Sunday, June 1, 2014

The 'State' of your mind.....

"Rainy day it is my friend!"- Rohit balked.
"Yeah! Are the others coming?" - I interrogated.
"No I guess, seems like the match is cancelled"- He retorted. It's been raining cats and dogs since the dawn, the visibility was almost nil.
"Yeah, seems like the out-field's gonna be wet too, let's drop the plan"- And I hung up.

*Oh dear, seems like it's going to be another 'inactive day', it's a rainy Sunday and the prospect of the gully cricket match getting cancelled is extremely vexatious.* We do associate the entity called 'rain' with a lot of positives; ask me? I'd strongly disagree !!

What should I do? Pick up a romantic novel (not my type)? Play a 'soulful' ballad (that's simply not happening) ? Hunt for the 'khichdi' recipe and get to work (I'm the worst chef in the world)? Should I log in to twitter and post some 'mandatory awesome weather centric tweets' (Nah! that's too mainstream)? Alright let's explore something new, something 'neoteric' then (internet's the savior any day).

Considering the fact that my dad's on Facebook, my vigilant sister's on instagram and the IPL Finale-oriented tweets on my twitter timeline, can I get some "space"? Can I get hold of a medium to connect to the like-minded (and not so like-minded) people, who'd rather 'brainstorm' on a topic that's essentially of my choice without deviating at any point of time? The topics, of course, could be anything ranging from relationship related issues to corporate puzzles, 'mood weather reports' to technology tit-bits, global coalitions to rivalry; It'd be a WIN-WIN situation for me...sharing thoughts without inhibitions has it's perks for sure.

Tada. I made a 'state'ment and the internet concurred; I bet my fate is on the right track today- STATE is it. Simple, yet very effective and robust it seems....State might just be the 'bridge of sorts' & I have the entire day at my disposal. So let's explore.

Wohoo! Look how I started, that's called the "Direct correspondence" or the "unrestricted intonation"; I just explored the efficacious use of keywords that connect to the exact 'State of mind' , the keywords that form the basis of reciprocity, the basis of kinship. When you post a topic, there are predefined results based on the input (for example, when you type 'rain', you might dig out an authentic definition of the term); that is indeed a directory of articulation.You can, of course, come up with a newfangled input and build on the existing collection. The interface looks creamy, easy as pie with the 'categories of interest' right on the top, the world-trending topics (and the most popular topics linked to interesting articles) with their pictographic representation in the middle and your opinion centric conversations at the bottom. The entire set is a comprehensive gateway of enunciation and fetches great content. I guess my boss could propose business solutions and deduce first-hand feedback through this website. They need an integration with LinkedIn for that to happen; the existing interface is however pretty 'light' and user-friendly.

The left hand corner is almost like a live 'status notifier' updating you with respect to the interactions on your activity thread; that might just 'keep your mind, in the loop'. And when I use the term cogent, I mean, it's as transparent and trenchant in it's mode of operation...if your topic doesn't fetch much of a response from the global perspective, the social network integration mode helps you 'share' and fetch more of interactions. I have connected both my facebook and twitter accounts to my state-profile, and it's working brilliantly, some of my 'shared threads' (in the form of tweets) have earned international responses as well. State does have a twitter presence that increases the engagement quotient. My tweet got retweeted the moment I shared this on twitter.

And of course, your inquisitive mind might just "crave for more" and in that case, the "ask others" button is of great use. Once, you have shared the "statement" on the social networks, you might just be allured in a one-to-one correspondence; guess what, the "Ask others" button is a bliss. It connects you to the popular accounts based on 'relevance' and your voice is routed directly to their accounts and seeks their prized 'point of view'; as a result, a response to your proposed argument is almost assured. 

By the way, my 'degree of snoopiness' has no upper limit and why not? If there are advanced forms of analytic's presented just to analyse your post, why wouldn't you scrutinize? The advanced features like Snapshots and highlights with mind-blowing tools like "Similar to you" (analyzing the 'usage of your choice' of keyword), "Top word groups" (depicting the key-word or 'opinion' choices of coherent users) , Sentiment range (portraying the general feeling towards the topic of your choice); my opinion, for the above mentioned scenario, did lie in the negative half of the response-curve though. Never-mind, it's reciprocation that matters!

Well then, when it comes to digging into the pool of global data, it is very important to categorize and 'direct' your zones of interest. I have 'tuned in' to the sectors of my interest and stream-lined the categories of my preference, and now I'm ready for a 'vibrant packet exchange' both in terms of opinions and in terms of knowledge. Under each category of selection, there are sub-categories that might just bring in pin-pointed convergence. Now I'm ready to derive the desired results from the universal set of erudition, enough of mileage eh! The best part is, you'll get a suggested set of new categories to 'tune in' based on your posts.

And by the way, I picked up some hilarious news articles from the global repository and expressed by opinion on the same. Seems like a fun ride this, it's infotainment, entertainment, education as well as a source of quality time-pass. The more I explore, the more interesting it's the new face of social networking it seems; the range of topics, the coverage, the multifariousness, the labelled categorization is laudable. State is not just a platform to express opinions through the web, it's about connecting them together, labeling them and routing them to the 'ones who matter'. It's the next gen platform, my friend.

"Is it commercial in it's true sense of the term?" - Well the obvious question would linger always; how would State incorporate the 'revenue generation' aspect by inclusion of advertisements, is something that's worth exploring. And with the downpour getting heavier now, it's time to post a new topic. My parents, of late, have been trying to convince me in terms of getting an MBA done...I have consulted many, but the opinions seem to be rather non-uniform. So, let's see what the users on State think !

Okay, this is super addictive stuff indeed. Seems like I'm in the mood to dig into State more and more, I'm getting to know so many news updates on an interactive mode; right now, I am happy that the neighborhood match got cancelled due to rain. I've got loads to do now and that includes inviting all my Facebook and Twitter friends to; just to extend the 'familiar territory' (kidding). I would love to know their opinions as well, it's easier to connect when we are on the 'same platform'. And this goes to all of you who are reading my post... Make sure you join State today and don't you forget to 'tune in' to me. Adios !

* This post has been written as a part of the State Review Campaign under the Blogadda review program. Do sign up for soon; watch this video for better understanding of the mode of operation of the website. Do 'tune in' to me.

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