality 'with care'...sensing, recording extracting, analyzing, inferring! Tada! The ASUS Zenfone's Dual-core 2 GHz (Z2580)/1.6 GHz (Z2560) backed by the Intel Atom Z2580/ Z2560 is tailor-made for this purpose. Furthermore, the perks of having a 5-inch capacitive multi-touch screen with Corning gorilla glass 3 protection and a display resolution of 1280×720 pixels is indeed feast to the eyes- should be quite a surreal experience to view those "preconceived" reflections in High Definition. And of course, you could upload these 'hypnagogic videos' on all the possible social networking sites within seconds- the ASUS Zenfone's lightning browser speed and enhanced connectivity to act as the catalyst. We could even think of automated alert systems that could work in sync with the 'anticipated' date of occurrence, that could actually remind you of an upcoming adversity irrespective of the virulence. Of course, I won't need the services of an lunatic astrologer after this intervention.... ;)

Do we realize that we have, in effect, formulated a powerful predictor device 'operating with a bunch of individuals' who are blessed with 'intuitive thinking'? Having said that, we could be in for the first 'humane phone' on this planet..a phone that creates a logical synergy with the transcendental aspects of human neurology. And I, being an exclusive member of the 'premonition club'  could actually be an active part of this 'incredible technology integration'. Voila! 
Ladies and gentlemen....have we managed to stitch together the technical blue-print for the 'incredible super-phone' already? 

The futuristic projection- My envisaged dream-catcher gizmo...the smartphone.
*This post has been written as a part of the #IncredibleZen contest by Asus India in association with indiblogger. Learn more about the brand new Asus Zenfone on their official website. In case of queries, do send in a tweet to @AsusIndia.

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